R-S Middle School Spring Teacher Supper

February 12th, 2019, RSMS Parent Teacher conference

Every semester the Roland-Story PTO likes to provide a supper for our teachers and staff during conferences.  We depend on volunteers to bring food and other items in to make this possible.

This spring conference night at the middle school is on Tuesday, February 12th.  We will be serving soups, breads, meats, and cheeses.  You may bring cold or dry items at anytime to the office (a lot of kids just drop it off for their parents) and hot items started at 2:30 pm when school gets out.  Any item can be picked up at the school at 7:30 pm that night or the next day.  Please label the items you want back with your name and phone number.  This helps me tremendously in returning items to the correct person!  

Thank you so much for your willingness to support our teachers during conferences and for your help in providing an item for this supper.

This is a lot of information, but please feel free to email or text me with any questions.

Angie Schnurstein

[email protected]


Date: 02/12/2019 (Tue.)

Time: 2:30pm - 7:30pm CST

Location: Roland-Story Middle School

Created by:   Angie Schnurstein

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Case of water
Sarah Town
24 forks
Sibyl Brunscheon
24 spoons
Sibyl Brunscheon
24 large paper plates
Nicole Jonas
24 small paper plates
Nicole Jonas
24 bowls
Nicole Jonas
24 napkins
Sibyl Brunscheon
Chicken pot pie (soup) - Angie Schnurstein
Soup in crock pot/slow cooker (with liner)
Jennifer Holdredge
Cheesy Broccoli and Wild Rice Soup
Soup in crock pot/slow cooker (with liner)
Sara Truesdell
Marissa Vermeer
Jess Berggren
Cut up fruit bowl/plate
Cut up veggies (at least 2 kinds)
Katie Bangert
Veggie dip
Jessica Blomberg
12 dinner rolls
Tami Corcoran
16 biscuits (2 packages of refrigerated biscuits, baked)
Tami Corcoran
Cheese plate or 1 pound of sliced cheese
Jennifer Hendrian
Meat plate or 2 pounds of sliced ham
Katie Thorson
Amber Hoskins
Squeeze mayonaise
Amber Hoskins
Box of Saltine crackers or bag of oyster crackers
Malinda Warwick
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Sara Truesdell (1 guest)

Jessica Blomberg (1 guest)

Jennifer Hendrian (1 guest)

Sibyl Brunscheon (1 guest)

Malinda Warwick (1 guest)

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