Class of 2020 Senior Parents

Class of 2020 Senior Parent Picnic

2020 Senior Parent Potluck Picnic

(parents only)


Senior class parents,

Please join us for the Senior Parent Potluck Picnic on Sunday, August 18, 2019 from 5pm – 8pm at the Bay High School Cafeteria.  Please enter from the side (alley) doors.

This picnic is a great way to:

  • reunite with the friends you haven't seen since your kids started driving
  • learn all about the fun your Senior will have this year
  • pay your $100.00 senior activity fee (fee covers After Prom, senior gift, Baccalaureate and more)
  • purchase Class of 2020 sportswear
  • purchase Class of 2020 Christmas Ornaments ($14.00)
  • sign up to help with After Prom (the theme is a secret.  If you want to be in the know...find a sign up sheet and let your signature flow)
  • enter a raffle to win dinner for two at a local restaurant ($5.00 for 5 tickets)                  

To make this picnic a success please sign up, below, to bring some food to share and your checkbook/cash.

 If you are unable to join us please send payment of your senior activity fee to Martine Uniatowski at 24509 Bruce Road, Bay Village, OH  44140.  Checks should be made payable to Bay High School Senior Parents.


We look forward to seeing you!


Andrea Schwartz

Christine Reed

Date: 08/18/2019 (Sun.)

Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm EDT

Location: Bay High School Cafeteria

Created by:   Christine Reed

Will you be attending the event?
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Salads (serves 10) (18)
  All slots filled
Fred Drenkhan
Heather Ransom
Barb Slavin
Fruit salad
Molly Mack
Spinach w fruit
Christy Gray
Darcy Good (2)
Mixed Berries / And, Sliced Watermelon
Tracy Deibel
Dawn LaRosa
Amy Papp
Mollie Vanderkarr
Fruit salad
Karen Surdy
Karen Jordan
Marie Zupanc
Katie Conway
Ellen Ospelt
Nina Cooke
Marilee MacAskill
Main dishes (serves 10) (20)
  All slots filled
Nicole Chierici
Baked Ziti
Diana Greenberg
Brad & Robin Chilton
Mac and Cheese
Chris Vargics
Laura Crabb
Fried chicken
Kim Reising
Cabbage & Noodles / Kielbasa
Diane Barnes
Marc Shelton
Stacy Williams
Susan Douglas
Chicken strips
Karolina Merk
Jim Hanslik
Samantha Cox
Sweet BBQ Meatballs
Tana McGuire
Maria Reardon
Jacqueline Gall
Mark Thompson
Bonnie Kilbane
Pasta Salad
Allison Forsyth
Side dishes (serves 10) (18)
  17 of 18 slots filled
Dawn Hamil
Jen Ryan
Ginger Psota
Holly Cavalier
Stacey Duwe
Cheesy Potato Casserole
Jennifer Cusimano
Laura Anderson
Juliana De Salvo
Chrissy Fitzgerald
Sandra Film
Martine Uniatowski
Jason Price
Thomas LaMotte
Becky O’Donnell
Corryn Firis
Lisa Jordan
Suzanne Ferrara
Desserts (serves 10) (20)
  All slots filled
Ashley Florez
Kristen Dodd
Matthew Oxsalida
Eileen Baeppler
Adrienne Lombardi
Scott Eaton
Michele Moore
Sarah Bohac
Mindy Thomas
Oksana Chesterfield
I'll bring cookies
Naomi Strollo
Michelle Kasunick
Julie Ifft
Lisa Durkin
Elaine Dwyer
Janet Jacobs
Amy Schafer
Bryan and Ginny Holup
Patti Sclimenti
Joy Heldt
Bottled water (24 pack) (12) - please drop off at BHS cafeteria doors on Sunday by noon so we can place in refrigerator
  All slots filled
Kristy Reid
Amy Reed
Kathleen Craig
Tracey Pirinelli
Gina Linehan
Cristi Mecsko
JJ Perrine
Jen Joyce
Karen Hartman
Michelle Prochaska (2)
Brian Ray
Responses:     Yes: 115     No: 7     Maybe: 1    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 211     Maybe: 2

YES (115) -  

Marilee MacAskill (2 guests)

Lute Harmon (1 guest)

Dawna Finley (1 guest)

