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1024 Safety Initiative (10)

If you would like to help on the initiative that will engage our youth residents to work with a group of adult residents to develop strategies to make our park safe to use, join this initiative here. Time ranges from 3 min for a call to police & upward.

1 of 10 slots filled
Chris Reid

Hockey Boards Set up (20)

If you are someone who would like to be contacted each time the hockey boards are going to be setup and taken down each year, signup here! This is a 3 hour volunteer job on a weekend morning.

3 of 20 slots filled
Grant Mackenzie
Sean Fryer
Michael Wood

Membership Director

Join the Board of Directors for Elbow Park and help to increase the number of residents that hold memberships. The new membership system will help make this job easier. This job takes about 4 hours each week plus 1 Board meeting per month.


Clubhouse Coordinator

Gather some volunteers to help organize the newly renovated Clubhouse. The kitchen cupboards are empty and need supplies. We need blinds for the windows, more storage and pens in the Board room. 4 hours per week initially and then dwindles with time.


Clubhouse Organization (8)

Help the Coordinator get the newly renovated Clubhouse organized. 1 hour & upward.

2 of 8 slots filled
Lisa Hynes
Niamh Donnelly

Odd Jobs at Clubhouse (3)

If you are someone who knows what a screwdriver does, sign up here. The Clubhouse has small jobs that we need volunteers to help with. 1 hour and upward. You choose.


Gazette Director

Join the EPRA Board & help create the NEW monthly digital Gazette. Be a journalist if you like or get others to submit articles. Work alongside the Glencoe Graphic Design team who donate their time to typeset & publish each issue. 4 hours weekly


Casino Chair

The next Casino is scheduled for Feb 26, 27. Complete the required documents with the assistance of the professional Casino Advisor who walks you through the process & work at the Casino. Big $ maker for short volunteer stint.


Casino Volunteer (38)

Feb 26 & 27, 2019 Get a group of friends and signup for a shift. It can be fun! Shifts are 4 hours and they feed you!

10 of 38 slots filled
Chris Dorland
Chris Reid
Margo Coppus
Andrea Gould
Paul Bryden
Fil Cortese
Ian Bwint
Courtroom supervisor is ideal
Lori Fyke
Hails Kirker
Feb 26 11:15-7:30pm with Lori Fyke
Paul Valentine

Crime Reduction Iniatiatives (5)

If you would like to help the Safety Director come up with initiatives and communication to reduce crime in Elbow Park, signup here! Time ranges from 3 min call to police and upward.


Website Manager

If you have website design skills, we need you!! It will be a job that needs time in the beginning & tapers down. Wordpress is used and support is available from the Web Design Consultant. 4 hours down to 1 hour weekly


Development Director

Join the Board and take on the portfolio that provides feedback to the City about rezoning, subdividing, secondary suites and densification policy the City is developing now. If you are passionate about maintaining our beautiful community signup here!!


Development Permit Committee (4)

This committee looks at house permits that have some technical planning or variances that a neighbour is concerned with. The committee provides feedback to the City about the permit. Meetings are occassional as needed.

2 of 4 slots filled
Peter Condic
Margo Coppus

Membership Drive Door Knockers (20)

Signup for just your own square block and go door to door speaking to your neighbours about the benefits a membership provides. Gather their contact info and help them to register on the membership link. One time job & meet your neighbours!

1 of 20 slots filled
Kelly Hewson

Social Events Director

Join the Board and create standardized sponsorship levels for all of the community events, create a standardized donor recognition program and help create event budgets. 2 hours per week plus Board meeting


Celebrate Chairperson

Organize the volunteers that make the annual Celebrate event happen every September. It's the "Movie in the Park" with over 600 guests that attend. Follow the step by step guide set up by past organizers.


Stampede Breakfast Chair

Organize volunteers for the annual Stampede Breakfast in partnership with the Glencoe Club held in July. The Glencoe organizes and provides all the food. You would just need to hire the ponies, face painters and DJ and show up in your cowboy hat!


Summer Solstice Chairperson

Organize volunteers for the annual Solstice event held in June to celebrate the volunteers that helped during the flood of 2013.

Ellie Siebens

Pub Night Chairperson

Organize volunteers to help at monthly Pub Nights in the Clubhouse in order to provide a place for members to get to know their neighbours.


Christmas Skating Party Chairperson

Organize volunteers to help put on a skating party for families on Christmas Eve annually.

Shannon Young

Traffic Initiatives (3)

If you have an area of traffic that is unsafe in the community, signup to take on the initiative to make improvements. Or, signup if you want to help on the current initiative of 38th & Elbow Dr.

All slots filled
Dave Newby
Linda and Graham McFarlane
Michael Wood

Hockey Rink Coordinator

Coordinate volunteers to setup and take down the hockey boards, flood the rink and clear the ice.

George Valentine

Landscaping Jobs (3)

If you can prune a hedge or want to help with any other beautification project, small or large, signup!!

All slots filled
Michael Martin
Michael Wood
Colin Schieman

Hanging Plants at Clubhouse (6)

If you would like to volunteer to help create and water 3 hanging baskets to replace the overgrown, too large to maintain, garden in front of the Clubhouse please signup here.


Adopt-a-garden: 32 Ave Traffic Circle (6)

If you can volunteer to help weed, prune and nurture the gardens inside the traffic circle signup here!


Adopt-a-garden: 24th Ave Traffic Circle (6)

If you can volunteer to help weed, prune and nurture the gardens inside the traffic circle signup here!


Adopt-a-garden: 36th Ave Traffic Circle (6)

If you can volunteer to help weed, prune and nurture the gardens inside the traffic circle signup here!

2 of 6 slots filled
Marilyn Wilson
Paul Bryden

Flood Mitigation Lobby (20)

If you would like to be contacted to send a letter to the province when it would be most helpful in order to encourage flood mitigation for Elbow Park signup here!

1 of 20 slots filled
Lisa Hynes

Vice President

If you would like to ease into the position of President of the Elbow Park Board, start in the Vice President position. Once the President resigns you step in to fill their shoes!

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