Cactus Shadows Class of 2020

Cactus Shadows Graduations 2020

Cactus Shadows High School along with CCUSD is excited to be able to host twelve small graduation ceremonies that are in strict compliance with the Department of Health, Department of Education and State regulations during COVID-19. Please select the time and date that works best for your graduate and thier two guests. YOU MUST USE YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL TO SIGN UP. Anyone signing up with an outside email will be deleted. Please include the name of your two guests in the comments box. If you are unsure of your two guests, please type TBD. The system will only allow you to sign up for one time slot. You DO NOT need a login to sign up. Select the time slot you'd like, click "Submit and Sign Up" at the bottom of the screen. Enter your First Name, Last Name and CCUSD school email. Click "Sign Up Now". This will take you to the confirmation screen. If you have technically difficulties please text Cristi at 818-324-6868. She will try to respond as quickly as possible. 

Location: Fine Arts Center

Created by:   Cactus Shadows High School

PLEASE NOTE: The sign up period for this event has ended and the sign up creator has locked all sign up slots from being modified. Contact the creator for more details.

Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Time (MST) Available Slot
05/21/2020 (Thu.) 4:00pm - 5:00pm  

Graduation Ceremony 1 (40)

Please add the names of your two guests. You must use your school email to sign up. If you use an alternate email your slot will be deleted.

39 of 40 slots filled
Madison Val
christ val and paul val
Lauren Brotherton
AJ and John Brotherton
Flynn Cook
Brix Bootz
Kristina bootz and Bob Bootz
Makayla Brown
corinna brown, travis brown
Kodey Bradshaw
Mark Bradshaw and Katie Etter
Dylan Witzig
Marshall and Stacia Witzig
Summer Johnson
paul and angela johnson
Paige Hrycyk
Cara and Greg Hrycyk
Curtis Weber
Brant Weber and Michele Weber
Katelyn Brotherton
Sophie Mangan and Donna Brotherton
Sophia Flores
janet Flores and Thad Flores
Michael Ropicky
Marielle & Mike Ropicky [email protected]
Alyssa Newington
Lisa Newington and Chris Newington
Kaylie Arnett
April Arnett, Eamon Arnett
Canon Freeland
Ray and marge Freeland
Collin Mckeon
Carrie McKeon Scott McKeon
Spencer Byrne
Sarah Byrne Greg Byrne
Jaren Geis
Jennifer Geis and Bill Geis
Jackson Winton
Hunter & Kellie Winton
Robert Stoya
Ellen and Robert Stoya
brianna lewis
silvana lewis and steve lewis
mia juarez
karen and mike juarez
Ryan Eisenberg
Elizabeth Hale
Bryce Fogelson
Email: [email protected] Guests Brent and Kristina Fogelson
Ashleigh Kelly
Stacy and Nicole Kelly
Hanna Haag
Michelle and Michael-Paul Haag
Samantha Toughill
Stephanie and Mark Toughill
Irelynn hukill
karen and brian
Maya Bellowe
Mike and Amy Bellowe
Tyler Carver
Guests: Matt Carver, Dixie Carver
Carson Brechner
Steve Brechner Debbie Greene
Mikey Adams
Jill and Roger Adams
Viviana Riemann
Aidan Rojas
Anthony Rojas and Maureen Gleason
Colin Novak
Tom,Kim Novak guest
Jackson Henry
KC and Kelly Henry
Allison Martin
Debra Martin and Richard Martin
Brianna Fogelson
Natalie Fogelson, David Fogelson
5:30pm - 6:30pm  

Graduation Ceremony 2 (40)

Please add the names of your two guests.

