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Please sign up for your preferred Mass.  Space is limited, please include the number of people in your group in the "Quantity" section. The doors of the Church will open 30 minutes prior to Mass times and will be locked when we reach capacity or when liturgy begins, whichever comes first.  Please remember that masks will be required and you will need to answer screening questions and have signed up here, before you will be allowed to enter.  If at all possible, please refrain from using the bathrooms.   Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Please note:  Due to COVID-19, Mass is being live streamed for use on various Diocesan digital media accounts of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, including, but not limited to, the websites of St. Ann's Catholic Church  and The Catholic Virginian, and social media platforms of the Catholic Virginian print edition.

If you do not wish to be captured by live streaming, please refain from attending that particular Mass time.

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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Time (EST) Available Slot
02/27/2021 (Sat.) 4:00pm - 5:00pm  

Saturday, February 27, 2021 @ 4pm (105)

104 of 105 slots filled
John and Susan Newell (2)
Frances Glusiec
Pamela Morgan
Birdie Porter
Patricia Donati
Sharon McNamara
Scott Wilson (2)
Katharine McCaffrey (2)
Tom and Mary Anna Link (2)
Dennis Walter (3)
Anthony Cavazza (3)
Sandy Ploof
Joanne Loce (3)
Joe Paucke (2)
Tom Huber
Michael Gannon (2)
Mike and Kelley
Kim Leffler
Norb Keller (2)
Anna Marie & Norb
Jenny Shirey (4)
Allison Williamson (3)
Tina Darby (2)
Ann Lauterbach
Joyce Lamb (2)
Grace Medford (2)
Judi Smieja (2)
Chuck DelVecchio (2)
Becky Brown (2)
James & Margaret Schrier (2)
Joe Mehfoud (2)
Sarah Uy (5)
Linda Magovern (2)
Terry Colville (4)
Michael McGarry
Christine Lippman
Norma Halley (2)
and Linda Villar
Mike Michalowicz
Joe Hopkins
Ronald Sebes
Kennedy Weber
Cynthia Cors (2)
Nell Curtis (2)
John Curtis
Carol Fox
Patrick Moyer
Larry Mikkelson
Michael Wilson (2)
Elizabeth Northcraft
Deborah Kendrick (2)
Richard Yarbrough
Daivd Knapp
Eric Schmude (3)
Julie Hendricks (4)
Jack Smith
Ryan Pritchard
Xander Burchell
Caelin Strader
Ana Starke
Debby Turner
Debby Lauterbach (2)
Michael Kemp

Reserved For Ushers (4)

Ushers scheduled for this Mass - please sign up here

2 of 4 slots filled
Carol DePuy
Bruce Smith
02/28/2021 (Sun.) 8:30am - 9:30am  

Sunday, February 28, 2021 @ 8:30am (105)

This Mass will be livestreamed

61 of 105 slots filled
Larry Tentor (2)
+ Meredith
Tony Boiteaux
Steven Bandura
Lori Jeffers (2)
Lori Jeffers
Gregory Hall (2)
Joseph Walter (2)
Susan & Richard Walker (2)
Abel Parker (5)
Parker Family
John Williams (2)
Dave DePuy
Larry Mikkelson
Allison Krause (2)
Carol Ritchie (2)
Carol Ritchie
Jaclyn Casey
John McDonell
Carol Ritchie
Elaine and Jimmy Kastelberg (2)
Jim Christiansen (3)
Anne Payne
Charles O'Connor
Michelle D’Alessio (2)
Karen And Joe Letteri (2)
George Alber (2)
Tony & Martha Proulx (2)
Margaret Skinner (2)
Tammy Camidge (2)
Brian and Tammy
David Miller
Loren Lane (6)
Lane family
Daphne Lasser (2)
Shannon Straub
Michelle Krines (2)
Grace Hughes

Reserved for Ushers (4)

Ushers scheduled for this Mass - Please sign up here

3 of 4 slots filled
Joanne Allen
Brian Fleming
Dave Krause
Also lector 2
11:00am - 12:00pm  

Sunday, February 28, 2021 @ 11am (105)

80 of 105 slots filled
Tim Madden (6)
Harrison Wilson
Elizabeth Breckenkamp
Athena Keene (4)
Patricia & David Spranza (2)
Betty Brunton
Kara White (5)
Cathy Kruger (2)
Mike Taylor (2)
June & Mike
Tiffany Juarez
Julie Rixner
Amy Turpin (3)
Rita Weaver
Mary Willard (3)
russ wisler (2)
Helene McGann (3)
Rebecca Schieber (2)
Jacqueline John Mrs (3)
Michael Spinelli
Andrew Bailey
Mike Corman (4)
Larry Mikkelson
Wanda Schweiger (2)
David and Wanda
Jay Cummings (2)
Lynn & Josephine Oxenreider (2)
Louise Heeke
Louise Heeke
David Trincellito (2)
Gail Weyant and David Trincelliro attending
Jim Bova (2)
Monica klisz (2)
Christine Ford (3)
Steve Turner
Patricia Logsdon (2)
Brett Barron
Josh Talbert
Cathy Kruger (2)

Reserved For Ushers (4)

Ushers scheduled for this Mass - please sign up here

3 of 4 slots filled
Liz Whitehead
Joann Jeffrey
Jay Cummings
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