Be The Church Corporate Worship & Serving Event

Be The Church ~ July 14th Project Opportunities

Welcome to Be The Church's central project sign-up list. We are very excited that you are committing to serve our community together with fourteen churches as the larger body of Christ!

Our desire is to see people serving alongside others from different congregations.

Look through the available projects and sign up you and your family members. Each project will tell you how many people are needed and how many spots are still open. Remember to dress  accordingly based upon which project you will serve on.

When you add your name and email address, you will automatically be reminded by email 2 days before the event. You can also change your area of service if you decide to help on a different project. 

Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus!

"Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms." 1 Peter 4:10 NIV

Date: 07/14/2019 (Sun.)

Time: 9:00am - 1:00pm EDT

Location: Depends on Project.

Created by:   Laura Shaw
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Traffic Control - Watch traffic for people around event (10)

Borough Park - traffic vests some road cones

2 of 10 slots filled
Dave Kurtzhals
Carl Harper
Can only help till 11:45 am

Usher to Prayer Meeting at E-Town Mennonite (5)

Coordinator - E. Daniel Martin. Help usher people over to the Sanctuary


Prayer Meeting at E-Town Mennonite

For those who want to pray for the community but are unable to prayerwalk.

1 slot filled - more available
Vernon Witmer

CPOW Team A - Mulching/ Landscaping (10)

Weeding, edging, cleaning up. Two adult leaders needed for 2 teams.

9 of 10 slots filled
Paul Swanger
Sara Miller Sara Miller (2)
Phil Musser
Amy Bryant
1 definite...2 as long as kids "help"
Dick Rutt
Ben Zentner
Anna Jones (2)
2 adults, 2 children

CPOW Team B - Painting / staining (16)

Scraping/ painting stairs; exterior painting and interior. Four adults to lead four teams

10 of 16 slots filled
Josiah Becker (4)
Good's Mennonite
Alex Schaller
Andy Myers (4)
Paula Hynum

CPOW Team C - Cleaning and organizing (8)

Organizing clothing bank and top part of barn. 2 adult leaders needed.

All slots filled
Josiah Becker (8)
Good's Mennonite

CPOW Team D - House cleaning (6)

Mop floors, vacuum, empty trash. 2 adult leaders needed.

All slots filled
John Garns
Mike Schriver
Jim Stauffer
Jane Stauffer
Leisa Leber
Nancy Musser

Naaman Center: Landscaping Mulching (20)

4600 E Harrisburg Pike, ETown. Coordinator: Jeff Erikson. bring: work gloves, wheelbarrows, rakes, shovels/pitchforks, hedge trimmers, weed whackers, kraft bags for waste

18 of 20 slots filled
Adam Forry (2)
1 adult, 1 child
Stephanie Fry
Dan Fry
Frank Herrmann (2)
Bryan E (3)
Jim Hershey (2)
Shirl will be along also
Erik Eberz (2)
Bill Weaver (2)
+ Jim Grob
Joe Huerter
Deb Jones
And Rick Jones
Dave And Abby Mauger

Naaman Center - tree/brush trimming/removal (6)

Coordinator Jeff Erikson. Bring: work gloves, heavy duty branch trimmers.

All slots filled
Tim Taylor (3)
Daniel Dows
Ron Kratz
Doug Heisey

Cleaning at Kraybill Mennonite School - 598 Kraybill Church Rd, Mount Joy, (8)

Coordinators: Michelle and Eric Mann

All slots filled
Sara Wingert
Sam Kibler
Liz Heisey (4)
Neil, Liz, Logan, Abigail & Reuben
Jim Heisey
Gloria Heisey

Brownies For Community Workers (16)

Pick up brownies at E-Town BIC and deliver to people who are working in the community with a message of God's love and care for them. Coordinator Terry Olko. Four groups of 4.

