Spring Creek High School

Spring Creek High School Adopt A Senior

Please choose a senior you would like to adopt by Tuesday, May 22nd! Plan on showering them with their gift(s) on Tuesday, June 1st at their home. Only one sign up per student, if a student you want to adopt has already been adopted, please choose another, you may still shower anyone additionally on your own! We just want to make sure everyone has at least one person that has adopted them, you may adopt more than one as well! Thank you for helping us reach ALL our 2021 SCHS Seniors! 

Examples: gift cards, gift baskets, items for future career/college

If you have any questions, or are unsure of their address please email Beverly Lousignont:  [email protected]  Please put Adopt a Senior in the subject line.

Here is to a great 2021 Graduation. Thank you for your support. Remember to sign up by May 22nd, and deliver gifts Tuesday, June 1st to the home of the graduate, as part of Senior Week.


Created by:   Beverly Lousignont
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Senior Name: Last, First

Aboytes, Luis

Gordon & Sarah Thomas
One of my best students! Good Luck to you!

Ackerman, Chelsea

Mckayla Brown
Love you so much Bugs

Alofaituli, Kayani


Anderson, Estrella

Kimberlee Longley

Ard, Vincent

Angelina Quick
Way to go Vincent! Congratulations! Love The Quicks

Armstrong, Wyatt


Arps, Sami

Cathy Valdez
Congratulations Sami!

Baca Koponen, Alisandro

Gordon & Sarah Thomas
One of my best students! Good Luck to you!

Bailey, Justin


Bastien, Caydence

Ashlyn Ponce
Congrats Cayd!

Binger, Lydia

Brian Hutchison
Congrats Lydia! Kick ass and take names!

Blazvick, Kaylee

Erica Morris

Booth, Kimberly

Jana Slothower
So excited for you Kim! You’re going to go places!

Borg, Johnathan

Laura Tinnin

Boyd, Q

Nicole Browne
The Browne's Congratulations Q !

Brawley, Abigail

The Manhires
Congratulations Abby

Brorby, Grant


Brown, Jovanni

Sarah Trimbach-peake
Congratulations and best of luck on your future adventures!

Browne, Bearett

Crystal Boyd

Calder, Carson

Holly & Brandon Wirth

Call, Kylee


Campbell, Emma

James & Jessica Schumacher
Congrats Emma!

Candelaria, Mollie

Misty Koch

Carlon, Evan

Gordon & Sarah Thomas
One of my best students! Good Luck to you!

Casey, William

Stephanie James

Chacon, Beau

Jason Kemppainen
Congrats Bo Bo!! Uncle J

Charley, Secody

Michelle Munson
Congratulations Secody!

Child, Ethan


Chiquete, Anessa

Crystal Chiquete
Love you sis!

Christensen, Rigg


Collins, Kaelee


Cruson, Hailey

Melanie Snow

Culley, Cadin

Anna Syme

Custer, Isaiah

Jean Weiss
Congrats on making it Spud!

Davidson, Eleanor

Erren Quintana
What! Graduating!? No not allowed!

Dill, Chase

Ashley Kizer
We're proud of you Chase !- The Kizers and the Osborns

Dimick, Kylee

Little Family
Our best wishes and hope to you, Kylee!

Dixon, Hailee


Dobbins, Madison

Chandra Smith

Dockery, Hailey


Doyle, Noah


Draves, Dakota


Dunlap, Taylor

Terri Callahan
Congrats! On to the next adventure!

Eklund, Skyler

Stephanie Estrada
Congrats! We are so proud of you, we know you will go far!!

Esplin, Jayce

Christy And Jeff Teeter

Estrada, Alex

Sarah Trimbach-peake
Congratulations!!! I look forward to seeing you Excell in all of your future endeavors. One love, Sarah and the gang

Falk, Starlie


Fellows, Elizabeth

Jenny Eckert
Congrats!!! New adventures here we come!!!

Felzien, Denver


Fish, Braden


Fish, Stephanie


Flannery, William


Florence, Grace

Adam And Cheree Lulay
Can’t wait to do this! Congratulations Grace!!

Fowers, Cody

Crystal White & Monique Heieie

Franzen, Alexandrea


Freyensee, Jacyee


Fuller, Slate


Gage, Conner


Garcia, Daniel


Gardner, Summer

Danielle Widmer

Gardner, William

Gordon & Sarah Thomas
One of my best students! Good Luck to you!

Garrison, Skyla

Stephanie Seale
Proud of you girl.

Gellermann, Kevin


George, Kylie


Gines, Madyson

Sarah Scott
We love you girl ! Congrats

Gonzalez, Jesus

LeighAnn Hill

Gurr, Karissa

Amy Thiesen

Hammer, Janae

Shelby Hawver
Happy Graduation girl!!

Hanauska, Josie

Tanya Rattazzi
Congratulations Josie!! We’re so proud of you!!

Hanson, Ethan

Rikki Bundrock
Congratulations E-Man!!!

Hardy, Adrian


Hatch, Mason


Herman, Christian


Hill, Terrance

Jennifer And Jeremiah's Ricketts

Hockensmith, Jacob

Sherry Smith

Holm, Hunter

Stephanie Seale

Hood, Zachary

Sheree Carson
Congrats from the Carson Family!

