Davis Waldorf School

2018 Halloween Event - Saturday, October 27th

Please join Davis Waldorf School in creating a magical and mysterious evening for our students and the community. If you have questions about volunteer shifts or would like to help in another way, please contact Jenn Short at [email protected] or 562-685-5605.


Created by:   Jennifer Short
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Location Time (PDT) Available Slot
10/25/2018 (Thu.) Meet at DWS  8:00am - 11:00am  

Pumpkin Pick Up (3)

We will be going to Durst Family Farm in Esparto

2 of 3 slots filled
Jenn Short
Angela McGinnis
10/26/2018 (Fri.) Davis Waldorf School  1:00pm - 5:00pm  

Friday Protected Path and Grounds Set-Up (10)

Parents and older students - Help with set-up of protected path and grounds

7 of 10 slots filled
Tom Cushna
Sue Butler (2)
Myself and husband Tyler Close
Tomoé Bourdier
Carolina Roberts
I can help set up from 1 pm until 3ish
Heidi Ladner
Ceri Beeman
4:00pm - 8:00pm  

Perilous Path Set-Up (15)

May need to stay longer or return on Saturday

11 of 15 slots filled
Christi Corp-Minamiji
Christian Dragheim
Cindy Toy
David Gomes
Mary Nichols
Dan Ng
Donnie Zuber
Steve Byars
Steve Short
May not make it until 5pm
Joel Bremson
Diana Cuomo
10/27/2018 (Sat.) Davis Waldorf School   

Bakery Donation (6)

3 dozen baked good item delivered either Friday or by 5pm on Saturday - please specify what you will bring

All slots filled
Christina Guzman
Julia Blair
Chocolate chip cookies and brownies
Kim Bullock
Kate Bricher
Applesauce Cupcakes
Kelly Obrien
Thumbprint cookies
Leigh Harrington-Rosi

Gluten Free Bakery Donation (2)

3 dozen, please specify what you will bring - Drop off Friday in Office or Saturday by 5pm

All slots filled
Margaret Waterhouse
Meringue and/or macarons
Amy Hillman-Siracusa
GF cookies

Vegan Bakery Donation (2)

3 dozen, please specify what you will bring, drop-off in Office on Friday or Saturday by 5pm

All slots filled
Holly Nichols
Pumpkin bread
Lisa Lavagnino
Popcorn balls

Large Crockpot of Meat Chili (5)

Please specify kind, deliver by 5pm

All slots filled
Carolina Roberts
No beans chilli
Cindy Lanier
Marsha Colby
Chicken chili
Kymberli Zakrzewski
Rebecca Mills

Large Crockpot of Vegetarian Chili (3)

Please specify kind, deliver by 5pm

All slots filled
Joelle Lutz
Sue Butler
Jillian Corr

Large Crockpot of Homemade Mac and Cheese (3)

Please specify kind, deliver by 5pm

1 of 3 slots filled
Michelle Byars

Large Pan of Cornbread (7)

please specify kind you are making, will need 2 pans gluten free & 1 pan vegan, please deliver by 5pm

All slots filled
Julia Blair
Plain cornbread
Einat Shoham
Plain cornbread
Christina Guzman
Kim Bullock
plain cornbread
Sara Gonsalves
Plain Cornbread
Christina Necf
Gluten free
Marsha Colby
Green chili cheese cornbread
9:00am - 1:00pm  

Saturday Set-Up (6)

Set-up welcome tables, bonfire and play areas, place pumpkins & luminary path

5 of 6 slots filled
Cindy Lanier (2)
Alice and I will be there.
Martin Hilbert
Elia Gallardo (2)
Jon and I will be there from 10am-12noon

Perilous Path Set-Up (12)

May need to stay longer if set up is not complete by 1pm

4 of 12 slots filled
Christian Dragheim
Brad Tom
David Gomes
I will be there for setting up my "special stage"
Michelle Byars

Entrance Set-Up Supervisor

Oversees set up of hay bales, tables, play area, welcome table, pumpkins and bonfire

Mary Caridi-Gorga
1:00pm - 5:00pm  

Perilous Path Set-Up (6)

