8th Grade

8th Grade Volunteers 2018/2019

A civilization flourishes when people plant trees under which they will never sit.-- Greek Proverb

Volunteer Opportunities 

Fall Festival, October 12:  Click Here to Sign Up  

Fall Festival 8th Grade Food Booth: Click Here to Sign Up

Grandparent's Day, November 16: Click Here to Sign Up

Winter Spiral, November 30:  Click Here to Sign Up

Enchanted Garden Fundraiser, March 16:  Click Here to Sign Up

Spring Festival, May 4: Click Here to Sign Up

Faculty Snack and Lunch Provider:  Click Here to Sign Up

Middle School Dance November 2, 2018:  Click Here to Sign Up

Middle School Dance April 26, 2019: Click Here to Sign Up

Laundry Fairy Schedule:  Click Here to View Schedule

Birthday Schedule:  Click Here to Sign Up

Graduation:  Click Here to Sign Up

Approved Field Trip Drivers: Click Here to Sign Up

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Available Slot

Room Parent

Assist teacher by communicating classroom needs as directed. Recruit volunteers. Coordinate social gatherings, honor teachers' b-days, create emergency phone tree & Laundry Fairy Schedule. Send out reminders to parents & volunteers.

Nicol Brescia

School Rep

Recruit volunteers for the school festivals, Enchanted Garden, faculty lunches, CommuniTeas, and other school-wide events. Send out reminders to the parent body as needed.

Marjorie McCoy

Class Treasurer

Work alongside the NCS Foundation to achieve the yearly annual Pledge and Class Fund family participation goals.

Kristen Marchi

Field Trip Coordinator

Assist teacher in organizing field trips. Recruit class volunteers and coordinate activities.

Samantha Palmer

Teacher Gift Coordinator

Coordinate gifts for the grade's teacher 3 weeks before Winter Break and last day of school.


Phone Tree Leaders (4)

Keep a copy of the emergency phone tree near all times and when the Phone Tree is activated call the parents in your phone tree column.

3 of 4 slots filled
Barbie Sewing
Aniko Mieritz
Malissa Bullock
Happy to help

Class Play Coordinator (4)

Assist teacher with all aspects of production: stage, costumes, finding helpers, etc.

1 of 4 slots filled
Julie Ekoue-Totou

Class Play Helpers (4)

Class Play Coordinator will communicate how you can help

2 of 4 slots filled
Malissa Bullock
Lesley & Ireland Cannan

Hot Lunch Coordinator

Coordinate with vendor. Create a flyer and sign-up. Collect money. Create a spreadsheet with student's names & lunch choice information. Pick up & deliver lunches.

Aniko Mieritz

Food Booth Coordinator: FALL FESTIVAL

Work with faculty festival chairs to coordinate food booth. The SUG is already created for you. Oversee sign up, sales of food, manage volunteers for set up, sales, clean up, & student volunteers, and deliver cash to office.

Layne Doherty

High School Information Coordinator

Keep class informed, via email and otherwise, on local High School events and major deadlines in the application process.

Lesley & Ireland Cannan

Haunted House Helpers (4)

Help supervise the 8th Grade Haunted House in the 8th Grade classroom.

3 of 4 slots filled
Marjorie McCoy
Layne Doherty
Elizabeth Nielsen

Project Night Coordinator

Assist the teacher coordinate with Unity and other groups (7th grade fundraiser) for project night. Also supervises the dress rehearsal at Unity, typically the day of Project Night.

Jennifer Hute

Middle School Dance Coordinators (2)

Organize and plan 2 middle school dances hosted by NCS. Train 7th Grade coordinator to take over.

1 of 2 slots filled
Aniko Mieritz

Middle School Chaperones (Fall) (6)

We need both men and women chaperones please.

3 of 6 slots filled
Marjorie McCoy
Aniko Mieritz
Myriam Dimitracopoulos

Class Photographer/Videographer

The class photographer attends class and school events. Takes photos and/or video to be uploaded and shared on the class photo site.

Barbie Sewing

Flowers for Mr. Blacklock: Winter Concert

Get flowers for Kenny and present them with a specific, kind message of gratitude at the winter concert.

Elizabeth Nielsen

Flowers for Mr. Blacklock: Spring Concert

Get flowers for Kenny and present them with a specific, kind message of gratitude at the final spring concert.

Lesley & Ireland Cannan

Yearbook Committee (4)

Help with gathering photos from parents and the school, organizing and coordinating student pages, planning design, artwork, and coordinate printing with vendor.

2 of 4 slots filled
Barbie Sewing
Malissa Bullock

Graduation (4)

Organize event, theme, decorations, catering, work with the 7th grade committee (who will run the reception.)

All slots filled
Marjorie McCoy
Malissa Bullock
Erin Farber
Lesley & Ireland Cannan

8th Grade Gift Coordinators (2)

Coordinate with student committee & teacher to provide an act of service or purchase a gift to the school on behalf of the graduating class.


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