Families at First Church

Faithful Families At First: Embrace the Messiness and Imperfection of Family Life

This is the sign up for session 1, Embrace the Messiness and Imperfection of Family Life. You will have the opportunity to discuss what the hardest parts of being a parent are, learn what the Bible has to offer us,  and will go home with ideas and resources to help your family build their faith and embrace God's grace.

Children’s Ministries will provide pizza, lemonade, and ice tea. 

Families are being asked to bring side salads or desert.

Date: 09/23/2018 (Sun.)

Time: 5:00pm - 6:30pm EDT

Location: Palmer Hall @ First Church

Created by:   Cynthia Cole

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Jennifer Petron
Anna Harris
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Jennifer Theodoratos (1 adult, 2 children)

Jess Buckle (1 adult, 2 children)

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Jennifer Petron (1 adult, 2 children)

Anna Harris (1 adult, 3 children)