Southern Tropics

Love the Locals - Potluck & BBQ - June 8th

All are welcome! Bring your family and pickleball friends.

Hamburgers & hot dogs will be provided. Feel free to bring other drinks and dishes. Come play some pickleball or just relax and enjoy the afternoon.

Challenge play and new academy clinics will be featured. The fun starts at 4:30PM. Meet near the Pro Shop under the white awning. We hope to see you!

Date: 06/08/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 4:30pm EDT

Location: East Naples Community Park

Created by:   Kristine Perez

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Bruce Delventhal (1 guest)

Allie Delventhal (1 guest)
Is there a rain date in case of bad weather?

Gregg Birr (2 guests)

Jill Rogers (1 guest)

Ron Levasseur (2 guests)

Mari Ann Cundall (1 guest)

Marie P (2 guests)

Smitty Smith (2 guests)

Kathy Hudson (1 guest)

Roberta Macchio (1 guest)

Joe Contaldi (2 guests)

Eöle Hein-Glenn (2 guests)
I look forward to it... :-)

Don Fuller (1 guest)

Kathleen Avallone (2 guests)

Teresa Garriotte (3 guests)

Bobby Perrette (2 guests)

Craig McDermott (1 guest)

John Santangelo (1 guest)

Teresa Kennedy (1 guest)

Sue Geibel (1 guest)

Anne Arnold (1 guest)
Mary Kennedy

Rory Hill (1 guest)

Maria Ramos (2 guests)

Pam Broomall (2 guests)

Susan B. (1 guest)

Ed Russell (1 guest)

Tina Carvalho (1 guest)

Jeffrey Moulton (2 guests)

Suzan Grinarml (2 guests)

Bob Knott (1 guest)

Jeff Wolfe (2 guests)

J R Philp (3 guests)

Rich Rekar (2 guests)

Mauricio Ramirez (5 guests)

Rachel Koral (1 guest)

Claudia Ward (2 guests)

Bob Marino (2 guests)
Thanks great idea

Andi Peterson (2 guests)
Will bring macaroni side

Margie Yurewitch Yurewitch (5 guests)

Magda Chang (2 guests)

Britton Taylor (1 guest)

Joan McKnelly (2 guests)
Looking forward to it

Lisa Leblanc (1 guest)

Clay Wilroy (2 guests)

Janet Jurczak (2 guests)

John Athanasopoulos (2 guests)

Mary Anna Parisi (2 guests)

Jan Tingey Tingey (2 guests)

Hans Bolman (3 guests)

Bridget Keator (2 guests)
Watermelon, feta orzo salad

Ryan Reader (3 guests)

John Bamberger (2 guests)

Billie Kirkpatrick (1 guest)
I will bring cowboy beans.

Carol Caefet (2 guests)
Jim and I will certainly be there. I'll be bringing a dessert. Low calorie of

Crystal McDowell (2 guests)
I may have 2 children with me that day ages 6 & 8. Not sure yet.

Kristine Perez (1 guest)

James Nici (2 guests)

JP Spencer (1 guest)

Nancy Haynes (1 guest)

Michael O’Leary (2 guests)

Lorraine. Wolfe (1 guest)

Mary Shea (1 guest)
I have to TBA guest for now

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