Christ Presbyterian Church

Chili Cook Off

Join us on February 10 for our eleventh annual Chili Cook Off!  Whether you are entering your prize winning chili, or just want to taste them all, we want you there!  If you are not a chili connoisseur, we would appreciate a yummy salad or dessert!  Feel free to spread this event around.  Invite friends and family members to experience one of the tastiest CPC events!

Date: 02/10/2019 (Sun.)

Time: 5:00pm - 6:30pm PST

Location: Christ Presbyterian Church

Created by:   Jill Maurice

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Chili - Please let us know what type of chili you are making!
  9 slots filled - more available
Jill Maurice
Joyce Lucia (2)
We will bring a Crock Pot of Chicken Chili
Michael Brunson
Sam/Kathy Pickard
Darlene Elsner
chili con carne
J.J. S
Gf vegan
Marcia Griffith
Gluten free beef
Kristen Kirschenmann
Chili con carne
Cheese (3) - Large bags of shredded cheese
  1 of 3 slots filled
Kristen Kirschenmann
Sour Cream (2) - Large tubs
  All slots filled
Jeannetete Landis (2)
Salad (6) - Please let us know what type of salad you are bringing
  2 of 6 slots filled
Erin Thomas
bacon caesar
Vanessa Forsythe
Dessert (6) - Please let us know what type of dessert you are bringing.
  5 of 6 slots filled
Hal and Elizabeth Forney
J.J. S (2)
Gf pecan pies
Lindsey Lupo
Miles Wilson
Corn Bread (6)
  4 of 6 slots filled
Michael Brunson
Sam/Kathy Pickard
Marcia Griffith
Gluten free
Kristen Kirschenmann
Set Up (5) - Set up will begin at 4pm
  2 of 5 slots filled
Kristen Kirschenmann (2)
Kristen and Robb
Clean Up (5)
Power Strips (5)
  2 of 5 slots filled
Kristen Kirschenmann (2)
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Guest Count:    Confirmed: 35     Maybe: 3

YES (14) -  

Miles Wilson (1 guest)

Vanessa Forsythe (3 guests)
We Three James, Dave & Vanessa will be there

Kristen Kirschenmann (4 guests)
Kristen Kirschenmann

Erin Thomas (3 guests)

Lindsey Lupo (3 guests)

J.J. S (2 guests)

Hal and Elizabeth Forney (2 guests)

Darlene Elsner (2 guests)

Sam/Kathy Pickard (2 guests)

Marcia Griffith (2 guests)

Michael Brunson (3 guests)

Jeannetete Landis (2 guests)

Joyce Lucia (2 guests)
Yum. My husband and I were finalists last time, maybe......

Jill Maurice (4 guests)
I can't believe we have been doing this for eleven years!

NO (1) +  

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