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VBS 2018 - Shipwrecked

VBS 2018 - Shipwrecked Donations/Supplies

Welcome to VBS 2018 - Shipwrecked "Recused by Jesus"

We want to thank you in advance for your donations, we can not make this a success with you.  We are in need of the following donations.  VBS will start on Monday July 23rd and go unto Friday July 27th from 9am - 12 noon.  We are asking for all donations/supplies by Sunday July 15th so that we are ready to take on the week.  If you have any questions or need to contact me please call Rhashida Pouncy at 484-612-3153 or email [email protected] 


Thank you again and be blessed ;) 


Date: 07/15/2018 (Sun.)

Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm EDT

Location: 426 W. Gay Street West Chester PA 19380

Created by:   Rhashida Pouncy

Available Slot

ropes (15)


1 -inch heart stickers (2)



empty paper towel rolls (10)


2 - gallon size ziploc bags (4)

4 boxes


small traffic cones (4)


4x2 mailing labels


5 ounce plastic cups (100)

We will need for snacks and drinks


9 ounce plastic cups (100)


baking soda (6)


beach balls (20)

ones we can blow up on our own


beach towels (15)


black duct tape (2)

2 - rolls


gray duct tape (2)

2 -rolls


black bedsheet (2)


black permanent markers (20)


blue bedsheet or blue cloth (2)


bowls (100)


cardboard boxes (75)

we need several


clear plastic treat bags (200)


color plastic roll - blue


color plastic roll - light green


color plastic roll -dark green


Dawn dish soap


decorative pillows (10)


Bathroom cups (drinking cups) (100)


Bathroom cups (drinking cups) (100)


Bathroom cups (drinking cups) (100)


Bathroom cups (drinking cups) (100)


Bathroom cups (drinking cups) (100)


5 ounce plastic cups (100)


5 ounce plastic cups (100)


5 ounce plastic cups (100)


5 ounce plastic cups (100)


fake leis - flower (25)


fake leis - flower (25)


fake leis - flower (25)


fake leis - flower (25)


fake banana


fancy unbreakable plates (10)


fat red markers (5)


fishing nets (2)


foam board (Large pieces from Lowes) (20)


colorful drinking straws (2)



gel food coloring - all colors


handkerchiefs - different colors (10)


hula hoops (5)


large count of lifesavers mints

1 large bag


Kraft paper


large paper clips (2)



bright colored duct tape


large sponges


sponge balls


life ring or life jacket


magnetic hooks


masking tape (2)



medium style picnic basket


medium/large buckets (10)


napkins (300)

for snacks


nautical netting


nautical roping


old towels


paper plates (not foam) (100)


paper plates (not foam) (100)


paper plates (not foam) (100)


paper towels

8- pack or larger


paper towels

8 - pack or larger


paper towels

8- pack or larger



loose bag at least 100


pieces of burlap


plain paper


plastic coins



plastic fruit



plastic greenery



plastic loaf of bread



plastic sword


plastic table cloths - green (3)


plastic table cloths - blue (3)


plastic table cloths - yellow (3)


plastic spoons (100)


Raffia table skirting


red cellophane (2)



yellow cellophane (2)



red glow sticks



red ribbon


red washable paint

1- gallon container


ropes 8 ft or more



small bag


sand pails (10)


sandwich size ziploc bags


Scotch tape (10)



Sea shells (30)



rolling pins (10)



different color stickers (3)

dots, stars, or any shape - packs


small baskets (15)


small blankets (10)


small buckets (5)


small rubberbands

1 - bag


small white indoor/outdoor lights


snack size ziploc bags (5)

no less than 35 a pack


spray bottles (10)


straw beach mat (5)


tarps (15)

all different sizes


green paper

for leaf cutouts


colored paints

various colors


vinegar (2)



wading pools (2)


wet wipes (15)



santizer (5)



wooden clothespins (6)



yellow modeling dough


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