All slots filled
Fran Coletti (4)
I will have my3 grandchildren with me and will use my car to make deliveries
holly hess (4)
Me and my guys :)
Nelson/Connie Bechtold
Drew Shumaker (3)
+Megan and Larissa
Marc Hershey
+1 adult & 2 kids
David & Renee Hernley
Kate Ferrari
Karen Carlson

Artist Outreach Project - Painting in the Park (10)

Down Town Square - or Park; People doing fine arts to glorify God

9 of 10 slots filled
Barb Keener
Annie Strickler
I do Plein Air oil painting. I will do it in the park.
Bill,Michelle, Sienna Brooks (3)
tony bonazzi
Donald Lamb
I will have a large painting
Josiah Graybill (2)
& Rachel Mast

MCC Gift and Thrift Mount Joy - Sorting Donations (8)

413 W Main Street, Mount Joy. Coordinator: Marcy Hess, Megan Hess

All slots filled
Heidi Risser (4)
Marilyn Keener
Lois Zeiset
Kim Forry
Trace Forry

Market House Apartments - Help lead worship service, visit in lobby area. (3)

Visitation. 41 S Poplar St, Elizabethtown. Coordinators Dennis & Susan Teets

All slots filled
Ann Place
Bonnie Schmidt
Erin Hodgson
2 adults and 3 kiddos total

Manor Care Visitation (15)

Sing and visit with Manor Care Folks

All slots filled
Nancy Shaub (4)
Karen Hampton, Pat Hampton & Judy Hixon
Mel Weaver
Sonya Penya (8)
Horeb and Sonya Penya And 6 youth
Colleen Slade (2)
Colleen and Kay

Juniper Village - visit in lobby area, children welcome, small dogs w/ papers also welcome. (12)

Visitation. 607 Hearthstone Ln, Mount Joy. Coordinator: Jane Dows

All slots filled
Ashley Watson (4)
1 adult, 3 children
Monica Cleary (2)
Selena Hixon (4)
Melanie Ellis (2)

Paramount Senior Living (formerly Longwood Manor) (8)

Visitation: visit people in rooms or attend worship service with residents/visit afterwards. 2760 Maytown Road, Maytown. Coordinator: Jane Dows.

All slots filled
Lorraine Singer
Shelly Henry
Maribeth Matthews
Mary Miller
Ann Marie Bowman
Kathy Kinard
Dan & Nancy Eaby
Ilene Bigoy

MCC Hygiene Kits At E-BIC GYM (30)

Meet at EBIC gym: 996 E High St, Elizabethtown. Coordinator: Juli Rairigh. ? Donations of medium-weight, dark or bright-colored hand towels (16”x26”) and wide-toothed combs (6”-8” long) accepted through June 30 – drop off at EBIC

All slots filled
Nancy Graham
Peggy Warren
Joy Weaver (5)
2 adults, 3 children
Lois Weaver
Thomas Grosh IV (2)
1 Adult (Tom), 1 Child (Lily)
Corrie Kruft (4)
Jay & Sue Zellers (2)
Jill Musser (4)
Marilyn Miller (2)
1 adult, 1 child
Terry Shumaker
Gary Weaver (2)
Cindie Zook
Raymond Stuart (4)
2 adults, 3 children

North Star: Making Freezer Meals (6)

Coordinator Kathy Anderson. Will meet in private residence to prepare meals. Cash donations accepted for grocery purchase.

All slots filled
Todd And Monica Hooper (2)
Nancy Phillippe
Bobbi Bartch
Loretta Nissley
Dan Anderson

Car Wash - (Grades 7-12 encouraged) (20)

At Fulton Bank in front of Kmart: 1641 South Market St. Coordinator: Bryan Kuntz

All slots filled
James Phillippe
Jeff Phillippe
Dave Merkt (3)
Dave, Kathy and Chloe
Amanda Torres
Jeanne Ippolito (4)
Tim Ainsley (2)
Sheila Wynn (3)
Megan Conley (2)
And Michael Joseph
Brenda Phillips (3)

Wash Police Vehicles (15)

