Fall Fest Volunteers

Mark Twain Elementary Fall Festival

Hello, Everyone! Thank you for your interest in Twain's annual FALL FESTIVAL. Our Festival committee is working very hard to make sure we have everything ready for this wonderful community event. One thing we need: YOUR help to ensure the Festival's success!!

Please review this sign up for volunteer opportunities and donation requests and sign up in all the places you can help. This sign up is being sent to area middle and high school students as well as Twain staff and families from past and present. There are a few positions that are adult-only (ie- positions where the volunteer needs to handle high volumes of people and money, etc). Adult positions will be marked as such.

Thanks again for your consideration! We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday, September 29th from 3-6pm! Remember this is a community event so invite the whole neighborhood, family and friends. The more the merrier!!

Amy Gamber ([email protected]) Text 720-282-4901 and

Stephanie Rose ([email protected]) Text 720-339-6048

Twain Fall Festival Co-Chairs

Date: 09/29/2018 (Sat.)

Time: 3:00pm - 6:00pm MDT

Location: Mark Twain Elementary School campus

Created by:   Amy Gamber
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Available Slot

Bottled Water Donation- 24 count any size (12)

Please drop at Twain front office no later than Friday, September 28th

All slots filled
Christina Un
Regular size bottles or small size (4 oz.?) ?
Amanda Case
Steph Mackelburger
Sandra Godby
Holly Nichols (3)
Christina Wandry (4)
Denise Schaecher

10x10 Tents (20)

Lend Twain your canopy tent to protect volunteers from the sun. Put your name on it. Help with set up is a bonus. Tents need to be at Twain between N-2pm on 9/29. Earlier is best. Pick up after event anytime between 6-7pm

10 of 20 slots filled
Jillian Troupe
Judilynn Dreiling
Amanda Case
Sandra Godby
Jackie Shinabery
Tiffany Halbrook
Mine is a bit smaller than 10x10
Ozzie & Courtney France
Amy Gamber (2)
Mike Smith

Cake-Walk treats (90)

Treat donations for this very popular attraction. Items should be wrapped in groups of approximately 6 servings in disposable “trays”. Drop off at Twain on Friday 9/28 or Saturday before 2pm

38 of 90 slots filled
Jillian Troupe (4)
Rana van Leeuwen
Christina Un
Holly Nichols
Catherine Wray
Laura McKone (2)
Christine Bailey (2)
Rachel Mead
Lissa Randolph
Jennifer Gullickson (2)
Jackie Shinabery (4)
Christina Wandry
Tiffany Halbrook (2)
Christine Graziul (4)
Kristen Whipple (4)
Jessica Ceriani
Donna Pepe (2)
Rana van Leeuwen (3)
Rachelle Decker

Juice Box Donation-10 count (20)

Please drop at Twain front office no later than Friday, September 28th

18 of 20 slots filled
Judilynn Dreiling
Steph Mackelburger
Christine Bailey
Marissa Knight
Christina Wandry (4)
Kristin Lane (2)
Kristen Whipple (3)
Debbie Gampp (2)
Beth Simmons’ mom
Jersey Babb
Lissa Randolph
Kate Prestwood

Large or small bottles of cheap acrylic paint (25)

Paint bottles can be used; pre-opened. Using these for a paint spinning art attraction. Please drop at Twain no later than 9/28. Here is a URL for an example: https://www.ebay.com/i/253706124814?chn=ps

6 of 25 slots filled
Jackie Brotherton
Sandra Godby
Christine Graziul
Tiffany Halbrook
Donna Pepe
Kristin Lane

Coolers filled with ice (10)

Lend Twain an ice-filled cooler for the Festival. Put your name on it. Drop off no later than 2:30pm on Sat. 9/29. Pick up after event anytime between 6-7pm

8 of 10 slots filled
Holly Nichols
Rachel Mead
Jackie Shinabery (2)
Christine Graziul (2)
I can probably round up some more if we need them - let me know
Ozzie & Courtney France
Mike Smith

Carnival Game/Attraction Donation (20)

Game donors need to provide all components of game including: set up, game materials, instructions & station tear down. Teen volunteers will man your game. Games must be set up on the Twain playground no later than 2pm on 9/29/18. Pick up b/w 6-7pm

15 of 20 slots filled
Amy Gamber (3)
PLINKO, Prize Wheel, Frisbee Toss
Stephanie Rose (3)
Frog Flipper, Clown Knock-Down, Bozo Buckets
Heather Carlson (3)
Ball in Bucket, Bottle-Ring toss, Knock down cans
Jackie Shinabery
Football Toss
Sandra Godby
Janet Babb
Nose Picker Game
Susan Perry
Sucker Pull
Catherine Wray
Twister Toss
Mike Smith
Ping Pong Toss

Game Volunteer(Great for Middle and HS students); 3-6pm (40)

20 games need 2 volunteers at each game for duration of event. If you want a specific partner, please indicate here and include your email. Arrive at 2:15pm on Northside of Twain for instructions. I will try to send stations assignment B4 Saturday 9/28.

