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The Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter & Sanctuary

The Hermitage $1 Clothing Sale

We recommend you choose a timeslot when RSVPing to guarentee your place at the sale, but we will also accept walk-ins on a first-come-first-served basis and as space allows (25 shopper limit per time slot). 

Thank you for your understanding and interest in supporting The Hermitage. 

Thanks to the generosity of Buffalo Exchange, The Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter and Sanctuary will be hosting another $1 Clothing Sale to benefit our kitties! 

Join us outside our shelter in our spacious front driveway and memorial garden to shop and save some money the safe way!

Only 25 shoppers will be allowed in at a time (RSVP is a MUST)! We ask that you limit your sign up to 2 people per household/group so that everyone gets a chance to be part of our event and get amazing deals on great clothing. 

If you miss your time slot, please do NOT try to come at another time. And please, NO children under 12 at this sale. We apprciate your understanding. 

All shoppers will be required to wear face coverings at all times, and will only be allowed to shop for their 45-min time slot so we can sanitize the area for the next group of shoppers. 

We will accept cash, card, paypal, and venmo! 

Please review the available shopping slots below and click on the button to sign up for your time. Thank you!

Date: 04/24/2021 (Sat.)

Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm MDT

Location: The Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter and Sanctuary
5278 E 21st St, Tucson, Az 85711

Created by:   Allyson Israel

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9am-9:45am (25)
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10am-10:45am (25)
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11am-11:45am (25)
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12pm-12:45pm (25)
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1pm-1:45pm (25)
  10 of 25 slots filled
2pm-2:45pm (25)
  5 of 25 slots filled
3pm-3:45pm (25)
  10 of 25 slots filled
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Tricia Olvera (2 guests)

Veronica Driz (1 guest)

Taylor Veschio (3 guests)

Monica-Chad Keller (2 guests)

MacLaren De Masi (2 guests)

Lauren Klinkhamer (1 guest)

Armani Enriquez (1 guest)

blaize naasz (1 guest)

Tracy Sap (1 guest)

Margaret Spencer (2 guests)

Kristy Ratliff (2 guests)

Neli Sandoval (1 guest)

Carol Kagan (1 guest)

Eileen Howell (1 guest)

Becky Newcombe (1 guest)

Elia Manjarre (2 guests)

Beverly Senzee (2 guests)

Danielle Barrientes (2 guests)

Mary Lou Feiger (3 guests)

Ericca Holodynski (1 guest)

Therese Phipps (1 guest)

Julia Vann (2 guests)

Allura Brown (3 guests)

Abby Caldwell (2 guests)

Jennifer Marcus (2 guests)

Alin Rodríguez (3 guests)

Anita Oberlick (2 guests)

Stacy Ward (2 guests)

Willow Lundgren (1 guest)

Karla Torres (3 guests)

Marissa Mercado (2 guests)

Helen Ferris (1 guest)
This is terrific.

Kelli Stephens (2 guests)

Linda Everett (2 guests)

Darlene Sullivan (2 guests)

Shauna Hustin (3 guests)

Kelly Hines (1 guest)

Savana Sasser (2 guests)

Kevin Smith (2 guests)

Sonya Hess (2 guests)

Gretchen Smith (2 guests)

Michelle Manczur (2 guests)

Vanessa Lopez (3 guests)

Serena Dsouza (1 guest)

Alexa Stiller (1 guest)

Beth Sanders (2 guests)

Xuan Zhou (2 guests)

J A (1 guest)

Katherine Campbell (2 guests)
Katherine Campbell

Britta Homelvig (1 guest)

Emily Johnson (2 guests)

Vicky Morales (2 guests)

Adilene Morales (4 guests)

Kim Biador (1 guest)

Leah Bogen (2 guests)

Joyce Gaines (3 guests)

Sydney Ruskin (3 guests)


Cindy Madura (1 guest)


Amy Shreve (2 guests)

Kathleen Wolfe (1 guest)

Kathleen Wolfe (1 guest)

Alyssa Klingensmith (2 guests)

Raul Montijo (2 guests)

Krisitn Smith (3 guests)

NO (1) +  

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