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CY Photo Flashdrives for LC 2018-SC 2019

Please sign-up here for purchase of a $25 photo 8MB flash drive containing at least 20 photos of your swimmer individually in the water and 20 of their age-group group photos shots.  Typically we have well over 50 photos.  These flash drives will be distributed at the end-of-the-year celebration event in March.  These photos may also be used in the annual slideshow shown at the Short Course psych party, the end-of-the-year celebration event and the team newsletter to promote team spirit.  

Families with swimmers in multiple age-groups will be attempted to be put onto one drive to keep the cost for this purchase as low as possible and still provide funds to the GENERAL Swim Team Fund to keep annual team fees low.

Please keep us informed if you will no longer be swimming on the team at [email protected] so our volunteer photography committee's time is wisely spent.  If you are interested in being on this committee, please contact Deborah Kaleta at [email protected] for further information.

Created by:   Deborah Kaleta
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Available Slot

Swimmer Name ( Last, First)

Include Age group in LC and SC season

91 slots filled - more available
Deborah Kaleta
Kaleta, John (LC-blue, SC-blue)
Deborah Kaleta
Kaleta, Sarah (LC-senior, SC-senior)
Nancy Cochran
Cochran, Nathan
Mindi Gliatti
Isabella Gliatti - Gold
miranda dattilo
Dattilo, Caleb
Carolyn Nephew
Nephew, Nina, 13 in LC and SC
Peggy Gertz (2)
Gertz, Daniel (LCGold/SCBlue) and Joseph (Silver)
Amy Tenbusch (2)
Julia Tenbusch-blue. Katie-bronze
Shari Rhodenbaugh
Rhodenbaugh, Hannah - Senior group
Shari Rhodenbaugh
Rhodenbaugh, Heidi 14 Blue group
Jessica Dupps
Dupps, Michael Jr 2 age 10
Chris Wilson
Allyson Wilson (senior group)
Bobby Joyce
Joyce, Elijah (LC senior, SC senior)
Lauren Malavich
Malavich, Abram (bronze)
Carissa Hensley
Hensley - Tanya (gold), Joselyn (LC silver / SC gold) Olivia & Elianna (LC bronze / SC silver)
Cara Welker
Welker, Andrew Yellow LC Yellow SC
Kristy Farnham
Alex farnham silver (summer) 11-12 (fall & winter)
Debbie Meyer
Meyer, Grant
Cook, Will
Heather Focht
Eliana Focht
Janie Lakes
Lakes, Ryder- Gold group for SC and LC
Leilani Sivsov
Sivsov, Anicca 14 years 2018-2019
Lindsay STUTZ
Stutz, Trey LC blue SC blue
Sara Perry (3)
Akers-Perry, Landen (LC - Silver, SC - Silver) Perry, Ellie (LC - Silver, SC - Silver) Perry, Gabby (LC - Gold, SC - Blue)
Leah Nelson
Nelson, Bennett age 11 for LC/SC
Maureen Harkins
Harkins, Jordan (Senior Group)
Margaret Ivnik
Margaret Ivnik (John Ivnik)
Leah Myers
Myers, Robbie
Amy Crider
Lentine, Lilly (LC-Senior, SC - Senior)
Amy Crider
Lentine, Luke (LC - Blue, SC - Senior)
Jennifer Woeste
Woeste, Leland (LC Gold SC Blue) Woeste, Caeden (LC Silver SC Gold)
Wendy Reppart
Reppart, Evan (Silver group)
Stacia Cukovecki
Jaxxon (bronze), Allisson (silver:LC, 11-12:SC 19)
Jenny Deerhake
Deerhake, Jaden 14
Jenny Leamer
Leamer, Aiden and Ethan
Teagan Stover
Stover, Teagan
Sara Moffitt
Moffitt, Sylvie J2
Rebecca Moates
Moates, Ethan
Melanie Schweikert
13-14 both seasons
Dana Palmer
Palmer, Emma (JR2)
Maya Schweikert
9-10 (SC), 11-12 (LC)
Lisa Averion
Averion, Sophia Sr 1
Jenny Gailey
Gailey, Mallory AG2
Kristine Farnham
Alex Farnham AG2
Bobby And Kathy Joyce
Elijah Joyce, Senior 1
Karie Lacy
Williams, Kendall
Janie Lakes
Lakes, Ryder. Age Group 2 SC season
Melanie Daughtrey
Daughtrey, Sophia
Leilani Sivsov
Anicca Sivsov
Casey Van Schoyck
Van Schoyck, Madi (Bronze)
Casey Van Schoyck
Van Schoyck, Grayden (Bronze)
Zaida Wagner
Age Group 2
Jennifer Lynch
Lynch, Gabe (AG1)
Kevin Glennon
Glennon, Kevin
Sarah Blank
Blank, Christian (Cole), SC & LC age 15
Beth Harnar
Harnar, Sara (SC- J1)
Kelly Tinsley
Cooper Tinsley (ag 4)
Angie Johnston
Emma Johnston; junior 1
Hillary McClung
Ava McClung
Muka Narangarav
Muka Narangarav is in the Junior2
Jennifer Jantausch
Jantausch, Liz (Senior 2)
Katie Gates
Gates, Cara - Junior 1
Karen Ansberry
Ansberry, Sam (Junior 2)
Abigail Bickley
Gubbi, Divya (Junior 1)
Michelle Zwelling
Zwelling, Allison senior
Maureen York
York, Kristianna (SC AG3)
Lauren Malavich
Malavich, Abram and Malavich, Greta both junior 1
Beth Rudowski
Faith Rudowski LC-Gold, SC-AG4
Theresa Kraus
Kraus, Rowan (Jr 2)
Tiffany Wellinghoff
Wellinghoff, Alyssa JR2
Kim Bonar
Rice, Caroline , senior 2
Ana Triif
Bella Triff - LC and SC junior 1
Ana Triif
Triff, Bella junior 1
Jim Leamer (2)
Leamer, Aiden and Leamer, Ethan
Jessica Shafer
Shafer, Julia AG2
Claire Liu
Liu, Claire, JR1
Tara Jansen (3)
Jansen, Aidan (Jr 2), Isabella (Jr 1), Oliver (Jr 1)
Michelle Hastings (2)
Hastings, Olivia (AG4) & Penny (Jr1)
Mark Carlson
Carlson, Andrya
Kari Fisher
Fisher, Katie
Jennifer Luckett
Luckett, Leah/Madeline/Kate
Heather Speed
Stella Speed - junior 1
Deborah Kaleta
Spash, Lilly

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