May 2019

Works of Mercy Night

Join us for a light dinner, fellowship, and service projects-- making rosaries for the missions, packing lunches for the hungry, making care packages for the homeless, etc.  Friends and family of all ages are welcome! No charge to attend.

(Optional) Feel free to sign up to bring project items from the list below (and we'd be most appreciative if you could drop them off at the parish hall ahead of time--by Tuesday, May 28th)!

Please RSVP by Tuesday, May 28th at noon!

Date: 05/30/2019 (Thu.)

Time: 6:00pm - 7:30pm EDT

Location: St. Irenaeus Parish Hall

Created by:   Cindy Monaghan

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Nutrigrain bars (150) - If you bring a box of 8, indicate "8"
  All slots filled
Cindy Monaghan (8)
Jennifer Foster (24)
Deborah Lampkins (24)
Kristine Ma (94)
Applesauce (or fruit cup) snack size (100) - If you bring a 6-pack, indicate "6"
  All slots filled
Laura Carter (100)
Goldfish crackers (individual packages) (150) - If you bring a 12-pack, indicate "12"
  All slots filled
Annemarie Kammann (24)
Jennifer Donovan (12)
Trish Kangas (114)
Chocolate milk (single-serving non-refrigerated boxes--like Horizon or Organic Valley) (150) - If you bring a 12-pack, indicate "12"
  All slots filled
DeeAnn Bauer (138)
I am completing the milk total
Jennifer Foster (12)
Water bottles (150) - If you bring a case of 24, indicate "24"
  All slots filled
Aubreigh Ulicki (150)
Will bring 5x cases of 32
Apples (50) - How many are you bringing?
  All slots filled
Jackie Lepore (50)
Cookies (single-serving bags) (100) - If you bring a case of 12, indicate "12"
  All slots filled
Cindy Monaghan (28)
Lindsay Conroy (20)
Jennifer Foster (24)
Kleenex (travel size packages) (50) - If you bring a pack of 6, indication "6"
  All slots filled
WoM Group (50)
Wet-ones/hand wipes (individual packages) (150) - How many are you bringing?
  60 of 150 slots filled
Cindy Monaghan (35)
Leslie Dean (25)
Chapstick (50) - How many are you bringing?
  All slots filled
Kathleen Larkin (50)
I will bring 50 chapsticks.
Brownies or cookies (2 dozen homebaked) (5) - This is for our own dinner dessert!
  All slots filled
Mike McDermott
Bringing Thursday evening
Colleen's Bakers (4)
Potato Chips (single-serving bags) (100) - These are for our dinner!
  All slots filled
Kay Kerlin (100)
Responses:     Yes: 34     No: 5     Maybe: 0     No Response: 2

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 63     Maybe: 0

YES (34) -  

Lois Sinnaeve (1 guest)

Rita Law (1 guest)

Jackie Lepore (1 guest)

Marilynn St James (3 guests)

Leslie Dean (4 guests)

Sallie Voorhees (1 guest)

Deborah Lampkins (1 guest)

Jennifer Donovan (2 guests)
Jennifer and Avery Donovan


Jennifer Foster (3 guests)

Pat Witkowski (3 guests)

Lindsay Conroy (4 guests)

Kay Kerlin (1 guest)

Arpita Fernandes (3 guests)

Karen Sobrilsky (2 guests)

Mike McDermott (1 guest)

Barb Rolli (1 guest)

Sue Hund (2 guests)

Janice Dawson (2 guests)

Trish Kangas (3 guests)
Trish Kangas

Jeanne Spiteri (2 guests)

Marilyn Walker (1 guest)

Beverly Mackowski (1 guest)

Toni Allen (1 guest)

Aubreigh Ulicki (2 guests)

Annemarie Kammann (2 guests)

Bob and Barbara Mack (2 guests)

Laura Carter (3 guests)

Patricia A Fisher (2 guests)

Kathleen Larkin (1 guest)

Margaret White (1 guest)

Colleen Steyer (1 guest)
Will sign up for item(s) closer to date

Cindy Monaghan (1 guest)

DeeAnn Bauer (2 guests)

NO (5) +