King's Grant Presbyterian Church

Vacation Bible School Donations

We need some donations to make VBS a success! If you can sign up to bring any of the items below, we would be greatly appreciative. 

Created by:   Amanda Pine
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Available Slot

Feather Duster

This item will be returned to you-please label

Carolyn Lammers
Feather duster

Playground Sand

1 Bag of Playground Sand

Fawn Bashford

Clear Plastic Bottles with Lids (40)

Wide Mouth Bottles such as Gatorade Bottles


Tropical Blend Fruit Juice (24)

12-16 ozs

4 of 24 slots filled
Lynne Riner (4)

Beach Towel (5)

These will be returned to you-please label

All slots filled
Bob LaRose (5)

Washcloths (5)

If you would like this returned to you-please label

All slots filled
Lynne Riner (5)

Gallon Jugs with Handles (20)

Milk Gallon Jugs Work Best- Please clean thoroughly

All slots filled
Emily Balke
Emily Balke (2)
In storage unit
Lynne Riner (5)
Sandi McCrory
Sandi McCrory
Sandi McCrory (2)
Sandra Bauer (2)
carolyn lothrop
Emily Balke (5)

Stuffed Animals (8)

12-24" in height-please label so these can be returned to you


Old Towels (15)

All slots filled
Sandi McCrory (4)
I might have more; how many do you need??
Carolyn Lammers
I have several I will drop off at church on Sunday
Emily Balke (10)

Empty 2 L Bottles (9)

Please wash well

8 of 9 slots filled
Vivian Phelps (2)
Sandra Bauer (6)

Fine Sandpaper (8)

Sheets of Fine Sand Paper

All slots filled
Fawn Bashford (8)

Gel Food Coloring

Carol Bibbs

Paper Grocery Bags (80)

62 of 80 slots filled
Sandi McCrory (2)
Gretchen Allmond (30)
Pamela Ponce (10)
carolyn lothrop (10)
Nancy Good (10)

Kiddie Pool (4)

Please label so we can return this to you


Straw Beach Mats (8)


Brooms (4)


Large Spray Bottles (10)

Qt or Liter

8 of 10 slots filled
Pamela Ponce (2)
Emily Balke (6)

Pop-Up Gazebo (3)

Nylon/Metal Frame-Please Label, these will be returned to you

2 of 3 slots filled
Bob LaRose
Mike Camlet

Vanilla Pudding Cups (20)

Package of 6 cups

12 of 20 slots filled
Pat Bowling (6)
Carol Bibbs (6)

LaCroix Citrus Flavored Water (2)

12 oz cans that come in a package of 12

All slots filled
Gay Aridas (2)

Graham Crackers

Gay Aridas

Pretzel Sticks

Gay Aridas

Fruit by the Foot (4)

Boxes can be found in the snack aisle

All slots filled
Gay Aridas (4)

30oz Carton of Goldfish Crackers (6)

4 of 6 slots filled
Nancy Good (2)
Carol Bibbs (2)

Swedish Fish Candy

3.5 pound bag


Tac Flashlight (3)


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