St. Francis

8th Grade Morning of Fun!

We would like to invite all 8th graders to join us in a morning of fun! We will gather in the pavilion at 8:00am and head over to morning Mass at 8:15am. After Mass we will participate in team building activities and have lunch. Students should be picked up by 12:00pm. 

Date: 08/16/2018 (Thu.)

Time: 8:00am - 12:00pm EDT

Location: St. Francis de Sales Pavilion

Created by:   Kathryn Buzzelli

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8th Grade
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Andrew Griffith
Kellen Ivey
Roland Sturgill
Rocco Rizzo
Calvin Gwinn
Riley Defibaugh
Rachel Brewer
Madison Parker
Mariano Mazzagatti
Haylee Bellak
Evan Hardesty
Emma McGraw
Carter Macko
Lauren Ignazio
Elena Pesut
Lukas Cinko
Riley Peters
Ben Hutchison
Jude Oliver
Mitch Oliver
Frank Bradshaw
Amara Muleba
Jack Schillinger
Gannon Frain
Robert Scalise, III
Nicole Leslie
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Nicole Leslie (1 guest)

Robert Scalise, III (1 guest)

Gannon Frain (1 guest)

Jack Schillinger (1 guest)

Amara Muleba (1 guest)

Frank Bradshaw (1 guest)

Mitch Oliver (1 guest)

Jude Oliver (1 guest)

ryan refe (1 guest)

Ben Hutchison (1 guest)

Robby Klockner (1 guest)

Mary Getzinger (1 guest)

Riley Peters (1 guest)

Lukas Cinko (1 guest)

Mackenzie Wood (1 guest)

Elena Pesut (1 guest)

Kennedy Bray (1 guest)

Lauren Ignazio (1 guest)

Maddy Elsass (1 guest)

Carter Macko (1 guest)

Emma McGraw (1 guest)

Evan Hardesty (1 guest)

Giuliana Ciccarelli (1 guest)

Haylee Bellak (1 guest)

Mariano Mazzagatti (1 guest)

Aislynn McVicker (1 guest)

Moira Patton (1 guest)

Madison Parker (1 guest)

Natalie Pham (1 guest)

Rachel Brewer (1 guest)

Riley Defibaugh (1 guest)

Calvin Gwinn (1 guest)

Rocco Rizzo (1 guest)

Roland Sturgill (1 guest)

Aidan Callahan (1 guest)

Kellen Ivey (1 guest)

Andrew Griffith (1 guest)