St. Louis Church

Clarksville Picnic Bake Sale

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Please take the time to read the notes along with each item. ALL ITEMS MUST NOT REQUIRE REFRIGERATION PER THE MD HEALTH DEPARTMENT. Be sure to LABEL your packages. Thank you!

Drop off 9a-4p, Friday, June 25, 2021, ONLY at the Pastoral Center kitchen entrance ONLY. Look for signage.

NEW INFO: I will have 9" layer cake boxes to use. If you prefer a sheet cake, please be sure it is in a pan you don't want back, and cover it with saran or foil. Brownies and cookies can be put in ziplocks- 6 each.  Thank you all!

Created by:   Julie Brookman
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Available Slot

Cake- chocolate (43)

Homemade please- any frosting flavor. Please package for transport.

40 of 43 slots filled
Suzanne Gaertner
Chocolate Mayonaise Cake
Anne Wilson (2)
Bacardi Rum Cakes
Stephanie Parncutt (2)
Lisa Preece
Chocolate Fudge Bundt
Audrey Krause
Chocolate Cake with Ganache
Michelle Trotter
Allison Mueller
Dianne Kaschak
Chocolate Cake
Aileen Musselman
Angela Baker (2)
Nancy Dunlap (3)
Maria Giorla (2)
Carol Dunn
Kathleen Rybinski (2)
Audrey Krause (2)
Chocolate Ganache Cake
Mary Bird
Jae Schemm
Mexican chocolate pound cake
Mary Sobhani
Sophia Sobhani will make
Mary Bowers
patricia Kutchins
Margaret Rettaliata (2)
Margaret Gick
Double Chocolate Chip Pound Cake
Kim Brathwaite (2)
Mary Bowers (2)
Cade McGeehan
Kyan Pachoca (2)
Caroline Turpin

Cake- lemon (90)

Homemade please- frosting if your recipe calls for it. Please package for transport.

83 of 90 slots filled
julie brookman (2)
Courtney Kefferstan (2)
Geeta E. (2)
Angela Baker (3)
Beth Felsecker (2)
Lemon Pound Cake
Karen Hammann
Gluten free
Audrey Krause
Ciambella (lemon anise Bundt cake)
Joan Doyle (2)
Lemon Bundt cake
Jackie Smith (3)
Valerie Rogers (2)
Lemon bundt cake
Laura Riley
Nancy Dunlap (5)
3 cakes & 2 pound cakes
Lorraine Kennedy
Margaret Rettaliata
Nicole Leimbach (2)
lemon / blueberry Bundt cake
Jill Comeaux (2)
Lemon pound cake
Maria Giorla (3)
Lee Kopera (2)
Kathy Wolf
Mary Jane Tomasic (2)
Eileen Goodspeed (2)
Carolyn Crooks (3)
Audrey Krause (2)
Mary Sobhani (2)
Mary Sobhani will make
Jo-Ann Bielski
Maureen Denison (2)
Marcy Kolodrubetz
Tina McMorland
1 9" lemon cake
Mark Gelak (2)
Margaret Rettaliata (2)
Bernie DeJames (2)
Stephanie Parncutt (4)
Cheryl Kemp (2)
Kathy Wolf (2)
Cathy Waters
Cathy Waters (3)
total of 4 lemon cakes - 2 bundt and 2 loafs
Trish Malseed (5)
Katherine Miller (2)
Megan Lucinski (2)

Cookies- dozen choc chip (58)

Homemade please- no nuts. Please package for transport- (6) cookies per package.

All slots filled
Wanda Walters-Marshall (5)
Pam Coates (4)
Barry Bowers
Debra Correia (2)
Stephanie Parncutt (2)
Lisa White (2)
Lori Schenk (2)
Allison Mueller
Suzanne O’Neil (2)
Angela Baker (2)
Teresa Heitzmann
Nancy Dunlap (3)
two dozen regular ; one dozen gluten free
Vivian Umeozulu (2)
Clarissa Maroon (3)
Catherine LaFerriere (2)
Carolyn Bassler (2)
Rebecca Verbus (2)
Linda Peletski (2)
Mike Kerins (2)
Barbara Evans
Vivian Umeozulu (2)
Audrey Krause (3)
patricia Kutchins
Caryl Gazmen (4)
Susan Delaney (2)

Cookies- dozen oatmeal raisin (20)

Homemade please- no nuts. Please package for transport (6) cookies per package.

All slots filled
Wanda Walters-Marshall (2)
Eileen Roth (3)
Marcy Kolodrubetz
Maria Chou (2)
Louise McDade (2)
Geeta E. (3)
Clarissa Lango (2)
Joan Abernethy (3)
Chris & Pete Ritzcovan
Chris & Pete Ritzcovan
I will bake 2 dozen.

Bars- dozen brownies (55)

Homemade please- no nuts. Please package for transport (6) brownies per package.

All slots filled
Martha Lopez
Wanda Walters-Marshall (4)
Angela Garippa
Deanna Nosel (2)
Janet Comberiate (2)
Stephanie Parncutt (2)
Eva Roswell (2)
Lisa Preece
Angela Baker
Mary Kolb (3)
3 dozen
Loretta Tokoly
Dianne Kaschak (2)
Fudge Brownies
Suzanne Gaertner Gaertner (2)
Mariann Clarke (6)
Tina McMorland (3)
Nancy Dunlap (3)
two dozen regular; 1 dozen sugar-free
Lindsey Beitzell (2)
Cecilia Selbrede
Rose Trepkowski (3)
Eileen Curry (2)
Mary Walshe
Nicole Leimbach
Lynn Rashid (2)
Louise Duncan
Loretta Tokoly
This makes a total of 2 dzen brownies I'll make.
Carol Dunn
Audrey Krause (3)
Mary Sobhani
Larbi Sobhani will make
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