All slots filled
Lainey McCabe
Two guests: Jeanine McCabe, Michael McCabe
Ashley Workman
MaryLynn and Trent Workman
Garron Thom
Francine & Doug Thom
Ethan Pullifrone
Joe Pullifrone and Beth Pullifrone
Jessica Menton
Marc and Pam Menton
Sarina Swain
Todd Swain and Masami Swain
Emily Ahern
Kerry Ahern and Kristie Ahern
Ashlyn Overby
Troy and Vickie Overby
Reece Tosos
Reece Toso, Ryan Toso, Jennifer toso
Brooke Harris
Carly and Brent Harris
Alex Tieplinsky
Kristy Tieplinsky, Mike Tieplinsky
Karli Koskovich
Barbie Koskovich and Gregory Koskovich
Kailee Strick
Janie Strick and Steve Strick
Emma Petronella
Emma Petronella, Jennifer Petronella, Michael Petronella
Christian Giardina
Elizabeth and Dennis Giardina
Callie Blumsack
Kerri and Eric Blumsack
Shayna Rogers
Barb and Dustin Rogers
Dominic Yacovella III
Guests: Allison and Dominic Yacovella
Daniel Schoepe
Kathy schoepe Robert Schoepe
Sienna Kloss
Daniel and Marci kloss
Riley James
Michelle,Dylan james
Sophie Killian
Simone Killian Brian Killian
Ashley Durso
Annette D’Urso Matt D’Urso
Eden Cislo
Ron & Melinda Cislo
Kenzie Knoop
[email protected] Mike & Jennifer Knoop
Emily Shimkus
[email protected] Ed Shimkus, Dulce Shimkus
Aiden Caliendo
Leigh Caliendo Brian Caliendo
Matthew Macdonald
Grace Macdonald Rob Macdonald
Teddy Harrington
Patrick , Kathleen Harrington
Holly Beck
Natalie & Tom Beck
Adam Busbee
I accidentally signed up for the wrong one on friday . I want to do thursday
Hannah Dicksion
Carey and Lorena Dicksion
Colton te Pass
Nicki Kordik and Kim Kordik
Lana Jones
mum and dad
Drew Scola
Ryan and Robert Scola
Anthony Golicz
Erin Golicz, Paul Golicz
Josh Donegan
Jeff and Julie Donegan
Sabrina Lazo
Luwin and Alina Lazo
Kelsea Clays
Brendan Clays and Jenna Shea
James Clays
John clays and Kelly clays
7:00pm - 8:00pm  

Graduation Ceremony 3 (40)

Please add the names of your two guests.

All slots filled
Kylie Blakesly
Channon Blakesly and Brendan Blakesly
Jacob Adams
Bringing Jody Adams and John Adams, school email: [email protected]
Jay Shumway
Jon Shumway, Loraine Shumway [email protected]
Alexandra DePinto
Michelle & Greg DePinto
Alex Schaeffer
Sheila schaeffer, David schaeffer
Josephine Courtney
Joann & Dave Courtney
Connor Haugen
Kevin Haugen and Sara Haugen
Olivia Cordes
Michelle Gavura, Brett Cordes
Gabe Calvin
Jackie Calvin and Patrick Calvin
Karson Jones
Keith Jones, Katherine jones
Brandson Sarrett
Michele Sarrett, Craig Sarrett
Abigail Nosan
Guests: Debbie Nosan and Dan Nosan
Declan Flanagan
lets gooooo
Megan Mathews
Marianne and David Mathews
Ryan Hildebrand
Michelle & Rick Hildebrand
Robby Madden
Rob Madden & Rachael Madden. School Email: [email protected]
Luke Sample
Anna and Gerard Sample
Elizabet Cave
Fabio Baratti and Olena Baratti
Billy Mullenmeister
Bill and Angie Mullenmeister
Lauren Jankowski
Lauren J
Liam Doherty
Keri Gandee. Robert Doherty
Jacob LaRue
Paul and Julie LaRue
Jared Hemauer
Julie Hemauer and Joe Hemauer
Blake Dorame
Stephanie Dorame, Andrew Dorame
Jaselyn Stine
Jason & Traci Stine
Nicole Baker
Dean and Sheril Baker
Brittany Whalen
Glenn & Darcy Whalen
Kaylah Huillier
Rhonda and Thomas Huillier
Chloe Otstot
Michelle Otstot and Tom Otstot
Katelyn Mizera
Lyn Mizera and Jim Mizera
Emi Knape
Cindy and Todd Knape
Tyler Oliver
Lynette Oliver
Camila Del Rio
Osiris Del Rio & Ignacio Del Rio
Sydney Perry
Theresa & Scott Perry
Sarah Withey
Sheila Withey and Brian Marshall
Serena Sabbara
Alyssa Ashworth
Ronda and Mark Ashworth
Brandy Clarke
Brandy clarke
Ryan Carlo
Sherry Carlo and Scott Carlo
Hailey Steenhoek
Chris and Becky steenhoek
8:30pm - 9:30pm  

Graduation Ceremony 4 (40)

Please add the names of your two guests.

