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Thrive Behavioral Health

Making Spirits Bright.... Gift Gather 2021

Will you help brighten the spirits of Thrive's client community this holiday season? In addition to the children in our Youth & Family program benefiting from our "Gift Gather" this year, we have also added adults who live in the group homes of our Residential Services program.  We welcome unwrapped gifts, gift cards or monetary donations (and we'll do the shopping) for the individuals listed in the slots below. Even Santa needs some help, and we're lucky to have elves like you!


1. Select a child or adult based upon their age, gender and hobbies
2. Pledge your support by checking the box next to their name
3. Submit and sign up!

Please drop off your unwrapped gift M-F, 8:30 AM-4:15 PM by December 9th to:

Thrive’s Gift Gather Receptacle Bin
Thrive Behavioral Health -  1st Floor Lobby
2756 Post Road, Warwick, RI 02886

For a monetary donation, please visit Thrivebhri.org/donate and select “Making Spirits Bright" Fund. 100% of the fund will be put towards gift cards that support Thrive’s Youth & Family and Residential clients.

Questions about gifts? Please contact Barbara Lamoureux at 401-738-1338 Ext. 327 or email [email protected]

Donating on behalf of a company? Thrive would like to publicly thank you for your contribution! Please contact Jennifer Cleland at [email protected] with your company's name, logo and website and we will share it @ThriveBHRI.

Thank you for making spirits bright for the Thrive community this year!

Created by:   Thrive Behavioral Health
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Available Slot

#1 Sophia, girl, age 8

Princess Dolls, dress up clothes

Rory Dangelo

#2 Jennifer, girl, age 11

Art Supplies

Ruby Nicholson

#3 Jaden, boy, aged 13

Bayblades, Marvel, Transformers

Samantha Ryder
Samantha Ryder

#4 Angel, girl, age 14

Anime, Monga, Stuffed Animals

Samantha Ryder
Samantha Ryder

#5 Emma, girl, age 14

Art Supplies, Mittens, Headphones

Laurie Willett

#6 Mark, male, adult

XL T-shirts,socks, winter accessories, adult coloring books and pencils, Walmart or Dunkin Gift Cards

Mary Kenney

#7 Lisa, female, adult

Make-up, jewelry, perfume, stuffed animals, clothing size Medium, Dollar Tree or Dunkin Gift Cards

Holly Ferrara

#8 Paula, female, adult

Jewelry, self-help books, picture frames, scrap book kits, craft kits, baking accessories, Five Below or Job Lot Gift Cards

Janet McAuslin

#9 Kingston, Male, age 5

Nerf guns, legos, superheroes, Hot Wheels, Pretend Kitchen food, Play dough, Ryan's World

Genevieve Torrissi

#10 Madison, female, age 2

Baby Dolls, Peppa Pig, Baby Shark, Cocomelon, Blues Clues, Dress Up, Coloring, Wooden blocks, Large Legos

Jessica DaSilva

#11 Chynna, female, adult

Candles, Clothes L-XL, puzzles, cooking, Reading

Tara Boccanfuso

Angel, female, age 14

Art Supplies, Anime

Samantha Ryder
Samantha Ryder

#13 Juliet, female, age 16

Make Up, Nail Polish, Jewelry

Genevieve Torrissi

#14 Lori, female, adult

Grocery Gift Card, Make up, Lotions

Alison Polansky
Merry Christmas Lori!

