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Same Sex Marriage Supper and Forum

Forums on “Same Sex Marriage and the Church” to be facilitated by Pastor Linstrom

Following up on the Adult Forum led by Pastor Linstrom in 2017 on “The Church and Homosexuality,” the Congregation Council is sponsoring a series of three Sunday afternoon study sessions in the fall of 2018 on “Same Sex Marriage and the Church.” 

Bringing summary teachings from the “Journey Together Faithfully” resources developed by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) in 2003, which were studied in detail by Pastor Linstrom’s 2017 forum participants, along with study of the tradition of marriage and the social statements of the ELCA, this three-session series will include time for small group discussion and large group questions and answers.  Those who participate in the entire three-session series will be asked to complete a survey that the Council will receive in its ongoing discussion of Same Sex Marriage.

The topics and itinerary for our gatherings are as follows:

  • Sunday, November 11 – Biblical foundations for the study of homosexuality and the church, with “Journey Together Faithfully” Biblical foundations study guide available to participants to take home                                                                  
  • Sunday, December 9 – Q&A regarding Biblical foundations to open, and an introduction to marriage (civil, Biblical and in the tradition of the church)
  • Sunday, January 13 – Homosexuality and the Church, with the option in the ELCA for Same Sex Blessing since 2009, and the June 2015 implications of the Supreme Court decision legalizing Same Sex Marriage – where do we stand today and where do we go from here?

The format for each session will include:

     5 p.m.    supper
5:30 p.m.    opening prayer
5:35 p.m.    a reflection on ‘bound conscience’
5:40 p.m.    a brief teaching session from the “Journey Together Faithfully” resources and other materials – limited Q&A
6:05 p.m.   small group discussion
6:30 p.m.   a brief unifying Bible study/devotional time
6:40 p.m.   closing Q&A
6:45 p.m.   closing prayer 

Join us on Sunday evenings this fall for these important times of prayerful deliberation.

Date: 01/14/2019 (Mon.)

Time: 5:00pm - 7:00pm EST

Location: Courtyard Fellowship (Lower Level Downstairs)

Created by:   Trinity Lutheran Church
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Available Slot

Same Sex Marriage Supper and Forum Attendee (All Three Sessions 11/11, 12/9 & 1/13)

109 slots filled - more available
Brad & Sherry Blair (2)
John Johnson
Phil & Kelly Wittry (2)
Bruce and Joyce Schlanderer (2)
Linda & Bob Heine (2)
Pam Gotch
beth reimel
Kristin Bradley
Bob & Barb Crossman (2)
Dave & Wendy Johnson (2)
Dave will attend 11/11 & 1/13, but will miss 12/9. Wendy will be present at all 3 forums.
Brenda Baker
Michelle Morin
I can attend 11/11 and 1/13
Karen Unruh (2)
Mike and Karen Unruh
Joanna Waite (4)
Joanna, Chris, Spencer and Richard Gehl
Deb Bambini
Mitchell Noland
Carrie Wygmans
Brittany Fischer (2)
Brittany and Jeff (Though Jeff will not be able to make 11/11).
Tim & Tess Lundgren (2)
Alaina Lundgren
Cindy Zientarski
Can only attend 12/09 and 01/13
Joni Korb (2)
Steve, Joni
Dan Butler
Kim Engle
Jan Jacobson
Elizabeth & John Derbin (2)
Mary Johnson
Kris Baker
Ann Gooch
Emily Albaitis
Marilyn Mellema
Jeanette Sorensen
Marjorie Paul
Sylvia Stouten (2)
We will not be able to attend the December session.
Bill & Kathy Bush
We can attend 11/11 & 1/13
Jim & Sue Coates
Kate Bredwell (5)
Kate, Bryan, Leah, and Ali will participate. Zoe will also eat dinner.
Bridget Rieth
Pastor Karen
Kristine Fox (2)
Only attending 12/9 and 1/13
Colin Beckett
Caroline Kuntzman
David Beckett
Cami Estep
Diane Field
Mark and Rebecca Mattison (2)
Chris Engle
Corina Dulecki (2)
Corina and Scott
Jen Thamban
Donna Erikson
Pastor Bob Linstrom
Angela Davis
Dave Mester
Don & Judy Otten (2)
Carrie and Dave Boer (2)
Carol Welz-Gustafson
Brenda Heacock (2)
and Steve
Lara Freeburger
Frank And Annette Remsburg (2)
We will be able to come to the first session only. Thanks.
Jamie Kuntzman
Rachele Battreall
beth hall
Melissa Haneline
Mike Mason (5)
5 for dinner, 2 for the forum
Sheryl Vander Baan
12/9 and 1/14
Elwyn & Karen Griewahn (2)
Sarah and TJ Turnage (2)
Amy Fox
Kim Owens
Nancy Anderson
Karen Betz-Griewahn and Elwyn Griewahn (2)
John & Kelli Basher (2)
12/9 & 01/13
John Hall (2)
Ian and I will attend 12/9 and 1/13 sessions
Rebecca Ulrich

Child Care Needed (All Three Sessions 11/11, 12/9 & 1/13) (Please list ages of children in comments)

12 slots filled - more available
Michelle Morin (3)
4, 7, 12
Karen Unruh (2)
4 & 6
Joanna Waite (2)
Breslin - 10 Sydney 8
Elizabeth & John Derbin (2)
7 & 10
Kate Bredwell
Zoe - age 5
Lara Freeburger
Nick is4, Michaela is7
Mike Mason
Tyler-9, Ethan and Alexis-5

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