35 of 40 slots filled
Hailey Garalczyk
rebecca navarre mark garalczyk
Suman Zahir
Ahmad & Neelofer Zahir
Max Rigler
Gina Rigler Bill Rigler
John Stevens
Tammy Stevens Cory Stevens
Gabby Hamouz
Laurie Lotempio and Samantha Hamouz
Alison Tobin
Cheryl and Tom Tobin
Derek Levy
Jamie Levy, Michael Levy
Zac Cain
Mark Cain, Elisa Cain
Brandon Youngkrantz
rich and stacy youngkrantz
Chase Dodson
Suzy Dodso. And Brian Dodson
Gavin Benvinuto
mom and dad
Corey Hanse
Lisa Hanse & Brian L.
Daniel Kersten
Paul and Laura Kersten
Jacob Hulett
Becky and Andrew Hulett
Julia Lundgren
Paul and Christine Lundgren
Tori McKinley
Guests Zack & Stacy McKinley
Leah Knoebel
Stephanie K and Randy K
Jordyn Bedrava
Bill Bedrava, Linda Bedrava
Panayiotis Kostouros
Anatoli and Kostadinos Kostouros
Morgan Petersen
Matt and Ann Petersen
Antonio Cartin-Ferrandino
Rodrigo Cartin-Ceba, Marcela Ferrandino
Alexandra Jenkins
Michael Jenkins and Kristine Jenkins
William, Cade Guymon
2 Guests, Reed & Terri Guymon
Cole Hrapczak
Michelle and Tim Hrapczak
Alexander Wang
Merry Chen and Kirsten Wang
Ryan Dessables
Maty Dessables /Dominic Dessables
Tyler Crossetti
Two guests are my parents Mark Crossetti and Karen Crossetti.
Nicole Mauk
Two guests
Sadhana Pandari
Geetha Pandari and Pandari Kubendran
Ryan Hanson
Robert & Kimberly Hanson
Cameron Hallsted
Mindy Hallsted, Ryan Hallsted
Jameson Boe
David & Kristen boe
Hadley Hawkins
Heidi and Rusty Hawkins
Cole Cucitrone
Robert Cucitrone, Pamela Balin
Chase Pavone
05/22/2020 (Fri.) 4:00pm - 5:00pm  

Graduation Ceremony 5 (40)

Please add the names of your two guests.

All slots filled
Gavin Riggs
Eric Riggs & Caroline Riggs guests
Marissa Farhi
Randi Farhi and Tal Farhi
Olivia Draper
Eugenia and Jerome Draper
Jordan Owen
holly owen and marc
Joey Rizzo
Rich Rizzo Brookie Rizzo
Nathan Granger
mom and dad
Chloe Johnson
Shawn Johnson Scott Johnson
Ali Cahanes
michelle and tim
Gracie Lombardi
Jennifer Lombardi and Elizabeth Lombardi will be attendees
Melanie Richardson
Brad Richardson and Janine Richardson
Ethan Hinnant
Jen and Jay Hinnant
Madelyn Peters
cameron and tiffany peters
Ella Valentine
Jeremy and deb valentine
Zack M Huber
Michell and David Huber
Tino Armijo
kelly and rick Armijo
Keylee Harvey
Rindi Harvey Chad Harvey
Aaric Hawk
Tamara Hawk Adam Hawk
Jimi Dencek
James Dencek and Debra Dencek
Emily Schmit
michelle and jim ryan
Abigail Querrey
Jeff & Tammy Querrey
Wade Sassman
Althea sassman and Robert sassman
Brooke Rozelle
tiffany rozelle and george rozelle
Jake Reithinger
Glenn and Robyn Reithinger
Sophia Woods
christi woods and justin woods
Aiden Flanagan
Richard Flanagan Nina Flanagan
David Ojeda Martinez
Cristina Hernandez and Armando Hernandez
Patrick Boudreau
Jen & Don Boudreau
Ryan Oswald
Jim and Shelly Oswald
Evan Hansen
Tina Hansen
Jack Homer
Doris & Andy Homer
Delaney Dopp
Natalie and Dawson Dopp
Summer Ripke
Tony and Allison Ripke
Brooke Rodgers
Richard and Stacy Rodgers
Kyle Ingram
Randy and Judi Ingram
breanna glidden
mandy and nathan
Dean Santantonio
Rachel Palopoli / Olivia Santantonio
Savannah Auer
Fred Auer, Heather Auer
Dylan Dede
Zoe Lucas
Joey Bauer
Randy and Jennifer Bauer
5:30pm - 6:30pm  

Graduation Ceremony 6 (40)

Please add the names of your two guests.