#15 Emma, female, age 14

Art Supplies, Fidget Toys, lotions, face masks

Terri Brophy

#16 Ephnam, male, age 11

Fidget toys, Balls, outdoor sports

Samantha Ryder
Samantha Ryder

#17 Reed, male, age 10

Fidget toys, outside sports equipment

Samantha Ryder
Samantha Ryder

#18 Josiah, male, age 8

Fidget toys, action figures

Samantha Ryder
Samantha Ryder

#19 Tamara, female, adult

Food/clothes Gift Cards, Slippers, lotions, face masks

Alex/Joe Fratus

#20 Jayden, male, age 13

Marvel merchandise, Transformers, BeyBlades, Action Figures

Samantha Ryder
Samantha Ryder

#21 Tina, female, adult

Stop and Shop or Petsmart gift cards, Puzzles

Terri Brophy

#23 Alexander , male, 22

Large Zipper Hoodie Sweatshirt

Robin Fox

#24 Jennifer, female, age 14

Size Large Men's Sweatpants

Sharon James
Sharon J

#24 Curtis, male, age 10

Legos, puzzles

Marianne Varatta

#25 Lucas, male, age 6

Puzzles, nerf Toys

catherine Ferreira

#26 David, male, adult

Blue & Gray shirt XL

Maria Rinaudo
GCU Commercial Lending

#27 Adriana, female, adult

Jogging Suit size XL

Maria Rinaudo
GCU Commercial Lending

#28 Mark, male, adult

Dressy sweater size XL

Carla Amaral

#29 Daniel, male, adult

Hooded Sweatshirt XL

Jen Cleland

#30 Pedro, male, adult

X-Box gift Card

Anna Hultquist

#31 Warren, male, adult

Men's Digital Watch

Cassie Jones

#32 Jenny, female, adult

Two pairs of tights size XL

Sharon James
Sharon J

#33 Nancy, female, adult

Cardigan Sweater size XL

Carla Amaral

#34 Roger, male, adult

Amazon or Walmart Gift Card

cathy kennedy

#35 Jane, female, adult

Belt (38-40), sneakers 8/9, Large long sleeve shirts, scarf

Lisa Genereux

#36 Jay, male, adult

K-19: The Widowmaker DVD, Shirts 2XL, Twin Sheets XL

catherine kelly

#37 Tim,male, adult

Dunkin Dontuts, McDonalds, Amazon Gift Cards, Shirts Size 2XL, Jeans/Pants: 36 x 32

Ruby Nicholson

#38 Rayna, female, adult

Music Albums- all types of music

Anna Hultquist

#39 Doug, male, adult

Anything rock and mineral related: Books, mineral lamp

Jenifer Richards

#40 Jen, female, adult

Adult coloring Book, LX button Down robe

Amanda Aguilar

#41 Albert, male, adult

Ivy hat or men's cologne

Alexa Derocher

#42 John, male, adult

Suspenders, Fishing related decorations

Lisa Genereux

#43 Eva, female, adult

Word Search Books, Hair products (brush, ties, etc)

