OPES Angel Tree

Orchard Park Angel Tree

Looking for a way to give back this holiday season? Spread joy by helping our Orchard Park students and their families enjoy a Merry Christmas. Simply sign up for an Angel, or Angels, and follow the instructions below. Clothing and wish list items are merely suggestions provided by Angel family members and not meant to imply you should complete the list. Your generosity and continued support of this program is immensely appreciated.

  • Deadline to have gifts at OPES (take to front office): Friday, December 14, the earlier the better
  • New items only
  • Do Not Wrap Gifts
  • Place gifts in any type grocery/shopping bag and label with NUMBER & LETTER (uppercase or lowercase)
  • Include roll of wrapping paper if possible
Created by:   Cathy Kowalski
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Available Slot

1A, boy age 6

size 7 shirt/pant/coat, size 1 shoes

Lisa Heitzmann

1B, girl age 3

size 4T shirt/pant/coat, size 10 shoes

Amy Johnson

1a, boy age 6

PS3 game, skates, board games, likes blue, likes basketball

Lisa Heitzmann

1b, girl age 3

barbies, coloring books, learning books, games

Heather Stout

2A, boy age 6

size 6 shirt/pant/coat, size 13 shoes

Chelsea Charles

2a, boy age 6

16" bike, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, likes baseball, playing outside

Megan Pavlovic

2B, boy age 3

size 5T shirt/pant/coat, size 11 shoes

Heather Stout

2b, boy age 3

12" bike, Paw Patrol, PJ masks, likes football, hunting & fishing

Aimee Carlotto

2C, boy age 1

size 2T shirt/pant/coat, size 6 shoes

Danielle Campolo

2c, boy age 1

ride on toy, blocks, light up toys,

Danielle Campolo

3A, boy age 9

size 10/Large shirt/pant/coat, size 6.5 shoes

Maria Wilson

3a, boy age 9

Legos, action figures, nerf toys, slime, remote cars, art supplies, like color blue

Maria Wilson

3B, girl age 8

size 8/Medium shirt/pant/coat, size 5

Rhiannon Chance

3b, girl age 8

Shopkins, Easy-Bake Oven, Barbies, slime, play-doh, likes pink

Jennifer Schreiber

3C, girl age 5

size 4/5 shirt/pant/coat, size 12 shoes

Amy Johnson

3c, girl age 5

Shopkins, Barbies, slime, play-doh, LOL Dolls, legos, likes pink

Caryn Johnson

6A, boy age 10

size 12/14 shirt/pant/coat, size 6.5-7 shoes

Tami Roberts

6a, boy age 10

Star Wars, Minecraft books, Army toy set, Stormtrooper anything

Tami Roberts

7A, boy age 9

size 16/18 shirt, 16 pant, 18 coat, size 7 shoes

Lauren Rabb

7a, boy age 9

video games, Legos, board games, likes Steelers football, playing & reading

Lisa Church

7B, boy age 11

size 14/16 shirt, size 12 pants, size 16/18 coat, size 8 shoes

Karen Barnes Dineley

7b, boy age 11

video games - Madden 19, XBoxOne, Legos, likes Panthers football, reading & playing

Kim Hedrick

5A, boy age 7

size 9/10 shirt, size 8/9 pants, size 9 coat, size 3.5 shoes

Michelle Gras

5a, boy age 7

games, Panthers football, likes colors green & blue

Jules Lewis

8A, girl age 9

size L shirt, size 14/16 pants, size 14/16 coat, size 6 shoes

Lyndsey Hastings
Lyndsey Hastings

8a, girl age 9

LOL doll, nail set, purse or backpack, "girly stuff", likes pink

Lyndsey Hastings
Lyndsey Hastings

8B, girl age 7

size M shirt, size 10/12 pants, size 10/12 coat, size 5 shoes

Danielle Campolo

8b, girl age 7

LOL doll, Barbies & Barbie clothes, American girl doll, nail set, "girly stuff", likes pink & blue

