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Riviera Elementary Green Team Notes

as of August 29, 2017

Thank you for supporting Riviera Elementary's Green Team initiative.  Below are some helpful notes to guide you through the lunch hour.

12pm        Arrive, setup, and begin to guide the students through the sorting process

12:35        Start to recruit older students to take out the compost

12:45        Send Compost with Green Team students

12:50        Start to clean up anything you put out (i.e. the hand sanitizer).  The Custodian (Brandon) will put everything else out and take it in and clean it.

1:00          Finish

When you arrive go to the custodian closet behind the sorting station.  As you walk in look to the right and there is a shelf with Green Team supplies.  Put on the apron and gloves and then stand at the sorting station. Guide the students through the sorting process as needed.

The custodian will have everything setup.  Encourage the kids to start at the liquid container and work their way down the line toward the tray stacking bins. 

Help the kids identify which items go in which bin.  We are going for 90% accuracy so if something gets misplaced it’s not the end of the world.  It’s more about the parent volunteer educating the students than the parent doing the sorting.  Please do not take the food or other items off the tray and sort for the kids.  This doesn’t teach the kids anything.

If you get student volunteers please try to assign them to a specific bin to make sure only the appropriate items go in that bin.  If something gets mis-sorted the parent volunteer has gloves on and can retrieve it and re-sort it.  Green Team helpers (students) do a better job if the parent volunteer assigns them to a specific bucket/bin.

Compost bucket should be sent out at the 12:45 bell.  However, if there is no older student stepping up to take out the compost, we don’t want the parent volunteer or custodian to have to do it. So, a few minutes before 12:45 is sometimes reasonable if the younger ones can take out the compost and get back before their end-of-lunch bell rings.

Students who take out the compost bucket should earn a Superstar.  Superstars are usually on the Green Team shelf in the custodian closet or on the custodian’s (Brandon) desk.  Please give one to every student who helps take out the compost.

Students should not help themselves to food from the donation cooler. This is strictly not allowed, first because this is not the purpose for this food and second, because the health department prohibits it.

Bins from right to left as you are looking at them.

  1. Liquids.  Student will empty their liquids into this bin.  Remind them not to put their straw or anything other than liquid in.  If a straw falls in you can retrieve it with your gloves on.
  2. Recycling Bin.  Generally anything with the recycling symbol on it.  Café milk is ok.  Juice boxes usually are not.  Plastic sporks and straws are NOT ok (NEW CHANGE IN 2017).  Yogurt containers usually ok but try to have them empty the yogurt in the trash.  Paper napkins and wrappers go in the trash, not recycle.  Tin foil and brown paper bags ok.
  3. Donate cooler.  Unopened items only.  Deposits only, no withdrawls!
  4. Compost.  Pretty much fruits and vegetables.  No chicken, bread, etc.
  5. Trash.  Anything else.
  6. Tray bin.  Ask the students to stack their café trays like legos.  Match up the “milk spot.”
  7. Hand sanitizer…if you choose to put it out.  The custodian typically does not.  Tell the children to use one pump only.
Location: Riviera Elementary Cafe, TBD Teacher TBD Grade, TBD

Created by:   Michael Pandolfo
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