Heather Rose

#44 Cheryl, female, adult

Mystery Books, self-help books, Religious Books

Michelle Rocha

#45 Robert, male, adult

Bruins or Red Sox merchandise

Lisa Genereux

#46 Brendan, male, adult

Zip up Sweatshirt XL, Flannel Robe XL

Beth Olivieri

#47 Jay, male, adult

Game Stop or Amazon Gift Card, Shirts/Hoodies 4XL, Jeans/Pants 38 x34

Janet McAuslin

#48 Mark, male, adult

XL T-shirt, socks, winter accessories, coloring books, crayons, Gift Cards

Laurie Willett

#49 Lisa, female, adult

Make Up, Jewelry, perfume, stuffed animals, Medium clothing

Brianna Doar

#50 Kyleigh, female, age 11

Drawing set; fidget toys

Kimberly Millette

#51 Anthony, male, age 16


Shelley Moore

#52 Domenic,male,age 16


Dan Kubas-Meyer

#53 Tia, female, age 17

Dragon Ball Z plush/collectables/hoodie XL

Amanda Aguilar

#54 Tom, male, adule

Winter scarf

Cyndi Rego

#55 Joe, male, Adult

Winter Scarf

Jen Cleland

#56 Richard, male, adule

Winter Scarf

Jen Cleland

#57 Sophia, female, age 9

Mini Brands, Arts & Crafts

Angela Peloquin

#58 Zachary, male, age 1

Developmental Toys

Cassie Jones

#59 Christopher, male, age 11

Fortnite, Vbucks, Minecoins


#60 Isabella, female, age 11

Arts & Crafts, Adult Coloring Books, gel pens

Cendy Maldonado

#61 Harley, female, age 9

Vbucks, Minecoins, robux


#62 Hunter, male, age 12

Bowling, Movies, arcade games


#63 Ryan, male, age 7

Advanced Lego Sets

Carla Amaral

#64 Morgan, female, age 12

Drawing, sketching, How to Draw Books

Shelley Moore

#65 Jaykob, male, age 13

Science Kits, National Geographic Kits

Alex/Joe Fratus

#66 Sarah, female, age 19

Walmart Gift Card, Self-Care Items

Cyndi Rego

#67, Livi, female, age 3

Barbie Dolls

Jean Card

#68 Hope, female, age 1

Developmental Toys

Jessica Archambault

#69 Ty, male, age 15

Football anything

Dan Kubas-Meyer

#70 Kendra, female, age 15

Science Fiction Books, Self-care items

catherine Ferreira

#71 Isabella, female, 17

Television Show Friends, Jewelry

Amanda Aguilar

#72 Antonio, male, age 6

Lego Sets, Cars

Angela Peloquin

#73 Tyler, male, age 8

Lego Sets, Cars

Alexa Derocher

#74 Penny, female, age 10

Board Games

Jessica DaSilva

#75 Paris, female, age 16

Sketch Books, Markers, Pencils

Elaine Medina

#76 Jacob, male, age 8

Nerf Items, remote control cars

Ashley Bunker

#77 Lucas, male, age 10

Basketball, Football, Patriots

Jodi Veloso

#78 Reyna, female, age 12

Cooking, baking

Amanda/Lauren Cote

#79 Joshua, male, 12

Sports anything

Steve Elias

#80 Logan, male, age 10

Board Games

Elaine Medina

#81 Rylee, female, age 8

Fashion Accessories: Hair, purses, jewelry

Holly Ferrara

#82 Aubree, female, age 5

Stuffed Animals, animal things, small dolls

Melissa Parsons

#83 Mia, female, age 11

Arts & Crafts; nail art

Jessica DaSilva

#84 Allyha, female, age 11

Science Kits, Arts & Crafts

Jen Arsenault

#85 Jaylie, female, age 7

Little Dolls, Food Toys

Angela Peloquin

#86 Josie, female, age 5

Little Dolls, food Toys

Heather Rose

#87 Brannon, male, age 7

Science Kits (circuits/electrical); Legos, K'nex

Carla Amaral

#88 Eric, male, age 5

Paw Patrol (Chase is favorite)

Jean Card

#89 Elijah, male, age 5

Hot Wheels, Nerf Toys, Ninja Warrior

Charity Link

#90 Aziyah, male, age 8


Jennifer Madden

#91 Chaniyah, female, age 5

LOL Dolls

Sharon James
Sharon J

#92 Alyjah, male, age 9


Angela Peloquin

#93 Malik, male,age 9


Charity Link

#94 Eliana, female, age 7

Arts and Crafts

Denise DiDonato

#95 Marley, female, age 4

Barbies, Minnie Mouse, Disney Princesses

Joslyn Clemm

#96 Zane, male, age 6

Legos, Ghostbusters

Carla Amaral

#97 Vaughn, male, adult

Pump for Bike

Jen Arsenault

#98 Mark, male, adult

Winter Hat

Jen Cleland

#99 Neil, male, adult

Newbury Comics Gift Card

Janet McAuslin

#100 James, male, adult

Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Jen LaFrance

#101 Luke, male, age 9

Dinosaurs and Legos

Jen LaFrance

#102 Maddox, male, age 3

Dinosaurs and Fire Trucks

Elaine Medina

#103 Ian, male, age 3

"Blaze" trucks, books

Genevieve Torrissi
Happy Holidays :)

