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Family Serve Day, Friday, April 12, 2019

We are excited to announce the site locations and plans for our third annual Family Serve Day. On Friday, April 12, 2019, our MPCS family will show God's love in action and in truth by serving at various locations throughout our community. Third through twelfth grade students and their parents will be able to select one of the great ministries below. Our desire is to be the hands and feet of Jesus, serving those in need. All parents are welcome to attend the Family Serve Day Chapel service on Wednesday, April 10, 2019. 

After you sign-up, you MUST fill out a consent form.  A link will be available after you sign-up, alternatively, you can fill it out here.

Date: 04/12/2019 (Fri.)

Created by:   [email protected]
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Available Slot

Action Ministries (25)


All slots filled
Chuck Paas (4)
Cannot wait
Kennedy Crenshaw (2)
Michelle France (4)
Stacie Meilstrup (3)
Christy Hewling (4)
Kweku Hudson (5)
Kweku Ekow yaba kwamina Julian
LaTashia Walker
Genesis & LaTashia
Natalie Driggers (2)

Austell Senior Citizens Center (25)


All slots filled
Jakob Crowder
Cynthia Moultrie (3)
Matt Kormann (3)
Jonathan Kavuma (2)
Lillian Nagaddya and Jonathan Kavuma
Lakeisha Lewis (3)
Chris Gatch (3)
Lolo Emoghene (2)
Christine Codrington
Darren Dunn
Chibuike Ohiagbaji
Chidinma Ohiagbaji
Laurita Clemons (2)
Emily Green
Rainey Hill

Bartow Family Resources (25)


All slots filled
Jennifer Adams (2)
Alex Adams
Caitlin Galloway
Charlotte Roman
Kristin Powell
Ginger Williams (4)
Cari Roman
Harold Dupuis (3)
Terry Matthaidess (2)
Lauryn Perry
Suzanne Poppe (4)
Ashley Crane
Pierce (2)
Grace Watford
Malia Burchett (2)
Andrea Batch

Because of Kennedy (20)


All slots filled
Kaye Long (2)
Jennifer Van de Vate (2)
Tonya Webster (3)
Cindy Orso (3)
Amy Love (3)
Andrew Brooks (2)
Holle Kennerly (3)
Pagie Armstrong
Paige Armstrong
Beverly Devaney
Beverly and Owen Devaney

Blue Skies Family (40)


All slots filled
Shannon Galbreath (3)
Heather Oliver (2)
Angela Short (3)
Brian Clay (2)
Brennan Clay
Deschell Anderson (2)
Cheri Oconnor (2)
Tewana Bohn (2)
Lesley Hays
Robert Friess (3)
Heather Massey (4)
Clara Hays
sherilynn priegel (2)
Steve Conklin (2)
Steve conklin and gilliane Conklin
Carla Brown (4)
Tewana Bohn
Boone Mazur
Carly Harvey Harvey
Joy Chambley and Sydney
Brody McQueen

Calvary Children's Home Team 1 (63)


All slots filled
Paige Johnson (5)
Linda Skinner
Michelle Gilmore (3)
jennifer jones (4)
April Lake (3)
April Lake, Carson Lake, Austin Lake
Sammi Ortega (4)
Laura Gardner (3)
Julie Osterland (5)
Sam Bruton (2)
Christy Mahon (3)
Peyton and Eason Mahon
Buddy Satterfield (3)
Kimberly Herring
Kimberly Herring, Bryce Herring, Kendall Herring, Jonathan House
Phil Surgala (3)
Phil Surgala, Cooper and Sammy
Amanda Oakes (2)
Amanda & Addy
Amber Cowan (5)
Daniel Cowan, Dano Cowan, Will Cowan, Sarah Cowan
Mallory Jordan
Lisa Hofmann (4)
Isabel Hofmann, Connor hofmann, Jacob hofmann, Lisa hofmann
Meredith McKee (3)
Benjamin Mueller
Jacey Howren
Jacey Howren, Elle Howren
Ruth Mueller
Tracy Barr (3)
Tucker, Ben, Libby Barr
Jacque Herring
Margaret Rowan (3)

Calvary Children's Home Team 2 (60)


All slots filled
Tyler Minnick (2)
Niki Faith (2)
Brumbelow Olivia (3)
Carolyn Pruitt (2)
Melissa Hein (2)
John Kroske (3)
Robb Verna (4)
Robb, Nikki, Shaye, Joey
Fiona Rainwater (2)
Kathryn Renzi (2)
Christie Simister (4)
Katie Keel (3)
Debra Smothers (3)
Bernardette Sigman (2)
Caroline & Bernardette
Stacy Tamborra (3)
Marci Holland (2)
Valerie Parham (3)
Donna Klewein (4)
Shelley Ray (4)
Vince, Shelley, VJ, and Landry Ray
Jennifer Everett (4)
Charlotte Smith
Ross Westbrook (2)
Dianne Brown (3)

Camp Gideon (STUDENTS ONLY) (100)

