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26th Annual Billy Sandifer Big Shell Beach Cleanup

Sign up, suit up, and show up to guarantee your 26th Annual Billy Sandifer Big Shell Beach Cleanup commerative T-shirt!


Due to COVID safety precautions we have made some changes this year. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer rides into the work area for those without four-wheel drive vehicles. If you do not have four-wheel drive, you are welcome to clean in front of the Malaquite Visito's Center, or drive your vehicle onto the beach and cleanup on the north end. For those with four-wheel drive vehicles, we ask that you arrive, work, and depart the cleanup with the same people in your vehicle. When on the beach, we ask that volunteers practice safe distancing from other vehicles to reduce the spread of COVID. Face coverings should be worn anytime you are in close proximity to others that did not ride in your vehicle.

Another big change this year, is that we're asking volunteers to sign-up prior to the event by filling out a short form. Sign-up is not required, but it is strongly encouraged, and it is the only way to guarantee that you will receive a commerative t-shirt. 

There are only a few things to fill out in order to sign up. In the "quantity" box, please put the total number of people who will be riding in your vehicle on the day of the cleanup. 

This year we will offer t-shirts in sizes from Adult Small - 3X Large. In the t-shirt size text box, please list one shirt size per person in your vehicle. If you request a Youth sized shirt, it will be replaced with an Adult Small. The quantity value described above should equal the number of t-shirts listed. 

Please consider including your zip code. This lets us know where our volunteers are coming from and ultimately helps improve the event.

Please check the sign up box and click on the "submit and sign up" button. This will take you to an online sign-up form to fill out and submit, reserving your 26th Big Shell Cleanup t-shirt.

See you on the sand!


Date: 02/27/2021 (Sat.)

Time: 8:00am - 2:00pm CST

Location: Padre Island National Seashore

Created by:   Friends of Padre
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Available Slot