Wash Vehicles at E-Town Borough Police Station

All slots filled
Kristin Messick (4)
2 kids, 2 adults
Melissa Risser (5)
2 adults 3 children
Tessa Torborg (5)
2 adults, 3 children
Joe Stecz
+ 1 my wife Betsy

Global Aid Network (GAIN) - 6 sewing machines needed. (20)

5-6 Sewing 10-15 Cutting patterns. Meet at EBIC: 996 E High St, Elizabethtown. Coordinator: Janelle Messick. Needs: material (CLEAN/WASHED - flannel and terrycloth/towels) thread, sewing mats, rotary cutters, scissors

19 of 20 slots filled
Lynn Hubler
Marge Myers
Theresa Grosh
Bringing a sewing machine :-)
Paula Shoup
I will bring my sewing machine
Harmonie Bassette
I’ll bring my sewing machine and some sea foam green terry cloth towels to donate
Melodie Shumaker
I have a sewing machine.
Jenna Kline
Jenna and Edwynn, will bring sewing machine, thread
Darlene Wingert
I can bring scissors .
Carrie Nicklas (3)
Can bring sewing machine
Deb Garrett
Will bring towels, thread
Lolly Kratz (2)
Can bring 1 sewing machine
Diane Price
Diane Kurtzhals
Ellie Ainsley
Sherrie Ainsley
Lori Walmer

Trellis House (Jewel David Ministries) Yard work - trimming bushes, weeding, mulching. (4)

Meet at 153 E High St, Elizabethtown. Bring your own tools: rakes, shovels, bush trimmers. Coordinator: Michelle Heffner

All slots filled
Josiah Becker (4)
Good's Mennonite

Prayer Walk Toward The Square of E-Town (40)

Break up in groups of two and three and pray the town

3 of 40 slots filled
Danwe NDikwe
Rocky Gammone (2)
(Plus 3 kids)

Prayer Walk Toward St. Pauls and Mount Calvary (40)

Break up in groups of two and three and pray the town

4 of 40 slots filled
Stephanie Slade (3)
+ 2 children
Kimberly Horst
Kimberly Horst

Prayer Walk Toward The College and High School (40)

Break up in groups of two and three and pray the town

17 of 40 slots filled
Tony And Angela Beard (4)
2 adults, 2 children
Karen Keener (2)
Faye Fittery (2)
Hannah Zeiset
Gail Viscome
Julee Owlett (7)

E-town Downtown Borough Planters: Mulching and weeding (15)

Planters next to downtown parking lots

12 of 15 slots filled
Jim Shrum
Scotty Miller (5)
Scotty Miller’s (5)
Nancy Huerter
Brenda Sievers (2)
Norm Smith (2)
Bukhosi Ndlovu

E-town Train Station Painting Crew for Parking Bollards (10)

Paint Black Bollards at E-town Train Station - gloves/ brushes

All slots filled
Julie Salin
Carol Farmer
Scott Boyer
Toni Boyer
Nick Ressler
Gus Greer
Pat Patterson
Nicole Robinson (3)
Adult and 12 & 15 y.o.

E-town Train Station Team A - Mulching and weeding (30)

All slots filled
Donald Miller
Dan and June Simmons (2)
Sue Klinger
John Benner
Stephanie Slade (3)
+ 2 children
David Robinson (3)
Adult and 15v& 12 year old
Joan Crick (4)
1 adult and 3 kids
Neil Martin (4)
Nancy & Ray Husband (2)
Fiona Van Winkle (5)
Scott Carlson
Missy Tyson (3)
2 kids

E-town Train Station Team B - Trimming Bushes (10)

Bring cordless trimmers (need to be somewhat experienced)

5 of 10 slots filled
Daniel Keener
David Robinson
Bobby Crick
Mike Reaggs
Joy Oberholser

E-town Park Fun Fort Team A - Mulching Fun Fort (75)