Danielle Campolo

9A, girl age 9

size 10/12 shirt, size 10 slim/skinny pants, size 10 coat, size 3.5 shoes

Paul Allwes

9a, girl age 9

Dolls, anything girly, likes making slime & cheerleading

Kim Hedrick

9B, boy age 11

size 7/8 shirt, size 10 slim pants, size 8 coat, size 2.5 shoes

Susan Sigsbee

9b, boy age 11

cars, loves technology things, likes green

Susan Sigsbee

9C, boy age 10

size 10/12 shirts/pant/coat, size 5.5 shoes

Lucia Rodriguez Magdaleno

9c, boy age 10

anything, likes colors red & black

Kim Hedrick

9D, boy age 8

size 8 shirt/pant/coat

Holly del Campo

9d, boy age 8

anything, likes color red

Renata Herfurth

9E, boy age 5

size 5/6 shirt, size 6 pants, size 6 coat, size 13.5 shoes

Leah Chriss

9e, boy age 5

cars, anything sports, likes Panthers football, likes red

Leah Chriss

9F, girl age 7

size 7 shirt, size 6/7 pants, size 7 coat, size 2 shoes

Danielle Campolo

9f, girl age 7

Dolls, anything girly, likes making slime, likes purple

Danielle Campolo

9G, boy age 6

size 6/7 shirt and pants, size 8 coat,

Libby Egan

9G, boy age 6


Lori Flynn

10A, boy age 7

size 8 shirt and pants, size M coat, size 1 shoes

Karen Barnes Dineley

10a, boy age 7

Legos, cars, books, likes Barcelona soccer team, hobbies are soccer/basketball

Carolyn Wray

10B, girl age 11

size 8 shirt and pants, size M coat, size 1 shoes

Deb Rapa

10b, girl age 11

unicorns, puzzles, likes Barecelona soccer, likes pink & black

Nichol Druckemiller

10C, boy age 17

size M shirt, size 31 skinny pants, size M/L coat, size 9 choes

Erin Lawwill

10c, boy age 17

socks, underwear (see 10C for sizes), likes Barcelona soccer, hobbies are technology & design

Erin Lawwill

11A, boy age 7

size 6/7 shirt, size 7 pants, size 1 shoes

Connie Waldrop
Connie Waldrop

11a, boy age 7

remote control car, football, football toys/games

Connie Waldrop
Connie Waldrop

12A, boy age 6

size 7/8 shirt, size 7 pants, size 7/8 coat, size 1 shoes

Danielle Campolo

12a, boy age 6

planes, nerf toys, play dough, remote control cars, ninja turtles

Danielle Campolo

12B, girl age 13

size Jr. M/9 shirt, size Jr. 9 pants, size L coat, size 6y shoes (nothing pink please)

Pam Masek

12b, girl age 13

anything art or music related, likes drawing and soccer (nothing pink please)

Pam Masek

14A, girl age 10

size 14/16 girls shirt, size 16/18 girls pant, size 9 shoes

Kelley Macdonald

14a, girl age 10

art supplies, slime, nail spa, ipad, scooter, learning games, Chrome Book

Libby Egan

14B, girl age 8

size 10/12 shirt/pant/coat, size 4.5 - 5 shoes

Jennifer Goggans
Jennifer Goggans

14b, girl age 8

ipod, reborn baby doll, slime, Barbie dolls, karaoke microphone, LOL dolls, drum set

Jennifer Goggans
Jennifer Goggans

14C, girl age 5

size 7/8 shirt, size 8/10 pants, size 7/8 coat, size 2.5 - 3 shoes

Kayce Ford

14c, girl age 5

Newborn baby doll, LOL dolls, doll house, toy phone, scooter, learning books, piano keyboard

Kayce Ford

15A, boy age 8

size 10 shirt and pants, size 10/2 coat, size 4 shoes

Kyla Perey

15a, boy age 8

reading books & activity/learning books (3rd grade) likes football and soccer

Kyla Perey

16A, boy age 7

size 10 shirt/pant/coat, size 5 shoes

Johanna Mugavero

16a, boy age 7

Hot wheels, football, knee length socks (shoe size 5), likes Steelers

Johanna Mugavero

16B, boy age 11

size YL shirt, size 14/16 Y pants, size L coat, size 10 men's shoes

Lisa Payne

16b, boy age 11

Game Stop gift card, ear buds, K-nex, likes Steelers

Lisa Payne

16C, boy age 16

size men's L shirt, size men's XL pants, size men's XL coat, size 11 shoes

Donna Hagler

16c, boy age 16

Game Stop gift card, Foot Locker gift card, likes Steelers

Rebecca Chassie

17A, girl age 10

size 10 shirt, size 12 pant, size 3 shoes

Libby Egan

17a, girl age 10

Creativity set (markers, crayons, etc), Pokemon trading cards, likes pink & purple

Nichol Druckemiller

17B, boy age 8

Pokemon trading cards, Mouse Trap game, Guess Who game, likes red & blue

Melissa Blanchet
Melissa Blanchet

21A, girl age 9

size L shirt, size 6 women's pants, size XL coat, size 8.5 shoes

Liz Mallett

21a, girl age 9

keyboard, karaoke machine, drawing/crafts supplies

Allison Diaz

21B, boy age 8

size L shirt, size 14/16 pants, size L coat, size 8 shoes

Rachael Fussell

21b, boy age 8

drone, nerf toys, board games

Libby Egan

21C, girl age 2

size 3T/4T shirt/pant/coat, shoes 8 (baby)