8 am - 2 pm

512 slots filled - more available
Hope Hogan (2)
Rene Chapoy (2)
Kylie Adler (4)
Brian Van Ort (4)
Debra Van Ort (2)
Sharon Shull (2)
John Shull
Lisa Uviedo (2)
Gina Lagrone
Kevin Lagrone
Jane Schaller (2)
Jennifer Jones (3)
Can’t wait to come down and help clean up
Stony Seyferth (2)
Blake Purcell
Tim Merchant (4)
Cindy Waldrip
Troy Banik (8)
My 5th year doing this with my family
Penny Wilbourn (4)
Joan Guzy (2)
Mary Aguilar (2)
So glad it is still on.
Francine Aguilar
Benjamin Slocum (4)
Missi Bostedt (8)
Corbin Horne
Fredrick Kelly
Amanda Woods (2)
Tabatha Turner (4)
Chris Koliba (2)
Pamela Parsons
Jessica Cavazos (3)
Allen Morris
Sean Curless (2)
Mike Torres
Andy Willome (4)
Daniel Montalvo (4)
Yar Senoniuq (2)
Cassandra Bergstedt
Karen Cardenas (3)
Brian Gilbert (2)
William Griffin
Jesus Trinidad (5)
Pamela Schultz (3)
Always happy to help!
Jim Sims
Did the cleanup last year. Now living near Houston but i will drive down. I have an AWD Subaru outback, not sure if it meets the criteria to drive on the beach, let me know
Cynthia Ruiz (2)
Louanna Salvaggio will volunteer with me
Crystal Thomas
Travis Marwick
Christy Lee (2)
Aaron Campbell (2)
Alan Sandoval (2)
Lyndsey Gatza (2)
Erik D’Aloise (2)
JoAnn Linam
First timer
Kurt Cose (2)
Jason Dragoo
Jason Dragoo
Rudy Estrada (3)
Michele Garza (2)
I am with Pam Schultz and Cynthia Ruiz
Crystal Knott (2)
We are happy to help!
Don Kraeft
Michael Moore (2)
Sharray Taylor (2)
David Enyeart
Carol Singleton (5)
5 medium T-shirts . Have 4 wheel drive jeep
Curtis Jeffrey (3)
Jay Gardner
Brian Trube (2)
Bridget Harrell (2)
Carol Morgan
Sylvia Monreal
Renee Gonzales (3)
We are with pam shultz have 3 4x4 vehicles
Jennifer Warren (2)
Caryn Hilton (4)
Susana Balderas (6)
Sharray Taylor (2)
Jessica Sachanowicz (5)
Can’t wait!
Michelle Jones (2)
Quinton Bergeron (2)
Bubba Peel (2)
We have a Jeep Wrangler JKU and can offer a ride to 2 possibly 3 people that don’t have 4 wheel drive
Clem Ortiz (2)
Richard Valdez (4)
Cleanliness is Happiness
Robin Palmer (2)
Thank you
Deane Messex (6)
Billie Martinez (3)
Billie, Bailey & Carter
Dann Grant
Scott Mueller
2 adults riding
Roy Shutt (2)
William Rosa (2)
Sean Curless group
John Masterson (6)
Mike Gallick
Juan Cueva (2)
Ann Wilson (3)
Natalie McPherson (4)
Two adults, two children (12 and 15)
Gage Morris
Elijah Cuellar (2)
Kathryn Hass (4)
Stacie knight
James Knight
Lauren Knight (2)
David Eckenrode (2)
Looking forward to it!!
Jeff Garcia (2)
Alita Gallaher
Oreta Rice
Michelle Ellis (2)
Ken Tiller (2)
Jeannie Slocum (2)
Marv Van Nuys (2)
I’m bringing a trailer
John & Karen Botter
Michael Barr (4)
4 people in my vehicle coming
Victoria Buescher (5)
Philip Banik (5)
Sophie Banik
Suzanne Guinn
Timothy Gallaher
Melvin Schneider (4)
Jeremy Crauthers (4)
Chad Crauthers (3)
Alita Gallaher (2)
Felecia Ferrell
Excited to help
Louis Maryfield
Jim Lievsay
John Banik (2)
Add to Sophie Banik sign-up
Kim Skumatz (3)
Scouts-Troop 365
Brett Swartwood (2)
Ted Morris (2)
Deanna Cloyed (2)
Susan Seibert
Bill Burge (2)
Sarah Garza (5)
On our way!
Niel Poulsen
Carrie Cox (4)
Randall Bryant
Will be there at the happening
Matt Eckstrom
Robin Rohde (4)
We have a 4 wheel drive truck
Brian Johnson (4)
4x4 truck
Beau Johnson (2)
I will have a 4X4 Jeep and a 12' double axle trailer
Cyndi Fletcher (4)
Jason Slocum (2)
Crystal Simmons (3)
have 4-wheel drive vehicle
Jill Williams (4)
Carolyn Chester Coe (2)
Roslyn Swonke (6)
Amanda Cortez
Margarita Alvarez
Jared Bockholt
Sandy Graves
Missy Van Hoozer
gene grandjean (4)
Linda Burns (2)
Sue Staropoli (2)
Tom Chrobocinski
Thomas Wistein (4)
Evelin Doonan (3)
1 adult, 2 kids, 4x4 Taco truck
Bob Shirley (3)
We can give at least one person a ride (Jeep 2-dr)
Donna Bradley (4)
2 riders are zip code 62960
Terry Coapland (4)
John Wagner (2)
Dave Blaker (2)
My 8th year, 98 Jeep Cherokee
Evelyn Pless-Schuberth (2)
Keeping our Beaches beautiful.
Amanda Mullins
Steve Hamilton (2)
Josh Smith (8)
Charles Roy (2)
Jenna Dammeier (5)
Julie Hejducek (2)
Will need a ride. We don't have a 4 wheeler for the beach.
Eddie Collins (3)
Jarad Lozano (3)
We love this and can’t wait to help out!
Tony Hein (2)
Arlene Martignoni (2)
Koltan Weaks
Looking forward to clean up number 5 for me.
Garrett Queeney (2)
Glad Covid didnt cancel this. Cant wait
Shawn Queeney (4)
Kids have been asking, "are we doing the Beach Cleanup this year?"
Melissa Priddy (2)
John and Melissa Priddy
Mike Hejducek
Gary Callon (2)
Jennifer Thomasson
Jen Thomasson/John Blaha
Paul Furman (3)
Skip Prucha (4)
Patrick Watkins (3)
Melanie Murray (4)
Alice Poulsen
Greg Southerland (2)
Niki Gronner (5)
Martha Evans (2)
Aaron Baxter (3)
Wilbert Lavely (3)
william skinner
Hunter Williamson (2)
Caren Childers (2)
Joy Hall
Jeremy McCulloch (2)
Sooooo excited
Emily Saculla (7)
My family and I volunteer every year!
Charles Sablatura (2)
I have a 4x4 pickup
Sophia Iverson (13)
Jessica Repa (4)
Scott Brodsky (2)
Donna Sewell (2)
Michael Boyer (4)
Margo Davila (4)
Chris Alvarado
Jim Johnson (2)
Lisa Franklin (2)
Looking forward to it!
Jacob Brack (2)
Christina Healey (5)
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