Gloves helpful

57 of 75 slots filled
Richard Place
Anita Toland
Alan Groff
Jeff Bollinger
Stan Kinard
Barbara R.A. Clark
Barbara L. Clark
Lonnie Kopcha (3)
1 adult, 2 kids
Courtney Fuoti (4)
2 adults 2 kids
Jeff Martin (3)
Dan Klinger
Terry Amig (13)
Amig Life Group
Kelly Zeager (5)
2 adults, 3 kids
Steve Hilsher (3)
Corey Kimble (4)
My 3 sons and me
Katina Musser (4)
1 adult / 3 kids
Skip McElhenny (5)
Hunter Stewart
Possibly 2 more
Chris Wagner (2)
Bryan Miller (2)

E-town Park Fun Fort Team B - Staining Fun Fort (50)

Bring gloves and paint brushes

38 of 50 slots filled
Harry Strickler
Scott Gochenaur
plus 1 child
Jennifer Gochenaur (2)
1 adult, 1 teen
Kayla Unger
Keenan Price
Todd Roush (4)
Randy Shoup
Tiffany Walters
Charles Hartman
Brian Harper
Pam Grosh
Wayne Heisey (4)
Sara Patterson (8)
Patterson family
John Stein
Nancy Barnett
Elizabeth H
Joe Keener (2)
1 adult, 1 child
Nikki Patterson Family (5)
Michael mears

Children’s Fun Tent at Park Street Chapel - Games, Prizes, Crafts, Fun, Story (25)

Coordinator Peter Ogilvie: Need helpers to run games, crafts, refreshments, crowd control, etc. This is a support to our churches as well as an outreach into the surrounding neighborhood. Children K-5th grade: drop off only for church worker's children.

All slots filled
Josiah Becker (2)
Good's Mennonite
Willy Keener
Ginger Wayde (4)
Steve, Ginger, Molly, Ruby
Hannah and Olivia Jablonski (2)
Mike Vandervalk
Jen Robinson (2)
Joyce Hilsher
Teresa Weaver
Bev Graybill
Paula Hynum
Ruth Hynum
Mark Estes (2)
Naomi mast (3)
+ 2 others
MJ Bresch (2)
Kelly Barlow
Beth Wagner
plus 2 kids

E-town Park Team A - Monster Truck; Stain/ seal (5)

Borough Park Fun Fort

All slots filled
Kate Hynes (2)
Plus 2 children
Kimberly Robles
Chris Raybold (2)
2 adults, 2 kids

E-town Park Team B - Bouncy House (6)

Watch over Bouncy House at Borough Park

5 of 6 slots filled
Josh Miller (2)
My wife and i
Robert Allen (2)
My daughter (22 yrs) and I.
Roni Masters

E-town Park Team C - Misc. seal/stain (10)

Borough Park - Bring gloves and brushes


E-Town Park Team D - Playground mulch Area (Down by creek) (10)

Borough Park - coal shovel / rakes/ pitchfork

All slots filled
Kimberly Fernald (3)
2 adults 1 child
Ed and Maria Jablonski (2)
Scott Nagle (5)
Nagles ... Lifegate

E-Town Borough Paint Team A - Paint Black posts for parking meters (20)

Down Town Market Street - gloves/ brushes

15 of 20 slots filled
Denny Griest (2)
Leah Sintic (2)
2 adults, plus 2 children
Tony Ellis (2)
David Ellis
Carrie Nicklas
Mike Robinson (4)
Amanda Martin (2)
2 Adults/2 Kids
Paul Mehesy (2)

E-Town Borough Paint Team B -Paint Black posts for parking meters (20)

Down Town Market Street - gloves and paint brushes

9 of 20 slots filled
Sam Zeiset
Steve Keener
Jim Dunnings (2)
Linda Swanger
Lois Weaver
Sharon Ginder (2)
Justin Dunnings

E-Town Borough Paint Team C - Paint Black posts for parking meters (20)

Down Town Parking Areas -- Library Rear Etc. - gloves and paint brushes

8 of 20 slots filled
Ron Wenger
Benjamin Emery
Barry Horst
Gilbert Groff (2)
Ryan Richards (2)
2 kids
Kimberly Horst
Erin Horst

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