Regnum Christi

Sunday Mass and Family Picnic at Camp River Ridge

Join us for Sunday Mass at 10am by the lake, followed by a potluck lunch and outdoor fun! 

Bring your own chairs, sunscreen, bug spray, yard games, and if you choose to enjoy the lake bring a modest bathing suit & towel.  Let us know how many adults and children will be attending.  

Please bring a dish to share and sign up below!

Date: 07/14/2019 (Sun.)

Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm EDT

Location: Camp River Ridge 6145 Harvey Branch Rd, Oldenburg, IN 47036

Created by:   Jane Nagel

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12 pack of soft drink (in a cooler of ice) (6)
  All slots filled
Kevin & Dawn Shook
Assorted sodas
Renae Schoening
Diet Coke
Danielle Sherman (2)
Emily Ramsey
Annie Ruy-Sanchez
Case of bottled water (in a cooler of ice) (12)
  All slots filled
Janet Ford
Renae Schoening
Mary Becker
Emily Ramsey (2)
Annie Ruy-Sanchez
Michele Garvey
Tricia Maples
Norma Flores (2)
Beth Noe
Jenny Yuskewich
Dessert (12)
  All slots filled
Kevin & Dawn Shook
Sugar Cookies
Sheryl Sherman
Mounds Bars
Mary Anne Gronotte
Annie Ruy-Sanchez
Robert Luebbers (2)
Christina Sherman
Frank Pierce
Kellie Neils
Cortnay Evans
Lisa Shea
Renae Schoening
Entree Main dish meat entree that serves 10-12 (crock-pots welcomed) (10)
  9 of 10 slots filled
Elsa Rose Hoffmann
pulled pork
Lisa Richart
Crockpot of Sloppy Joes
J C (3)
pulled pork
Robert Luebbers
Jennifer Rennekamp
sloppy joe
Traci Yoder
Vanessa Meyer
pre made deli sandwich
Fruit bowl/tray (8)
  6 of 8 slots filled
Missy Kelly
Patty and Jim Hook
C.C. Christopherson
Maria Gaviria
Traci Yoder
Judy Brandell
Paper plates and napkins (100 count) (3)
  All slots filled
Nicole Deshotel
Karen Bunton
Amy Brown
Plasticware 20-24 pack forks, knives, spoons (10)
  4 of 10 slots filled
Nicole Deshotel
Barb and Tom Weisbrod
Amy Brown
C.C. Christopherson
I'll bring a big one from Costco
Side Dish (10)
  All slots filled
Judy Newberry
Confetti Salad
Missy Kelly
Amy Brown
Melissa Stegman
Jennifer Rennekamp
Tricia Maples
Lorianne MacDonnell
Cortnay Evans
Vanessa Meyer (2)
bags of chips
Veggie tray (8)
  6 of 8 slots filled
Kevin & Dawn Shook
Annie Ruy-Sanchez
Michele Garvey
Maria Gaviria
Lyn Menke
Janet Lees
Responses:     Yes: 43     No: 10     Maybe: 2     No Response: 35

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 176     Maybe: 7

YES (43) -  

Janet Lees (2 guests)

Lyn Menke (1 guest)

Jenny Yuskewich (2 guests)

Crystal Pohlman (4 guests)

Lisa Shea (6 guests)

Vanessa Meyer (3 guests)

Caroline Curtis (3 guests)

Beth Noe (3 guests)

Norma Flores (3 guests)

Cortnay Evans (7 guests)
1 adult, 6 children

Lorianne MacDonnell (1 guest)

Frank Pierce (3 guests)

Tricia Maples (5 guests)

Christina Sherman (5 guests)

Traci Yoder (9 guests)

Maria Gaviria (3 guests)

Jennifer Rennekamp (10 guests)

Michele Garvey (5 guests)
Michele E Garvey

Robert Luebbers (11 guests)

Annie Ruy-Sanchez (7 guests)

Melissa Stegman (5 guests)

J C (4 guests)

John Kube (6 guests)

Emily Ramsey (2 guests)

Danielle Sherman (1 guest)

Mary Becker (2 guests)

C.C. Christopherson (4 guests)

Mary Peach (1 guest)

Amy Brown (8 guests)

Patty and Jim Hook (2 guests)

Barb and Tom Weisbrod (2 guests)
It's always great to see old friends and meet new ones.

Renae Schoening (8 guests)

Mary Anne Gronotte (1 guest)

Karen Bunton (7 guests)

Sheryl Sherman (5 guests)

Lisa Richart (2 guests)

Missy Kelly (3 guests)

Jane Nagel (3 guests)

Elsa Rose Hoffmann (7 guests)

Judy Newberry (1 guest)

Nicole Deshotel (4 guests)

John DuMont (1 guest)

Kevin & Dawn Shook (4 guests)

NO (10) +  

MAYBE (2) +