prairie sports

Winter Sports Banquet

Please join us for the Prairie winter sports banquet

THURSDAY- MARCH 14, 2019 6:00 PM 

Sloppy Joes will be provied.

Date: 03/14/2019 (Thu.)

Time: 6:00pm MDT

Location: Aux gym

Created by:   Melissa Ruppel

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Hambuger Buns (8ct) (24)
  All slots filled
Timothy Rhode (2)
roger littlefield (2)
Roz Long (2)
Danielle Mertens
Jody Shipman (5)
Jaylyn Holzworth
Sarah Chase (2)
Jennifer Dollerschell
Tina Dunston
Danielle Crispin (2)
Rene Kugler
Diane Baker
Madison Stewart-March (2)
janell sutter
multipack chip (18 ct) (12)
  9 of 12 slots filled
roger littlefield
Danielle Cass
Erin Butler
Tina Dunston
Barbara Mais
Stacy Pollart
Danielle Crispin
Rachel Warboys
Sheena Hayes
Oreos (any flavor) (15)
  All slots filled
Michael Lebsock (2)
Danielle Mertens
Jody Shipman (2)
Suzy Lindell (2)
Taya Northrup
Sarah Chase
Erin Butler
Beth Doll
Jennifer Dollerschell
Tina Dunston
Chris Dollerschell
Daniel Jaeger
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Guest Count:    Confirmed: 127     Maybe: 0

YES (30) -  

janell sutter (5 guests)

Madison Stewart-March (4 guests)

Diane Baker (6 guests)

Meghan Scott (2 guests)

Sheena Hayes (4 guests)

Rachel Warboys (5 guests)

Rene Kugler (4 guests)

Danielle Crispin (4 guests)

Daniel Jaeger (9 guests)

Chris Dollerschell (3 guests)

Barbara Mais (2 guests)

Stacy Pollart (4 guests)

Tina Dunston (5 guests)

Jennifer Dollerschell (5 guests)

Samantha Mahaffey (5 guests)

Beth Doll (3 guests)

Andrea Boydston (3 guests)

Erin Butler (3 guests)

Danielle Cass (2 guests)

Sarah Chase (5 guests)

Jaylyn Holzworth (2 guests)

Taya Northrup (4 guests)

Suzy Lindell (3 guests)

Jody Shipman (9 guests)

Stacy Schock (5 guests)

Danielle Mertens (6 guests)

Michael Lebsock (4 guests)

Roz Long (4 guests)

roger littlefield (4 guests)

Timothy Rhode (3 guests)