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CASA's Santa List for 2018

CASA is once again blessed to join with our sponsors and community to ensure Santa does not forget any foster child in our district. Each sign up is an item that our foster kids specifically asked Santa for this year! This list will be updated daily as the Santa Lists roll in so check back daily and keep the magic alive for kids in foster care! You can sign up for one or more kids! Please have your gift delivered or mailed to our office by December 3rd to give us time to get them wrapped and ready for Santa! We have recently moved offices and are now located across from Fat Daddy's in the Presbyterian Church. If you need directions or if the door is locked you can call us at 479-880-1195. You can also ordered the gift(s) from amazon smiles and have it shipped directly to us and if you do that and pick CASA of the 5th Judicial District as your favorite organization we will also receive part of the proceeds from Amazon! Our shipping address is 400 West Main Street Russellville AR 72801. Thank you to all for once again keeping the magic alive for kids who need it the most! 

Date: 12/03/2018 (Mon.)

Location: CASA Office 400 West Main Street

Created by:   Genney Baker
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Available Slot

1. Teen age 16

skateboard or xbox 360 game

Katherine Robles

2. Girl age 2

Play guitar or baby doll

Aimee Dixon

3. Baby boy age 1


Monica Harris

4. Boy age 2

Light up toys/toys that spin

Aimee Dixon

5. Girl age 12

Kid Tablet or Crochet Kit

Kaylynn Taylor

6. Boy age 5

Spiderman Scooter and Helmet or PJ Mask deluxe figure set

Elizabeth Tullos
Elizabeth Tullos

7. Boy age 4

Big Paw Patrol Fire Truck or Nerf gun rival

Rebecca Sanders

8. Girl age 3

Anything PJ Mask or Paw Patrol

Elizabeth Rehm

9. Boy age 5

Remote Control Car or a Wii


10. Boy age 7

Anything Pokemon or Star Wars

Marisa Bale

11. Boy age 4


Cara Knight
Cara Knight and Brandie Gibbs

12. Girl age 3

My Little Pony

Leslie Black

13. Girl age 12

Earrings/Rose Gold Watch

Heather Shewmake

14. Girl age 4

Baby doll with stroller

Christy Bartlett

15. Boy age 2

LOVES helicopters and big trucks

Sabrina Billey
Sabrina Billey

16. Baby age 1

Play kitchen or table and chair set

Joy Pike

17. Girl age 2

V-Pad or coloring supplies

Leigh Ann Veach

18. Boy age 7


Heather Gipe

19. Girl age 5

Calico Critters House

Amanda Smith
Amanda smith and Amanda Sanborn

20. Teen Boy age 13

Tablet/MP3 player

Joy Pike
Merry Christmas!!

21. Boy age 12

Remote control police car or remote control dinasour

Bailey Blevins

22. Girl age 11

Ice Blue In Stax mini camera or squeezable bubbe pal

Linda Owens

23. Boy age 10

Nintendo Switch or wireless gaming set

Anthony Davis

24. Girl age 4

Mini Mouse upholstered chair or singing mini plush doll

Aubrey Holt
Aubrey Holt

25. Girl age 2

Minnie Mouse upholstered chair or Minnie sing and spin scooter

Cindy Cleveland

26. Boy age 2

Dinasours, Trucks, 2T clothes or any learning stuff

Leslie Blanchard

27. Boy age 4

Hotwheels or nerf gun

Bailey Blevins

28. Baby boy age 1

Cars/Trucks, toys with lights and sounds

Robin Ballard

29. Girl age 3

Frozen toys, baby doll

Katie Easley

30. Boy age 2

Cars or paw patrol toy

Samantha Huggins

31. Teen Boy age 14

Art Supplies

Vanessa Engler

32. Teen Boy 18

Athletic clothes size L pants and XL shirt


33. Teen Boy age 16

Clothes XL shirt XL pants


34. Teen Boy age 9

PS4 game

Ashley Peters

35. Teen boy age 16



36. Teen boy

Shaving Kit

Marisa Bale

37. Teen Boy age 17

Athletic clothes M shirt and 32/34 pants


38. Teen boy age 14

Movies or cologne


39. Teen Boy 18

Nintendo switch games

Anthony Davis

40. Girl age 5

LOL Surprise or Kidzoom Camera

Amanda Miller

41. Baby Girl age 1

Balance Bike or kid size "anywhere chair"


