Stirling Triathlon Club

Saturday Running @ Stirling University

Group 1 - Long distance - Meet at the Willow Court @ 9:20am

Group 2 - Intermediate - Meet at entrance to Pathfoot carpark (zebra crossing) @ 9:30am

Group 3 - Going Easy - Meet at front of the Pathfoot building, on the front steps. @ 9:40am

Sport Scotland and Stirling Triathlon Club (STC) require that attendees pre-register to attend training events. Each training event will be separate and can include multiple paced groups, with separate meeting places and times. Ensure you are booking onto the right activity, pace and length for you.  Please note that these sessions are uncoached.

There is a maximum group size of fifteen and each group has a group leader who will:

  • Confirm those attending against the list of those booked on via this platform
  • Remind those attending of the need to remain within the guidelines as set out by Sports Scotland and STC at the time of the organised training session
  • Have a planned route and pace, all of which can be adjusted if necessary

No leader - no session! Consider being one if you're signing up and the slot is still empty

By attending this session you are confirming that you:

  • understand the rules and guidance of STC organised activities and will abide by them as directed
  • have not shared transport with a non-household member to attend the event
  • are fit and healthy with no COVID-19 symptoms
  • are not at present required to self-isolate or protect someone who is shielding
  • are a member of STC or interested in becoming one
  • will meet with the group at the meeting time and wait in your car or at a distance if you arrive early
  • will maintain at least two metres separation from all other people (outside of your household) for the duration of the training event
  • will provide your own PPE as you require

Not all members of the general public fully understand the current regulations, so please be understanding and do not engage in a disagreement. Thank you for your support, understanding and compliance. Enjoy your training.

Created by:  Coordinator Stirling Tri Club
Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Location Time (BST) Available Slot
10/23/2021 (Sat.) Longer Run - Willow Court, Stirling Uni  9:20am - 10:20am  

Group Leader


Runner (14)

Intermediate Run - Entrance to Pathfoot Car Park (zebra crossing), Stirling Uni  9:30am - 10:30am  

Group Leader


Runner (14)

Easier Group - Front steps of Pathfoot Building, Stirling Uni  9:40am - 10:40am  

Group Leader


Runner (14)

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