38 of 40 slots filled
Bryan Kelley
I would like to be with Julia Roney
Julia Roney
I would like to be with with Bryan Kelley
Libby Stroup
I would like to work with Bella Fleck
Bella Fleck
I would like to work with Libby Stroup
Sofie Martinez
I would like to work with a Garrett Arbuckle
Garrett Arbuckle
I would like to work with Sofie Martinez
Lindsey Dickman
Chloe Hemphill
Carly Spotts
Lila Wilkinson
Charlotte Barker
Emma Nathan
Gwen Craig
Abby Lux
Danika Sedivy
Kayla Robinson
Aiden Rowell
Katie Lough
I would like to be with Ella Franklin
Ella Franklin
I would like to be with Katie Lough
Michael Jones
Josh Lefkowitz
Any person will work
Logan Hause
Garrett Ryan
I would like to be with Danny Forebaugh
Danny Forebaugh
I want to be with Garret Ryan.
Zach Guy
I would like to be with Logan House or Josh
Alex Edwards
I would like to be with Miles Greeley
Garrett Belcher
I would like to be with Declan Delgado
Miles Greeley
Sidney Mansfeild
I would like to be with Teagan Downs
Declan Delgado
I would like to be with Garrett Belcher
Teagan Downs
I would like to work with Sidney Mansfeild
Sam Garcia
I would like to be with Aris Larson
Aris Larson
I would like to be with Sam Garcia
Camden Kurowski
Thomas Jackson
Noah Stanley
Kathleen Allen
Ava Easley

Attraction Volunteer (Great for Middle and High School Students): 3-6pm (12)

Popcorn, Paint Spinner, Cotton Candy, Cake Walk, etc. Include email and pairing preferences if applicable.

All slots filled
Jillian Troupe
Carson would love to do the popcorn-he has experience doing this for student council :)
Sisi Martinez Purfield
Michael will help with cake walk
Izzy Colkitt
would do cotton candy with Barrett Small
Barrett Small
would do cotton candy with Izzy Colkitt
Kathleen Le
Paint Spinner with Meghan Thomas and Alex Ortiz
Alex Ortiz
Cotton candy/popcorn with Kathleen Le
Holly Nichols
Ellie, Abby and two friends will split the time doing spin art station
Eva Grenawalt
Have experience with cotton candy and popcorn from last year, would volunteer with Izzy Colkitt and Barrett Small
Meghan Thomas
Paint Spinner with Alex and Kathleen
Alex Ortiz
Lauren Little
Molly Stratton

Student Volunteer Leaders: 3-6pm (2)

High School Senior Leaders or Adult(s)- You will be responsible for helping volunteers stay hydrated, find their places, voice issues or concerns. Upper management position. Arrive at 2pm for instruction

1 of 2 slots filled
Samiha Singh

Bounce House Supervisor(High School or Adult): 3-4pm (5)

Maintain organization in Bounce House area

2 of 5 slots filled
Tiffany Halbrook
Josh Halbrook
Samantha Stratton

Bounce House Supervisor(High School or Adult): 4-5pm (5)

Maintain organization in Bounce House area


Bounce House Supervisor(High School or Adult): 5-6pm (5)

Maintain organization in Bounce House area

4 of 5 slots filled
Donna Pepe (4)
Tim, Donna, Dan and Missy

Ticket Sales(ADULT): 2:30-3:30pm (3)

Meet on north side of Twain at the main ticket table for instructions

All slots filled
Amanda Case
teresa Burden
Donna Millar

Ticket Sales(ADULT): 3:30-4:30pm (3)

Meet at main ticket table on north side of Twain for instructions

All slots filled
Jackie Brotherton
Tammy Escue
Madison Bohman

Ticket Sales(ADULT): 4:30-6:00pm (3)

Meet on north side of Twain at main ticket table

1 of 3 slots filled
Annelise Lawrence

Set up (8)

Show up at Twain anytime between 12:00-2:00pm- we'll have lots of work to delegate but it will be fun. Please include a note with time and duration of your stay. Decorating will be a big part of set-up.

6 of 8 slots filled
Sandra Godby
Jenny Ford
Jackie Shinabery
I’ll be there by 1:00
Kristin Lane
Christine Graziul
I can be there at noon and stay as long as you need me
Samantha Stratton