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St Thomas' Parish Wide

Annual Parish Picnic

Please RSVP for the Annual Parish Picnic, which will be right after the 10:30 Mass on the Grass Service on June 13, 2021. Thank you! 

Date: 06/13/2021 (Sun.)

Time: 10:30am - 1:00pm EDT

Created by:   St. Thomas' Volunteer Team

Will you be attending the event?
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Responses:     Yes: 50     No: 4     Maybe: 0     No Response: 296

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 98     Maybe: 0

YES (50) -  

Sharon Kronstedt (1 guest)

Radcliffe Burt (3 guests)

Beth Panilaitis (2 guests)

wayland rennie (1 guest)

Melanie Day (1 guest)

Suzanne Wren (1 guest)

Joey Durrett (4 guests)

Susie Hudgins (1 guest)

Theresa Faina (2 guests)

Lillian Saadatmand (4 guests)

Peggy Wood (1 guest)

Tim Rhea (2 guests)

Marilyn Rice (2 guests)

Emma McFarlane (4 guests)

Liz Pearce (2 guests)

Carol Valentine (1 guest)

Alice Lumpkin (1 guest)

Donna Throckmorton (3 guests)

Jay Douglas (4 guests)

Sara Dimick (3 guests)
Mason is gluten/dairy free. Thank you!

Kristin Wickersham (1 guest)

Jimmy Hicks (1 guest)

Matt Danielson (4 guests)

Pat Panilaitis (2 guests)

Herbert Jones (2 guests)

Dave Gau (2 guests)

Robert Wyant (4 guests)

Roger Bowers (3 guests)

Ann Fuqua (1 guest)

Kerry Grey (1 guest)

Sara E Coxon (1 guest)

Betsy Scott (1 guest)

Cynthia Miller (1 guest)


Sharon Peck (2 guests)

Edwin Chery (1 guest)

Margaret Grove (1 guest)

Katie Cosby (4 guests)

Vera Meier (2 guests)

Anne Chamberlain (4 guests)

barbara haas (2 guests)

Margaret Woody (1 guest)

Marcia Bracy (1 guest)

Landon Woody (1 guest)

Nan Carmack (2 guests)

Kate Parthemos (2 guests)

Jack Austin (1 guest)

Mary Whittle (1 guest)

Claire Dixon (1 guest)
I have not forgotten my St. T's friends. It will be good to see y'all again. Claire Dixon aka Forest Green Organ Geek

Lane Lenzi (4 guests)

NO (4) +  

NO RESPONSE (296) +  

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