Meridian Staff Appreciation

Ditch your New Year's resolution for the day

Please send your family's favorite indulgence for the Meridian teachers to enjoy this month! 

Delicious main dishes, comfort food, creamy sides and salads, decadent desserts.   Whatever your family craves as a treat!   Don't feel like cooking?  Place a to go order and prepay at Rudy's or Mellow Mushroom under our names and we will pick it up for you!  Make sure the orders list Amy Havard or Alexia Thex for pick up.

Drop off through carline station tables is really easy. See below for details.

Please deliver food to middle school building anytime between 12:00 and 1:40 PM (no later than please) on Wednesday.  Please keep in mind we have no refrigeration available to us nor a way to keep hot foods warm (unless they are in a crock pot).

There will be 2 table stations collecting food during BOTH carline pick up’s starting at 12:30 until 1:40pm. All food needs to be inside by 1:45 for serving to begin.

If you use Blue and Yellow line.  Please use the Yellow lane to turn into the Senior/Student lot to make a “loop” - we will be waiting for you at the table near the bottom of the lot closest to the M Building.  You will be flagged back into your appropriate line by Staff quickly as needed. 

For Green and Orange line. Please pull into the Orange line initially so we can grab your food at the table station and then merge back into the green as needed.

Please have your donation easily accessible so we can take it from you quickly WITHOUT getting out of your car - but is ok if necessary.

If you arrive early for Primary Dismissal before line starts moving - pull all the way in to your appropriate line and "park" it while you run food into Middle School lobby.

Also -  Any non-perishable foods and items can be dropped off anytime earlier that day as convenient to Middle School Lobby desk.  Crock pot items can be brought earlier in the mid-morning and plugged in for ease of delivery if you can swing it.

If you are donating paper goods or drinks, please be sure to reach out to the committee or drop them off at the front table in the Middle school lobby at least one day before the event. 

Special thanks to our January Hosts:

Amy Havard & Alexia Thex


Please contact the Teacher Appreciation committee with any questions:

Jeanne Batterton -  [email protected]

Marwa Bishr - [email protected]

Jenny Kirchoff - [email protected]

Lynda Chapel - [email protected]

Date: 01/16/2019 (Wed.)

Time: 12:30pm - 1:45pm CST

Location: Meridian Middle School Building

Created by:   Meridian School Partners
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Available Slot

Rudy's To-go orders

1 slot filled - more available
Jennifer Nimerick

Mellow Mushroom To-go orders

2 slots filled - more available
Paul Sims
Jolene Melancon
Large Veg Out ready @ 11:45

$5 Cash Donation to buy outstanding items

Please drop off at school office by Wednesday morning. Or can send via Paypal to [email protected] using "friends/family" option and including "Staff Appreciation" in the comments.

27 slots filled - more available
Rita Wusterhausen
Debi Castro (2)
Kristal Adams
Emily Villalpando
Lisa Neighbors
Utkarsh Dhond
Vinutha Nelogal
Juanita Mascarenhas
Karen Killian
Staff Appreciation
Teresa Emerson (2)
Teresa Emerson - dropping off at school Mon 1/14
Shellie Hayes McMahon (2)
Mario Nunez (2)
sent via PayPal
Laurie Burkhard (2)
Shirisha Koganti (2)
Lara Schauble (2)
Anirudh Venkatesan (2)
Anirudh Venkatesan
Dong Yue
Elizabeth Booth (2)
Delivered 1/15

Delectable Main Dishes (10)

Serves 10-12

9 of 10 slots filled
Julie King
Potato Soup
Alyssa Goss (2)
Diane Czajka
Garlic Lime Chicken
Kristen Myers
Jeanne Batterton
Jian Wu Peng
amy havard
beef stroganoff
Curd Butz
Bavarian Goulash (Alfons Schuhbeck)

Delectable Gluten Free Main Dishes (4)

Serves 10-12

All slots filled
Lynda Chapel
Chicken pot pie
Christina Johansson
Jeanne Batterton
Fried Rice
Lynda Chapel
Sausage balls