Finish Perilous Path Set-Up

2 of 6 slots filled
David Gomes
I will be there for setting up my "special stage" and then , if I finish early, to help other stages.
Michelle Byars
4:30pm - 8:30pm  

Angel Guide for Protected Path (8)

We need 4 angels guides from 4:50-6:50 and 4 angel guides from 6:30-8:30pm, please specify which time you want to come. Each Angel Guide will guide groups through the protected path

6 of 8 slots filled
Marcela Cerecero
Karen Holt
6:30-8:30 shift
Kathy Dean
Ceri Beeman
Jenny Tom
First shift
Kelly Trunelle

Protected Path Vingettes (9)

Create a vingette for the Protected Path designed for preschool-4th graders, no experience needed and we have ideas, additional prep and set up time as needed

All slots filled
Jenise & Patty
Vignette #1
Ms. Borrego
Vignette #2
Johanna Horn
Vignette #4
Jenny Gannon
Vignette #6
Christina Guzman
Vignette #7
Meg Connell
Vignette #5
Ashley Camp /Loren McFarlane
Vignette #3
Jennifer Slater
Vignette #8
Jessica Efstratis
Path Welcome & Rules
4:45pm - 7:45pm  

Welcome Table (3)

Check in children and sell tickets

2 of 3 slots filled
Kristy Taylor
Maria Trnkova

Protected Path Bell Ringer (2)

Gather group and lead to the beginning of the Protected Path

1 of 2 slots filled
Martin Hilbert
4:45pm - 8:45pm  

Musicians (6)

We still have room for 2 more musicians, from 4:45-5:30 and from 8:30-9pm

All slots filled
Angela Kost & Friends
We will play from 7-8:30pm
Mary Caridi-Gorga
Bremen Town Musicians will take the 6:15 till 7 slot
Trista Stanley
We will play 5:30-6:15
Dave Dauphiné
I can take the last slot, 4:45-5:30. I have guitar and harmonica, hoping my drummer friend can come. Can bring a djembe drum too, folks are welcome to join!
Mary Caridi-Gorga
Ed Reeder and Friends will take the 8:30-9:00 slot
Phil Pennington

Protected Path Supervisor

Oversees the Protected Path, addt. time as needed before event

Kerry Rasmussen

Protected Path Actors (6)

Interested in being in a Protected Path Vingette that someone else has created and needs actors for?

2 of 6 slots filled
Laura Cotler
I’m happy to help if anyone needs an extra hand! Steve would probably do something too if you need him.
McKella Fritsch

Bonfire Tenders (2)

Oversee Bonfire in Welcome area, 2 shifts from 4:45-7:00 and 7:00-9:15, please specify which shift you want

All slots filled
Jaroslav Trnka
I want to take the 4:45-7:00 slot
Braydon Holtzinger
7-9pm slot
6:15pm - 9:00pm  

Perilous Path Supervisor

Oversees the Perilous Path, addt. time as needed before event

Christy Corp-Minamiji

Perilous Path Bell Ringers (2)

Lead students to the beginning of the Perilous Path. Please arrive at 6:15pm


Perilous Path Guides/Actors (12)

Interested in being a guide or actor on the Perilous Path, no experience needed. Shift can be split if you find and alternate.

3 of 12 slots filled
Joelle Lutz
Joel Bremson
Diana Cuomo
8:00pm - 10:00pm  

Protected Path & Grounds Clean Up (8)

Help with clean up of haybales, lighting and luminaries, and assist vignette breakdown if needed


Event Clean Up Supervisor

Supervise clean up of Protected Path, haybales, welcome area, lighting, pumpkins and luminaries

10/28/2018 (Sun.) Davis Waldorf School  9:00am - 12:00pm  

Final Clean-up (12)

Final Clean up of both Perilous and Protected paths.

4 of 12 slots filled
Rob N
Kelly Obrien (2)
Sonya Miller

Straw Bale Resale (40)

straw bales are available for purchase after the event at $3/bale and should be picked up Sunday morning from 9-11am. Hay bales should she be prepaid in the office by Friday 10/26

All slots filled
Christina Guzman
We will buy every hay bale