38 of 40 slots filled
Trenton Dianovich
Kym and Tod Dianovich
Alicia Frampton
Patty Alvarez and Cory Frampton
Nick Agacki
Somehow I did it
Nolan Hokanson
Logan Hasher
My parents are my guest. Ryan and Tina Hasher
Shannon Rains
no comment
Isabella Procopio
Isabella Procopio
Logan Williams
Marli Mead
Maureen Mead & Greg Mead
Lauren Geisehofer
Melissa g Allison p
Gabby Marchica
Gabby Marchica
Collin Sommers
Ryan & Shaunna Sommers
Annalysse Bacon
Mike Bacon and Kari Bacon
Matthew Mercado
greg and janet mercado
Emilie Leazier
Emilie Leazier
Dakota Oakley
Susanne Oakley Doug Oakley
Sierra Nielsen
Sierra nielsen
Gavin Ludlow
Gavin Ludlow
Ethan Bell
Laurel Bell and Scott Bell
Jaden Nager
Eric Nager and Elana Nager
Andrew Waters
Gotta go fast
Morgan Crabtree
Susan and Barry crabtree
Reece Hufford
Sean and Victoria Hufford
Micaela Bartkus
Mia bartkus Mike bartkus
gina khammo
J.K & K.T
Samantha Mahon
Tim and Kristin Mahon
Samantha Boubel
Marla and Andy Boubel
Kylie Coop
Tiffany and Brook Coop
Carley Wible
Nancy and Chris wible
Tracy Nguyen
Wayne Rickard and Trang Nguyen
Maurice Loubassa
Katia Rossomme
Bella Bowman
Barbara bowman and Chris bowman
Treven Redmond
Aarnon & Stacy Redmond
Jacob Jones
Jacqueline Jones, Jacqueline Jones
Alexis Williams
Michelle Williams and Lance Williams
Thu Pham
Cindy & Bruce Wiener
Celine Fragoso
Kaija Beishline
David & Kaija Beishline as guests
7:00pm - 8:00pm  

Graduation Ceremony 7 (40)

Please add the names of your two guests.

31 of 40 slots filled
Jayne Morrow
Ashelee Weeks And Russell Morrow
Alyssa Rose
Chris and Kriste Rose
Taylor Rotenberg
Kristen Rotenberg Ira Rotenberg
Kendall Fender
Heather Fender Curt Fender
Lars Schumitz
Margaret Hadyka Larry Schumitz
Hayden Craft
Aaron Craft Erin Craft
Emily Perez
Rob Perez and Shelly Perez
Wyatt McLaughlin
Tiffany Snay Mark Snay
Julia Patchen
Christopher Patchen Kathy Patchen
Dean Pasi
Hana Stumpf
Bobbi Adams-Stumpf, Michael Stumpf
Jonathan Polhemus
Lori & David Polhemus
Madelyn McAndrews
Michael and Gretchen
Preston Kok
Brian and Shal Kok
Xavier Vescio
Natalie and Bob Vescio
Broc Arrendale
Jennifer Arrendale Bill Arrendale
Thomas Hebert
John & Sabine Hebert
Jonah Covert
Mike and Liz Covert
Rachel Johnston
Lori and Todd Johnston
Kelsey Puckett
Richelle and Andrew Puckett
Meghan McCaw
Joey Rivlin and Hannah McCaw
Russell Liberman
Kelly and Aric Liberman
Lorenzo Giammarino
Nancy Giammarino and Ivette Stoll
Garrett Dekle
Ann janinda & Meg janinda
Gabby Kasperbauer
Gena and kevin
sierra aungst
theresa and brain aungst
Mia Brito
Jennifer and Carl Schultz
Keeli Putnam
Heather Putnam and Patrick Putnam
Oliver Castle
Jill Castle, Chris Castle
Brianna Tipton
Norma and Greg Tipton
Kennedy Webster
My parents Raul and Lisa Webster
8:30pm - 9:30pm  

Graduation Ceremony 8 (40)

Please add the names of your two guests.

16 of 40 slots filled
Conner Rigo
Anamarie Rigo and Attila Rigo
Preston Mcculloch
shannon mcculloch and keith mcculloch
Blake Williams
Shawna Williams and Vince Williams
Jake Clarkson
Britt Clarkson Chris Clarkson
Tyler Fair
Steve Fair and Rania Fair
Anthony Capuzzo
Shari Capuzzo Mike Capuzzo
Austin Moratalla
José and Stephanie Moratalla
Ashley Hladik
Leslie Motter John Hladik
Koltin Hansen
Ann Hansen Todd Hansen
Jack Johnson
Stephanie Johnson, Chuck Johnson
Tucker Smith
Jacob Broadrick
Stacy and Mark Broadrick
William Carman
Terri and Donovan Carman
Lance Wilhelm
Lori and Kevin Wilhelm
Danielle Lockhart
Caralee & Aidan Lockhart
Steven Frimmel
Jaime and Bret Frimmel
05/23/2020 (Sat.) 4:00pm - 5:00pm  

Graduation Ceremony 9 (40)

Please add the names of your two guests.

