South Valley Home & School

Family Fun Night - BINGO!

South Valley Home and School invites all South Valley families to a fun night of BINGO and giving!  Prizes for all children!

The cost of admission is a non-perishable FOOD DONATION that will be donated to the local food pantry.

Questions?  Contact Alison Simpson at

Date: 03/21/2019 (Thu.)

Time: 6:30pm - 7:30pm EDT

Location: South Valley Cafeteria

Created by:   Alison Simpson

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12-pack of small water bottles (6) - Please bring the night of the event
  All slots filled
David Hassine (2)
Malathi Pentapalli
Laura Frederico
Lucy Wang
Amy Kearney
8-pack of juice boxes (10) - Please bring the night of the event
  All slots filled
Dana Phipps (2)
Amy Degener
Amy Cohen
Sarah Amato
Kristiann Foran
Liv Hatcher (2)
Deena Daloisio
Haidir Albayati
Dessert or Snack To Serve a Dozen (16) - Please bring the night of the event
  All slots filled
Dayna Hendrickson (2)
Monica Sabnis (2)
Katie Sullivan
Georgette Castner (2)
Rhonda Cohen
Carolyn Novak
Nagarjun Sakare
Rachael Schmierer
Robert Fauver
Alex Norman Norman
Caty Berman
Cheryl Matthew
Michelle Morris
Fruit Tray or Whole Fruit To Serve 10 (4) - Please bring the night of the event
  All slots filled
Mohamed Rushdy
Kelly Stratton
Beth Ferri
Dozen Small Paper/Plastic Dessert Plates (8) - Please bring the night of the event
  All slots filled
Tami Schoenfeld (5)
Alison Sipe
Kate Venticinque (2)
100 Napkins - Please bring the night of the event
Bradley Hickman
Volunteer to Help With Set Up (5) - Please arrive 6pm the night of the event
  1 of 5 slots filled
Kristi Hughes
Volunteer to Help With Clean Up (5) - Clean up should take about 20 minutes
  3 of 5 slots filled
Monica Sabnis
Nicole Kane
Xin Ye
Responses:     Yes: 61     No: 3     Maybe: 1     No Response: 78

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 204     Maybe: 2

YES (61) -  

Pooja Jayakumar-panchal (2 guests)

Pooja Jayakumar-panchal (2 guests)

Jacqueline Strigel (2 guests)

Sarah Rivera (5 guests)

Marivic Finley (4 guests)


Aria Cipriani (2 guests)

Monica Lawandy (4 guests)

Mariam Saleeb (3 guests)

Xin Ye (2 guests)

Amy Lyons (4 guests)

Kasey Massa (2 guests)

Michelle Morris (4 guests)

Jenna Toniatti (3 guests)

Jennifer Doan (2 guests)

Cheryl Matthew (3 guests)

Elizabeth Reilly-Hodes (3 guests)

Alex Norman Norman (3 guests)

Nicole Kane (3 guests)

Robert Fauver (4 guests)

Stefanie Vajapey (3 guests)

Rachael Schmierer (2 guests)

Nagarjun Sakare (3 guests)

Sagar Dalal (4 guests)

Kelly Stratton (3 guests)

Caty Berman (3 guests)

Mohamed Rushdy (3 guests)

Farah Roomi (3 guests)

Beth Ferri (3 guests)

Mary Staehle (4 guests)

Haidir Albayati (4 guests)

Mick Weeks (3 guests)

Deena Daloisio (3 guests)

Liv Hatcher (2 guests)

Erica Connolly (3 guests)

Hejab Rashid (4 guests)

Kristiann Foran (3 guests)

Carolyn Novak (5 guests)

Sarah Amato (4 guests)

Madhavi Kanekal (4 guests)

Sandra Silveri (3 guests)

Rhonda Cohen (3 guests)

Kate Venticinque (5 guests)

Georgette Castner (4 guests)

Denya Miller (4 guests)

Alison Sipe (4 guests)

Katie Sullivan (3 guests)

Amy Cohen (3 guests)

Amy Kearney (4 guests)

Usha Vig (2 guests)

Kristi Hughes (5 guests)

Laura Frederico (2 guests)

Amy Degener (4 guests)

Monica Sabnis (3 guests)

Malathi Pentapalli (4 guests)

David Hassine (4 guests)

Bradley Hickman (3 guests)

Dayna Hendrickson (3 guests)

Dana Phipps (4 guests)

Tami Schoenfeld (3 guests)

Alison Simpson (5 guests)

NO (3) +  

MAYBE (1) +