ALEXIS OSTER (1 guest)

Becky Christel (1 guest)

Bill Bozak (1 guest)

jeff mertic (2 guests)

Jeff Mertic (2 guests)

Rosana Del Rio (1 guest)

Allison Forsyth (2 guests)

melissa mason (2 guests)

Ann Hardebeck (2 guests)

Kim Roche (2 guests)

Walter Harper (5 guests)

Bill Andrejcak (2 guests)

Anne Lucas (1 guest)

MARY TEPPER (2 guests)

Bonnie Kilbane (1 guest)

Amy Sinnema (2 guests)

Mark Thompson (2 guests)

Jacqueline Gall (2 guests)

Amy Fowles (2 guests)

Michele Knight (1 guest)

Tana McGuire (2 guests)

Samantha Cox (2 guests)
Samantha & Eric

Jim Hanslik (2 guests)

Karolina Merk (3 guests)

katie jennings (1 guest)

Lisa Jordan (2 guests)

Suzanne Ferrara (2 guests)

Lisa Spinelli (1 guest)

Corryn Firis (2 guests)
Jeff and Corryn

Becky O’Donnell (2 guests)

Thomas LaMotte (2 guests)

Heather Woods (2 guests)

Stephanie Allan (1 guest)

Matt Nasman (2 guests)

Jason Price (2 guests)

Susan Douglas (4 guests)

Sheri Papp (2 guests)

Nina Cooke (2 guests)

Stacy Williams (2 guests)

Erica Maddux (2 guests)

Joy Heldt (2 guests)

Marc Shelton (2 guests)

Ellen Ospelt (3 guests)

Marie Zupanc (2 guests)

Katie Conway (2 guests)

Laura Rankin (2 guests)

Dana Cockburn (2 guests)

Martine Uniatowski (2 guests)

Diane Barnes (2 guests)

Karen Jordan (2 guests)

Kim Reising (2 guests)

Laura Crabb (2 guests)

Chris Vargics (2 guests)

Patti Sclimenti (2 guests)

Bryan and Ginny Holup (2 guests)

Karen Surdy (2 guests)

Amy Schafer (2 guests)

Janet Jacobs (2 guests)

Chrissy Fitzgerald (2 guests)

Mollie Vanderkarr (1 guest)

Amy Papp (2 guests)

Dawn LaRosa (2 guests)

Katy Sutherland (2 guests)

Michelle Drenkhan (1 guest)

Juliana De Salvo (2 guests)

Elaine Dwyer (2 guests)

Lisa Durkin (1 guest)

Andrea Schwartz Schwartz (2 guests)

Laura Anderson (2 guests)

Julie Ifft (2 guests)

Michelle Kasunick (2 guests)

Naomi Strollo (1 guest)

Brad & Robin Chilton (2 guests)

Oksana Chesterfield (2 guests)

Sarah Bohac (2 guests)

Mindy Thomas (2 guests)

Michele Moore (2 guests)

Jennifer Cusimano (2 guests)

Scott Eaton (1 guest)

Holly Cavalier (2 guests)

Amy Leamon (1 guest)

Stacey Duwe (2 guests)

Adrienne Lombardi (1 guest)

Tracy Deibel (2 guests)

Eileen Baeppler (1 guest)

Darcy Good (1 guest)

Christy Gray (2 guests)

Matthew Oxsalida (2 guests)

Ginger Psota (1 guest)

Jen Ryan (4 guests)

Dawn Hamil (1 guest)

Brian Ray (2 guests)

Michelle Prochaska (2 guests)

Susan Zemek (2 guests)

Diana Greenberg (2 guests)

Molly Mack (2 guests)

Barb Slavin (1 guest)

Heather Ransom (2 guests)

Nicole Chierici (2 guests)

Jen Joyce (1 guest)

JJ Perrine (2 guests)

Cristi Mecsko (1 guest)

Gina Linehan (2 guests)

Karen Hartman (2 guests)

Kathy Toll-Grossman (2 guests)

Tracey Pirinelli (1 guest)

Fred Drenkhan (1 guest)

Kathleen Craig (2 guests)

Amy Reed (2 guests)

Kristy Reid (2 guests)

Kristen Dodd (2 guests)

Ashley Florez (2 guests)

NO (7) +  

MAYBE (1) +