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The Wellesley Cotillion January 5, 2019 - Parent/Guardian Volunteer Sign-Up Page

The Wellesley Cotillion is an elegant evening for high school juniors and seniors that reside in Wellesley and/or attend Wellesley High School. In keeping with the 75+ year Cotillion tradition, students are asked to dress for the occasion, go through a traditional receiving line, greet parent chaperones, and introduce their dates.

We invite interested Parents & Guardians, through this Sign-Up page, to help us prepare for this spectacular event and to support our 800 young adults as they arrive en masse at one of our two transportation sites: Wellesley High School or the Yawkey Club of Roxbury. Our guests will check-in, queue up for the luxury bus ride into Boston University, drop their coats and personal items at Coat Check, enjoy themselves at the event, and re-board buses for the return trip home. We will need many, many, capable hands for this endeavor. A sense of humor, a willingness for adventure, and a positive attitude are a must. Past years' volunteer efforts were simply amazing. This event is one of the best times you'll ever spend in support of our sons and daughters. To see the sheer joy on their faces during this magical evening and to spend time with other mothers, fathers, and caring adult mentors is both rewarding and uplifting. Please consider volunteering in one or more of the various ways below. We encourage you to volunteer with a friend or spouse so please consider recruiting someone (or two!) to join you.  

We will be hosting a very important meeting for Cotillion Parent Volunteers on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019 at 7pm in the Wellesley High Cafeteria. Please plan to attend as this will be the best way to understand what your job entails and how it critically dovetails with the work of other volunteers.  We’ll also be able to answer any questions you may have.

This planning meeting is for ALL adults volunteering on the evening of Cotillion: WHS Registration, Yawkey Club Organizers, Security Chaperones, Facilitators at WHS, Bus Chaperones, Cotillion (Metcalf Hall) Chaperones, Coat Check Volunteers, Photographers, and our Doctors & Nurses.    

When you sign-up for a volunteer slot, please add your email & cell phone info in the comment box. BY selecting a quantity of "2" slots, you can sign up yourself & a spouse or yourself & a friend at the same time. When signing up 2 people at once, please enter both names, both emails & both cell phone #'s in the comment box. Your corresponding Committee Chairperson will contact you to confirm the date of the Planning Meeting at WHS and to also share role descriptions, spreadsheets, and logistical information for the event.  

Cotillion Attire for Adults:

  • All chaperones & volunteers: Please wear black top/black bottom or similar. 
  • Receiving Line chaperones - To be coordinated separately by our Co-Chairs: Attire is "elegant evening" for women & "suit and tie" for men. Black tie optional. Please contact Stacy and/or Gina if you'd like to be considered as a receiving line chaperone. 


2019 Cotillion Committee


Date: 01/05/2019 (Sat.)

Location: CHECK-IN & BUS LOADING - Wellesley High, 50 Rice St. EVENT VENUE - The Metcalf Hall Ballroom at Boston University's George Sherman Union Building, 775 Commonwealth Ave, Boston

Created by:   Annie Cohen
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Available Slot

Event Photographer (5)

6:00-11:00PM. Help capture the memories. Lots of options for anyone willing to get involved. Ride a bus to/from the event. Take your own car. Your choice.

1 of 5 slots filled
Eric Cohen

Yawkey Club Coordinator

6:30-11:00PM. Facilitate the safe travel of our guests that live in & around Boston. Meet, check-in, chaperone, & travel to/from the Yawkey Club of Boston (115 Warren Street, Roxbury) and the Cotillion with our Boston Guests.

Tinea Rochelle

Yawkey Club Bus Chaperone

6:10-11:00PM. Depart WHS on the 6:15PM Volunteer Bus, stay on that bus, travel to the Yawkey Club to pickup our guests that live in & around Boston. Work with the Yawkey Club Parent Coordinator to greet, check-in, and chaperone Boston guests to/from BU

Tinea Rochelle

Bus Chaperone (34)

6:30-11:45PM. Arrive at WHS by 6:30PM. Chaperone with 1 other adult on a bus to/from Boston. Once you passengers are safely at the event, you are free to go and enjoy a relaxing dinner in Boston. Please return to BU by 9:45PM to help as needed.