James, Jaylyne

Billie Lortie

Johnson, Jori

Mikey Ward
Congrats Jor!

Jones, Jackson

Amy Petersen
Congratulations, Jackson! We love you! The Petersen Family

Kelton, Alyssa

Melissa Thompson

Kendall, Joseph

Jasmine Negrete
Proud of you buddy ! You did it !!

Kobielusz, Kiya


Kodesh, Bobby

Juanita Been
Congratulations, Bobby. We are so proud of you!!

Lara, Azeneth

Rocio Romo

Laughner, Maykayla


Ledbetter, Gracey

Jenny Eckert
Congrats! On to new ADVENTURES!

Lewis, Nickalous

Jean Weiss
Good job kid! Proud of you!

Ley, Tyler

Andrea Piccinini

Little, Emma

Walt And Teresa Gardner
Congrats to you.

Lortie, Braeden


Lousignont, Aaron

Heather Steel
Congratulations Aaron!!! Wait til I tell Carson that we adopted you!!!!

Lowe, Nicholas

Melissa Thomas
Congratulations, Gabe! -The Thomas Family

Lulay, Kyler

Ren Pacini
Congrats Kyler!

Lusk, Kendra

Sarah Pehrson
Congrats Kendra!!!!

Maher, Jordan


Marin, Jesus

Flavia Buttars

Martin, Adison


Martinez, Jaedin

Julie Zeiler
Congratulations Sweet girl!!

Martinez, Jareyn


Maw, Madalyn

Ric & Katie Hammer
Congrats Madi

McAnany, Raya

Chris McAnany
Love you always & forever

Meade, Zachary


Merwin, Steven


Milligan, Chase

Coach O

Mohr, Jeremiah


Morrill, Heather

Jenny Eckert
Congrats! On to new ADVENTURES!

Mortensen, Camden

Wayne And Jona Jo Spence
Congratulations Camden on all you’ve accomplished!!

Mullins, Jaydon

Alyssa James

Neal, Conner


Negrych, Kaela


Nelson, James


Nelson, Sydney


Nordstrom, Ryan

Gordon & Sarah Thomas
One of my best students! Good Luck to you!

Olejnik, Andrew


Paige, Breanna


Painter, Aiden

Dawn Litke
Super proud of you Aiden...Love ya

Patton, Jacob


Pemelton, Patrick

Cathy Valdez
Congratulations Patrick!

Perez, Izmyel


Peterson, Sadee


Pomroy, Daniel


Pool, Jaden

Jace Church

Pool, Wayne

Jace Church

Potts, Lucy

Lori Piercy
Oh, the places you’ll go!

Probst, Shawn


Putzier, Mathew

Erren Quintana
So so so proud of you!

Quesada-Trujillo, Amador

Gloria Westfall
Congrats Amador you’ve gotten so far and you have a bright future ahead of you

Quick, Dylan

Tina Ard
Congratulations Dylan

Ricketts, Jeremiah

Anna Syme

Rios, Jacob


Ritter, Landon

Summer Painter
Way to go Lando! So proud of you.

Robinson, Alexander


Sanders, Nathan

Gordon & Sarah Thomas
One of my best students! Good Luck to you!

Sarman, Leanna


Shelton, Tristan


Simms, Zachary

Heather Custer

Spence, Nicolas

Paula Schaffner
Congratulations to the #1 best grandson!

Spillman, Mollie

Jenny Eckert
Congrats! On to new ADVENTURES!

Stewart, Riley


Stratton, Savannah


Swafford, Taurin


Sweeney, Maura

Amy Reagan
The world is your oyster! You're amazing!!

Swisher, Savannah


Syme, Kaden

Jennifer Ricketts

Syndergaard, Julie

Joseph And Stephanie Johnson

Tanner, Jordan

Amy Reagan
So excited for the things you'll do!!!

Taylor, Sophie

Jamie Nyrehn
We are so proud of you and cannot wait to see where you go from here! Beau and Jamie Nyrehn

Terras, James


Tersterman, Katharine

Rob And Wendy DuPea
We are so proud of you!

Thompson, Kevin

Joseph And Stephanie Johnson
Congratulations Kevin!

Thomsen, Tristen

Rachael Berg

Tom, McKenzy


Tomera, Samuel

Loretta Reed
Hey Sam. The end is in sight!!!

Tomlinson, Izabella

Shantel Jund
Congratulations Izzy!

Tournahu, William

Lennie & Ryan Hanson
Congrats Kiddo! We will miss watching that right side of the field!

Tout, Tristen


Van Patten, Ryan

Heather Custer

Walund, Harrison

Theresa Pacini
Congrats Harrison!!

Williams, Jace

Chris Soto

Wines, Harper

Sarah Arendt
Yeah Baby!! We gotchya!!

Wirth, Quinten

Lisa Calder

Wise, Talon

Julie Zeiler

Woodland, Mallory

Adam And Cheree Lulay
Congratulations Mallory! I can’t wait to see what your future holds!!

Woster, Sara


Youngblood, Dylan


Zuraff, Chloe

Brittney Gonzalez
So proud of you Chloe. I know you will shine so bright in your future!
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