Delectable Vegetarian or Vegan Main Dishes (4)

Serves 10-12

All slots filled
Alyssa Goss
Homemade mac and cheese
Sindhuri Nallanchakravartula
Vegetarian rice
Lalitha Doppalapudi
Lemon rice
Jennifer Dinh
Mediterranean Greek pasta salad

Indulgent side dish (10)

Serves 10-12

6 of 10 slots filled
Alyssa Moore
Green chile and cheese rice
Crystal Kruse
7 layer dip and chips
amy havard
green bean casserole
amy havard
broccoli casserole
Marwa Bishr
Amanda O'Jibway
Ranch Bacon Pasta Salad

Indulgent gluten free side dish (4)

Serves 10-12

1 of 4 slots filled
Lynda Chapel
Mac and cheese

Indulgent vegitarian side dish (2)

Serves 10-12

1 of 2 slots filled
Jian Wu Peng
quiche and spanakopia

Special Salad pre-mixed w/ dressing (serves 10-12) (10)

Please bring prepared in a bowl

7 of 10 slots filled
Bethany Elbers (2)
Two large bowls of salad, one Cesar and the other mixed greens
Jeanne Batterton
Broccoli Slaw
Jennifer Dinh
Chopped asian salad
amy havard
baby spinach salad
Ellen Barker
Thai salad (peanut dressing)
Trang Abels
Salad with chicken

Favorite Fruit Salad or Tray (4)

Serves 10-12

All slots filled
Carly Bassett
Karen Fitzgerald
MariClare Gaidsick
Tropical ambrosia
Allison Garza
Fruit tray

Favorite Decadent Dessert (serves 15) (10)

Pies, Cookies, Fudge...anything luscious

All slots filled
Jill Smith
Triple Chocolate bundt cake
Debi Castro
cheesecake bars
Shikha Joshi
Bittersweet chocolate brownies
Noor Alaydie
Middle Eastern Dessert (Basbousa)
Natalie Blankenbaker
3 meringue pies probably 2 chocolate and one lemon.
Christina White
Chocolate chip cookies
Diane Czajka
Chocolate Meringue Pie
Jennifer Walton
Allison Garza
Lisa Matthews
cookie bars

Gluten Free Decadent Dessert (serves 15) (4)

Pies, Cookies, Fudge...anything luscious

All slots filled
Inka Corvus
Amy Linkous
hamsa sankaran
Tangerine-Almond Cake (GF)
Jeanne Batterton
Chocolate Decadence

Favorite Vegan Decadent Dessert (3)

Pies, Cookies, Fudge...anything luscious

All slots filled
Lynda Chapel
Jennifer Bush
Andrea Darby
almond cookies

Water (24pk) (4)

All slots filled
Tapestri Carlson (2)
Lalitha Doppalapudi
Lynda Chapel

12 pk Coke (5)

All slots filled
MariClare Gaidsick
Karen Cisneros
Ann Nwabuzor
Candice Sendejas (2)

12 pk Diet Coke (5)

All slots filled
Lauren Humphrey
Karen Cisneros
Melissa Uribe (2)
Lynda Chapel

12 pk Dr Pepper (4)

All slots filled
Mia Hurtado (2)
Alyssa Moore
Lynda Chapel

Pkg of 50 Lg Plates (4)

All slots filled

Pkg of 50 small dessert plates (4)

All slots filled
Denica Mott (2)
Sara Ignal (2)

Forks - pkg of 20 (10)

All slots filled
Lauren Humphrey
Denica Mott (2)
Amel Montez
Sara Ignal (5)
MC Urban

Spoons - pkg of 20 (10)

All slots filled
Lauren Humphrey
Denica Mott (2)
Amel Montez
Lynda Chapel (6)

Knives - pkg of 20 (10)

All slots filled
Denica Mott (2)
Amel Montez
Lynda Chapel (7)

Package of 100 Napkins (3)

All slots filled
Denica Mott
MC Urban (2)

Red or black round table cloths (15)

6 of 15 slots filled
Denica Mott (2)
MC Urban (4)

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