#104 Emily, female, age 1

Baby Dolls, size 12-18 mon. clothes

Alison Polansky

#105 Zeniyah, female, age 14

Anything Sports, Clothes size Large

Sean Marchetti

#106 Alyssa, female, age 14

Art Supplies, clothes size Medium

Kristen Richter

#107 Dana, male, age 10

Art supplies and anything Sports related

Sean Marchetti

#108 Zenimah, female, age 13

Arts & Crafts

Daisy Bassen

#109 Zamouri, male, age 11

Anything sports related

Mary Borges

#110 Noah, male, 9

Anything Sports related


#111 Delilah, female age 1

Clothing 4-5T, Developmental Toys

Carla Amaral

#112 Maison, male, age 5

Sensory toys

Michelle Rocha

#113 Shawn, male, age 10

Tech Deck little toys

Michelle Rocha

#114 Jameson, male, age 11

XL Mens Sweatpants/Joggers, Socks Mend 9-12; Dino dig Set

Todd Sadwin

#115 Caleb, male, age 10

Mind Craft; Legos

Noah Locke

#116 Brielle, female, age 8

Crafts, Legos, Mind Craft

Jennifer Madden

#117 Jackson, male, age 6


Laura Laprocina

#118 Jasmine, female, age 12

Crafts, Journals, Jewelry, Purse

Veronica Casey

#119 Emily, female, age 10

Crafts, Journals, Jewelry, purse

Linda Morales
Happy Holidays Emily :-)

#120 Rafael, male, age 6

Games, Legos

Ana Sofia Alves
Happy Holidays - Ana Sofia

#121 Tiago, male, age 8

Mind Craft; Legos

Noah Locke

#122 Isabella, female, age 19

Jewelry; shopping gift Cards

catherine kelly

#123 Michael, male, age 16

Amazon or Walmart Gift Card

Michelle Rocha

#124 Vinny, male, age 12

Art and Drawing

Jackie Herzig

#125 Linda, female, adule

Black and Red Leggings size Medium

Lisa Fenley

#126 James, male, adult

Dunkin donuts Gift Card

Louis Collignon

#127 Vinny, male, age 12

Game Stop Gift Card

Brandy Eccleston

#128 Lilly, female, age 3

Frozen Baby doll

Sara Santilli

#129 Mark, male, age 8

Legos, Pokemon Cards

Michelle Rocha

#130 Josephine, female, adult

Jacket L and Sneakers 8.5

Jennifer Tsolas

#131 Alice, female, adult

Clothes XL


#132 Kenneth, male, Adult

Clothes size L

Mary Borges

#133 Jacob, male, age 11

Pants Size 30


#134 Irelyn, female, age 11

Make Up/Nail Polish set

Ruby Nicholson
Ruby Nicholson

#135 Arianna, female, age 11

Bracelet Making kit, Arts & Crafts, Fidget toys

Charity Link

#136 Alexis, female, age 8

Fidget toys, Bracelet Making Kit, Arts & Crafts


#137 Cameron, male, age 10

Legos, Board Games, Fidget Toys


#138 Jeffrey, male, adult

Dunkin Gift Card, Stop & Shop gift Card


#139 Brittney, female, adult

Self-Care Kit, Gift Card


#140 Christian, male, age 6

Legos, Board Games .Fidget toys


#141 Jamey, male, adult

Hat, Gloves, scarf, Men's Winter Coat 3X, snow boots 11.5

Ana Sofia Alves
Happy Holidays - Ana Sofia

#142 Angelo, male, age 14

Amazon gift Card

Ana Sofia Alves
Happy Holidays- Ana Sofia

#143 Elijah, male, age 13

Amazon Gift Card

Ana Sofia Alves
Happy Holidays- Ana Sofia
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