2018 Active Volunteers

83rd Season Celebration & Blythe Awards!

Join us on Saturday, August 11th to celebrate our 83rd Season. The event, hosted by Libby Bakke & Bryce Keil, kicks off with drinks and dessert @ 6pm and a presentation at 7pm. 

Date: 08/11/2018 (Sat.)

Time: 6:00pm PDT

Created by:   Volunteer Coordinator

Will you be attending the event?
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Responses:     Yes: 55     No: 17     Maybe: 2     No Response: 167

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 96     Maybe: 3

YES (55) -  

Sharon Honig-Bear (1 guest)

Bryce Keil (2 guests)
Host with the most

Kevin McCray (2 guests)

Katie Proctor (2 guests)

Jamie Woodham (1 guest)
My first time!

Noel Tsuchiya (1 guest)

Kasondra Cory (1 guest)

Lois & Joe Parks (2 guests)

Rod Hearn (1 guest)

Scott House (2 guests)

Barry Barnes (2 guests)
Barry is bringing 2 guests. He has already RSVP'd for himself.

James Mardock (2 guests)
Emilie might be independently RSVPing.

Sandra Neace (1 guest)

Nancy Chontos (2 guests)
Looking forward to it!

Milt and Judy Novak (2 guests)

Barry Barnes (1 guest)
Liz will be out of town.

Scott Hernandez (2 guests)

Jeff Varkonyi (2 guests)

sharon slattery (3 guests)

Ginnie Kersey (1 guest)

Jeff Chamberlin (2 guests)

Nettie Oliverio (2 guests)

Karen Handy (2 guests)

Emilie Mardock (2 guests)

Anna Christine (2 guests)

Craig Mastos (1 guest)

Patrick Dyer (1 guest)

Leah Wigren (1 guest)

Tahidy Arreguin (2 guests)

Jesse Spooner (2 guests)

Dan Javinsky (1 guest)
Reno Little Theatre Rules!

Ian Sorensen (1 guest)

Libby Bakke (2 guests)
and Bryce!

Jasmine Jiang (1 guest)
So happy to be in town for this!

Anne Bow (1 guest)

Judith Cordray (2 guests)

Judi Jensen (3 guests)

Terri Gray (2 guests)

jerry wager (2 guests)

Kathleen Doyle (2 guests)
Me and my husband Charles. Great season, guys!

Marlene Brock (1 guest)

Casey Evans (1 guest)

Evonne Kezios (2 guests)

Benjamin Engel (1 guest)

Lyric Burt (2 guests)

Jayna Orchard (1 guest)

Erich Goldstein (4 guests)

Moira Bengochea (5 guests)

Molly Stewart (2 guests)

Ryan Costello (2 guests)

Cami Thompson (1 guest)

Cierra Robinson (2 guests)

Kirk Gardner (2 guests)
and Julie Douglass

Sherry Christopher (1 guest)

Melis & Chad Coordinator (2 guests)

NO (17) +  

MAYBE (2) +