Kayce Ford

21c, girl age 2

Elmo, Minnie Mouse, kitchen set, learning doll

Kayce Ford

19A, boy age 8

size 7/8 shirt/pants, size 1 shoes

Renata Herfurth

19a, boy age 8

tablet, football, Nikes, likes Panthers

Karen Barnes Dineley

19B, boy age 5

size 5T shirt/pants, size 9 shoes

Elizabeth Mix

19b, boy age 5

tablet, chalkboard, football jersey (Panthers), Nikes

Rachael Fussell

19C, boy age 8

size 7/8 shirt/pants, size 1 shoes

Donna Hagler

19c, boy age 8

tablet, football, anything football related, likes Panthers

Donna Hagler

19D, boy age 16

size L shirts, size 32W34Lpants, size 9.5 shoes

Maria Wilson

19d, boy age 16

Walmart gift card, Nikes, tablet, likes Panthers

Maria Wilson

19E, girl age 12

size Adult L shirts, size Adult L pants, size XL dress coat, size 8.5 shoes (likes sweatsuits, tights, stretchy items)

Melissa Koeman

19e, girl age 12

tablet, make-up, jewelry, Cardi B. poster, likes purple,

Lisa Heitzmann

19F, girl age 17

size Adult L shirt, size 13/14 stretch pants, size 9 shoes

Shana Sigsbee

19f, girl age 17

Walmart gift card, tablet, Nikes

Shana Sigsbee

18A, girl age 11

size 14/16 shirt, size 14 pants, size 14/16 coat, size 8 shoes

Wendy Santwier

18a, girl age 11

arts & crafts supplies, blue laptop

Katie Rutledge

18B, girl age 10

size 14/16 shirts, size 16 pants, size 16 coat, size 8 shoes

Kayce Ford

18b, girl age 10

My Life doll/play set

Kayce Ford

18C, girl age 9

size 10 shirt/pants/coat, size 3-4 shoes

Elizabeth Bagwell

18c, girl age 9

Barbie Doll house, likes dolls & crafts

Marguerite Fourqurean
Grace Fourqurean Homeroom taylor

20A, boy age 11

size Men's M shirt, size 32 pants, size Y-5 shoes, size Adult M coat

Donna Hagler

20a, boy age 11

PS4 games, Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage set, likes Yankees baseball and Panthers,

Deanna Scott

20B, girl age 7

size M shirt, size 7/8 pants, size M coat, size Y13 shoes

Aimee Dambach

20b, girl age 7

LOL dolls, Art set/kit, ipad, loves to draw and paint.

Rachael Fussell

20C, boy age 2

size 2T shirt/pant/coat, size 6 toddler shoes

Kelli Schimpfhauser

20c, boy age 2

drum set, Crayola mess free touch lights stage 2, likes to read with Mom, watch Coco movie

Kelli Schimpfhauser

22A, boy age 7

size 12 shirt, size 10 pants, size 12 coat, size 4 shoes, would like fuzzy PJ's size 12

Erin Martinez

22a, boy age 7

Batman Super Lab, Nerf guns, Pokemon, tablet, likes Magic Tree House books & A-Z Mystery books

Erin Martinez

13A, boy age 8

size 8 shirt/pants/coat, size 3 shoes

Brittany Napolitano

13a, boy age 8

Legos, he has Amazon Fire and would like an Amazon gift card to get books/games

Jennifer Gates

13B, girl age 6

size 6/7 shirt/pants/coat, size 2 shoes

Jarelyn Clark

13b, girl age 6

Dolls, stuffed animals (loves teddy bears), books

Jennifer McAliley

13C, boy age 4

size 4/5 shirt/pants/coat, size Y12 shoes

Maggie Laval

13c, boy age 4

trains, train set, games

Kristy Rossi

13D, girl age 2

size 2T shirt/pant/coat, size 8 toddler shoes

Meredith Bridwell

13d, girl age 2

any toddler toys

Kelli Schimpfhauser

22B, girl age 17

women’s sizes: L shirt, 12 pants, 8 shoes, L coat

Alexis Ravaioli

22b, girl age 17

clothes (see 22B for sizes, organizational things, likes painting and coloring

Anne Goodson

22C, girl age 17

women’s sizes: L shirt, 14 pants, 9.5 shoes, L coat

Alexis Ravaioli

22c, girl age 17

makeup, clothes (see 22C for sizes), organizational items, likes painting

Tyler Keister

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