WHS Registration Co-Chairs (2)

5:45-7:45pm - Organize the "Front of House" - Coordinate with Annie Cohen


WHS Registration (14)

6:00-7:30PM. Help check-in our most treasured guests at the registration tables in the WHS lobby

All slots filled
Denise Grossi
[email protected]; 617-504-5088
ginger braccia (2)
Mary Cook
[email protected] 617-320-1121
Ashley Althoff
[email protected]; 781-771-8825
Amy Leibowitz
[email protected], 7812231726
Larry Shind
[email protected] 781-856-8821
Nina Kohnen
Kari Culhane
Kate Wallis
[email protected] 781-296-6213
Victoria Ostler
781-400-9472 [email protected]
katey goehringer
[email protected], 617 968 1114
Jessica Fixler
Suzanne Fletcher
[email protected] 857-205-9034

WHS Facilitators - EARLY SHIFT (24)

6:15-8:00PM. Facilitate the arrival at WHS and safe departure by luxury bus of our 800 Cotillion guests.

3 of 24 slots filled
Michael Grossi
[email protected]; 617-480-9389
John and Marisa Maconga (2)
[email protected], 781-864-7242, [email protected], 781-343-1776

WHS Bus Loading Co-Chairs (2)

5:45-7:45pm - Oversee the loading of the coach buses at WHS - - Coordinate with Annie Cohen



6:15-8:00PM. Be our eyes out front at WHS as guests arrive &/or out back as we load the buses to Cotillion. Bundle up as this is a chilly but fun post!


WHS: Doctor or Nurse on Duty - EARLY SHIFT (2)

6:15-8:00PM. We'll discreetly set you up in the WHS Office. Be ready to support as needed.


Coat Check Co-Chair (2)

Lead the coat check process & coordinate coat-check volunteers

All slots filled
Patti Quigley
[email protected] 781-771-1219
Krisann Miller

Coat Check Volunteer @ Metcalf Hall (25)

6:10-11:00PM - Ride the ADULT BUS to/from the Venue. Departs from WHS at 6:15PM sharp & returns back to WHS after the event.

5 of 25 slots filled
Sarah Smith
[email protected] 808-652-8195
Peter McMahan
[email protected] ; 781-789-1080
Leo Hermacinski
Liz Rogers
[email protected], 781.789.5958
Jim Miller

BU Outdoor Chaperones (6)

7:15-11:00PM. Be our eyes out front at BU as guests arrive. Go enjoy dinner in town and then come back to BU to help load the buses "home" to WHS and The Yawkey Club. Bundle up as this is a chilly but fun post! Luxury Coach provided to/from BU.


"Cotillion" Chaperones - Metcalf Hall Ballroom (14)

6:10-11:00PM. NEW this year! Luxury Coach service provided to/from the event for ALL Venue Chaperones. Meet at WHS by 6:10PM & board the ADULT BUS to BU. Chaperone at the event. Venue Co-Chairs create a rotating schedule that provides variety & down-time.


Metcalf Hall: Doctor or Nurse on Duty (2)

7:15-10:45PM. We'll discreetly set you up in a private space at the venue and be ready to support as needed. Ride the ADULT BUS if you choose. Departs from WHS at 6:15PM & returns back to WHS after the event.


BU Bus Loading Co-Chairs (2)

9:30-10:30pm - Oversee the loading of the coach buses at BU - - Coordinate with Kathy Baker


WHS Facilitators - LATE SHIFT (6)

10:15-11:45PM. Facilitate the return of guests & buses arriving back at WHS and the safe departure from WHS of our tired but happy Cotillion guests.

3 of 6 slots filled
Deborah Brown
[email protected], 508-397-4394
Martha Collins
[email protected], (617) 905-8551
Abbie Goodman
[email protected] 617-365-3818

WHS Security Chaperone - LATE SHIFT (2)

10:15-11:45PM. Be our eyes out back at WHS as buses unload &/or out front at WHS as guests depart.


WHS: Doctor or Nurse on Duty - LATE SHIFT (2)

10:15-11:45PM. We'll discreetly set you up in the WHS Office. Be ready to support as needed.


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