23 of 40 slots filled
Avianna Hoppes
Miriam Hoppes, Terry Hoppes
Olivia Decker
Doreen and John Decker
Max Miele
Janice Pomarico and Joseph Miele
Olivia Graeber
Mary and William Graeber
Carmen Borso
Penny Borso & Louie Borso
Hank Olson
Eric Olson and Courtney Olson
Kaitlin Johnson
chelsea johnson and john elliot
hayley smith
fay and sean smith
Diane MacLean
Diane and Rod MacLean (Faith Faria)
Dominic araneo
Anthony Araneo Dina Araneo
Jaylen Mosley
Jaylen Mosley, Colleen Larned, Keshaun Mosley
Elise Scibelli
Mom and dad
Haley Murdaugh
Erik and Jennifer Lund
Ellie Winkler
Chris and Miriam Winkler
Jacob Daniel
Jacob Daniel, Autumn Daniel, Eden Wieneski
Adler Heartburg
Larry Heartburg and Rolf Heartburg
Aleksey Orlov
Vlada Poladyan, Alex Orlov
Daniella Brooks
Shawn and Megan Wichman
Ashley Cramer
Steven Cramer and Shelly Carley
Elizabeth Thompson
Marisa and Mike Thompson
Cassie Waldum
kim and ron waldum
Jade Radoian
Tara & Chris Radoian
Kyle Thomas
Tom and Christy Leggett
5:30pm - 6:30pm  

Graduation Ceremony 10 (40)

Please add the names of your two guests.

19 of 40 slots filled
Jason Hernandez
Alma Hernandez +1
Trent Searles
Two guest both parents
Jessie Simon
Audrey Cardinal
Natalie Stahl
Jenny and Charlie Stahl
Abby Schindler
Tracy and Meghan Schindler
Jordyn Homer
Andy & Doris Homer
Luke Harris
Cristi and Morgan Harris
Cedric Brachet
Pierre and Seni Brachet
Andrew Isho
Dave and Sandy Isho
Tyler Hill
Amy Hill, Tom Hill
Devin Smith
William & Cammi Smith
Logan McDade
Rob McDade and Kristin McDade
Ian Austin
Terry & Srey Austin
Quentin Cortez
Charles Cortez, Denise Cortez
Devin Dorough
Brooke Smith
Preston Smith & Kathy Smith
Tyler Casas
Kristin Paisley Casas and John Casas
Seth Frasier
Shona Peterson and Brent Frasier
7:00pm - 8:00pm  

Graduation Ceremony 11 (40)

Please add the names of your two guests.

28 of 40 slots filled
Sydney Mellgren
colleen and steve mellgren (parents)
Lauren Krichbaum
Kristin Krichbaum, Michael Krichbaum
Jaxen Schneider
Mom and dad
Andrew Frank
Don Nicole
Erik Frank
Sister and Brother
Ashlyn Porter
Robin Porter and Dave Porter
Grace Fitzmaurice
Kerry and Taylor Fitzmaurice
Hannah Kress
Bianca Kress & Ryan Kress
Seth Martin
Kori and Jeff Martin
Brad Johnson
Jennifer Johnson, Mardy Johnson
Alek Severkovski
Tony & Patti Severkovski
Veronica Boyle
Jake Howard
Cheryl Howard Phil Howard (Mom and Dad)
Sydnie St Jean
Stephanie and Peter St Jean
Kaelen Saker
Tracy Saker Brian Saker
Kelsey Ehmann
Kristi Ehmann and Dan Ehmann
Derek Pederson
John and Anna Pederson
Peyton Richardson
mom and dad
marissa reevs
Roseann and Paul Reevs
Megan Schreiber
Tracy Schreiber and Bryan Schreiber
Jaclyn Kennedy
Janet Kennedy and Rachel Rodriguez
Jacob Kennedy
Jan Kennedy, April Wilson
Michelle Uddin
Sabiha Uddin, Sultan Uddin
Georgina Kartsonis
Mike and Joanne Kartsonis
Drew Seiser
Amy and Steve Seiser
Romi Takamura
Kaori and John Takamura
Kaci Rodriguez
Jose and Lauren Rodriguez
Colin Mcconnon
Brian and Martina Mcconnon
8:30pm - 9:30pm  

Graduation Ceremony 12 (40)

Please add the names of your two guests.

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