42. Girl age 9

Art stuff or red and white poms or skateboard with pads

Susan Schumacher
Susan Schumacher

43. Boy age 7

Remote control truck or skateboard with pads

Jennifer Hoover

44. Boy age 6


Anthony Davis

45. Baby boy age 6 months

High Chair or learning toys

Brooke Shamblen
Brooke Shamblen

46. Boy age 12

Clothes size XL kids shirt and 16 husky pants

Brittany Herring

47. Girl age 2

Ms Potato Head or Moana Doll

Andrea Pitts

48. Baby boy age 1

Boss Baby toy or remote control vehicle


49. Baby boy 8 months

Learning toys he can sit and play with

Melissa Storm

50. Boy age 7

Learning games/paw patrol/tool set

Kaylynn Taylor

51. Teen boy age 14

Sports stuff/video gams/gift card


52. Girl age 4

Bicycle or age appropriate tablet

Dover Lions
Dover Lions Club

53 Baby girl age 1

Learning toys

Bethany Swindell

54. Baby boy age 9 months

Bath toys

Bethany Swindell

55. Boy age 10

Building toys


56. Boy age 12

Flash stuff/xbox gold card


57. Baby girl age 1

Music toys

Brooke Shamblen
Brooke Shamblen

58. Girl age 6

Num Noms legos

Susan Schumacher
Susan Schumacher

59. Boy age 5

Legos or Calico Critters

Amanda Miller

60. Boy age 9

Metal Bey Blade set/Superman stuff


61. Boy age 10

Metal Bey Blades or Bike

Dover Lions
Dover Lions Club

62. Boy age 9

Air Hog Super Nova/Moster trucks

Shelia Fletcher

63. Girl age 4

Magic Pad, Barbie house, bicycle and helmet

Shelia Fletcher

64. Boy age 9

Lego city mountain police headquarters building set

Shelia Fletcher

65.Boy age 4

Lego Duplo Around the world

Shelia Fletcher

66. Boy age 2

Strider 12" classic balance bike/Chilla fish bunzi

Shelia Fletcher

67. Teen girl age 13

Mind Puzzles/Dry Erase Markers


68. Teen boy age 13

Nerf Gun/Nerf Bullets

Kristin Keaster

69. Girl age 10

Notebook/Colored Pencils

Julie Paladino

70. Boy age 2


Julie Paladino

71. Baby girl age 1


Jamie McAnulty

72. Teen Boy age 14


Jessica Holman

73. Boy age 12

Board Games

Jamie Sykes

74. Teen girl age 14


Susan Schumacher
Susan Schumacher

75. Girl age 11

Slime Kit

Augusta Greco

76. Baby boy 6 mos

Learning toys

Tammy Wortham

77. Girl age 2

Learning toys

Rachel Jones

78. Gril age 4

4T Clothes/MinnieMouse/Bubble Yuppies

Beth Latham

79. Girl age 2

3T clothes/Puppy Paws/Stuffed Minnie toy

Katie Rogers

80. Girl age 2

Learning toys/stuffed animals

Rachel Jones

81. Boy age 2

Trucks/Stuffed Dinosaur

Tammy Wortham

82. Boy age 3

Anything Basketball or Football/Shoes size7

Beth Latham

83. Baby girl age 1

Baby dolls/big legos/colorbooks

Sarah Neihouse

84. Boy age 9

Star wars stuff/light sabers

Susan Schumacher
Susan Schumacher

85. Girl age 7

jojo headphones/Barbie Dolls

Tammy Wortham

86. Boy age 7

Batman legos/cowboy boots s4

David Schumacher
David Schumacher

87. Teen Girl age 15

visa gift card


88. Teen Boy age 17

gift card


89. Boy age 6

minecraft/legos/jurassic world

Susan Schumacher
Susan Schumacher

90. Baby boy age 1

trucks/pj mask toys

Susan Schumacher
Susan Schumacher

91. Teen Boy age 16

Nike or undermour shirts size M


92. Boy age 4


Susan Schumacher
Susan Schumacher

93. Boy age 7

Spiderman toys/trains/ninja turtles/socks

Genney Baker
Mary Kirkconnell

94. Girl age 7

JoJo my life doll/accessories

Augusta Greco

95. Girl age 6


Susan Schumacher
Susan Schumacher

96. Girl age 4


Susan Schumacher
Susan Schumacher

97. Teen girl age 13

Make up/Bath Stuff/Jewelry

Tammy Wortham

98. Girl age 3


Susan Schumacher
Susan Schumacher

99. 9 month baby boy


Susan Schumacher
Susan Schumacher

100. 18 month baby girl

stuffed animals/soft toys

Susan Schumacher
Susan Schumacher

101. 19 month baby girl


Susan Schumacher

102. 4 month old baby girl

teetheers/infant toys

Susan Schumacher
Susan Schumacher

103. Teen boy age 14


Genney Baker
Dover Lions Club

104. Girl age 11


Susan Schumacher
Susan Schumacher

105. Girl ag 5

Surprise Doll/Lego house set

Katie Rogers

106. Teen girl age 13

eye makup/stuffed animals

Linda Owens

107. Teen Girl age 15


Athena Davis

108. Teen Girl age 14

Head bands/scrunchies


109. Teen Girl 17

eye makeup/anything minion


110. Teen Girl age 14

Books/Ankle bracelets


111. Girl age 10



112. Girl age 8



113. Teen boy age 17

Hoeey Hat


114. Boy age 10

Toy Farm


115. Teen Girl 17

Makeup/Riverdale show stuff


116. Girl age 11

Makeup/riverdale show stuff


117. Baby boy age 1

Fisher Price or Leapfrog learning toys


118. Teen girl 15

Books, erasers

Brooke Milloway

119. Boy age 11

Tablet, legos


120. Boy age 7

Legos, super hero crafts


121. Girl age 5

Dress up clothes, LOL dolls


122. Girl age 7

Dress up dolls, coloring books


123. Girl age 4

Dolls, dress up


124. Baby girl age 1

Dolls plush toys shopping cart


125. Girl age 8

shopkins, moana doll


126. Girl age 11

nail polish kit, art supply kit


127. boy age 12

superman comic books, remote control car


128. girl age 11

art supply kit, nail polish kit


129. girl age 9



130. girl age 6



131. boy age 8



132. Boy age 5

remot control car

Genney Baker
Genney Baker

133. Boy age 9

anything Harry Potter, Legos

Sandra Jones

134. Girl age 11

Books, Puzzles


135. Boy age 1

carseat toys, 9 mo sized clothes


136. Baby boy 18 mos

Books, toys


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