9am-2pm; transportation and lunch provided

16 of 100 slots filled
Stanley Morton
Kim Burnett
Sophie Zizi
Jackson Davis
Kristina Womack
Lillie Mae Norton
Caleband Shelby Brown (2)
Caleb Brown 7 and Shelby Brown 5
Parker Dixon
Parker Dixon
Maxwell Maldonado
Ephraim Agberien
Wylencia Monroe
Charlie Monroe - 8th Grade
Karlyn Hendrick
Nola Thompson
Bella Johns
Bea Parker (2)

The Chin Up Foundation (25)


All slots filled
Sean & Regina Hamilton (3)
Racheal Kayal (3)
Carmen Stewart (2)
Emma Grace Mathis
Cherie Dunn (5)
I have 8 people
Arian Behbahani (2)
Keven Adams (4)
reese marty (2)
Harvey Hillyer (3)

Cobb Street Ministries (25)


All slots filled
Kristi Thomas
Amy Peterson (2)
Shelby Wheaton
Nikki Smith (4)
Nancy Hutchins (3)
Nancy Hutchins
Shanna Fields (3)
Bridget Gatcha (4)
Bob Wagoner (4)
Angie Nasrallah (2)
Betsy Clegg

Dogwood Forrest of Acworth (40)


All slots filled
Landin Jackson (3)
Jeanne Atencio (2)
Jeanne and Morgan Atencio
Eric Duncan (2)
Will Duncan and Eric Duncan and Julie Duncan
Vanessa Bolivar (3)
Daniel Bolivar 10th grade, Sebastian Bolivar 5th grade and Omar Florez Grandparent
Barbara Stone (2)
Amber Stone
Niko Vangarelli (3)
Nia McElhaney (2)
Jazz Band Billy Flood
Michael Ayoub
Bailey Abel
Carson Kessler
Dakota Council (2)
Madison Vann (3)
Madison, Stacey, Logan, Brian
Kelly Hardeman
Darrell Kalichak (5)
Debbie Dyer (3)
Katelyn Sbravati
Anna Sanusi
Amy Adam (2)
Noah Dyer
Jazz Band
Libby Kessler

Extension Center- Womens (20)


15 of 20 slots filled
Tangye Watson
Margarita Hill (2)
Yvette Beckett (2)
Alana Osofisan (2)
Hannah Duncan (2)
Ann Fox
Gerano White (4)
Taliyah White
Erika Eipp

Feed My Lambs - Austell (20)


All slots filled
Dana Hester
David Beattie (2)
Heidi McLean (3)
Bree, Addy, Heidi
Alina Stevens (5)
Kris Brown (3)
Sydney and Ashley Brown
Richard Ruppel (4)
Mike Schwaig (2)

Feed My Lambs - Marietta (40)


All slots filled
Misty Fountain (4)
Nikki Graham (4)
Julie Sabella (2)
Alicia Thibodeau (3)
Roni Lettman-Brown (2)
patti Marino (3)
Dorothy Chaffee (4)
Chaffee Family
Beth Bou
Dennis Winslow (2)
For Allie Rollins
Corban Crain (3)
Dorothy Parada (4)
Jerry Collins (3)
West Brothers (5)

Foundation for Hospital Art Team 1 (7th-12th ONLY) (40)

9:30am-12:30pm; 7th-12th ONLY

All slots filled
Christine Woods
Christine Woods (3)
Heidi and Hampton Woods, Christine Woods
Emily Haygood (4)
Jake, Sam, Emily, &Jon Haygood
Julie Baute (5)
Leslie Pulley (3)
Amelia Pulley, Caroline Reeves and Leslie Pulley
Sophia Passantino (2)
Dianette Carisma (3)
America Hewatt (3)
Elizabeth Smith (4)
Elizabeth, Slaton, Shipley and Eliza
Angela Leveridge (2)
Hannah Fitzgibbons (2)
Peter Hawkins (2)
Maggie Epps
Lia Sanchez (2)
grayson epps
Jennifer Oswald
Alexandra Harvey

Foundation for Hospital Art Team 2 (7th-12th ONLY) (40)

1pm-4pm; 7th-12th ONLY

All slots filled
Claire Finch (3)
Avery West (2)
Robin Tyler (4)
Tyler Family
Matthew Burton
Mary Lusk
Abigail Russ (3)
Abigail, Ruth & David Russ
Leigh Robinson (3)
Leigh Lindsey and Jay
Ray Harvin (2)
Grace Cox
Kathleen McBride (2)
TJ Andrade (2)
Colton Mazur (2)
Brenda Christian (2)
Jennifer Oswald (2)
Elizabeth Smith (3)
Lori Leonard
Robin Tyler (2)
Aubry Watson
Angela Franklin (2)
Ar’Tee Franklin and Loren Nelson
Natalee Castro
Alex Finch

Gaines Park Assisted Living (27)


All slots filled
Debra Buchnan (3)
Alicia Pitts
Alexander Barton
Mandy Schaltenbrand (2)
Priscilla Amofah (4)
Karen Pitts
Karen Bean (2)
Corbin Bean and Karen Bean
Stacey Morgan (4)
Stacey Morgan, Sydney Morgan, Jacob Morgan and Lindsey Weaver
Ellie Henderson
Christal Huft (3)
Kathy Reeves (2)
Zachary Fors
Zachary Fors will be going with the Buchan family
Quinn Moore (2)

Good Neighbor Homeless Shelter (20)


19 of 20 slots filled
David R Fink Fink
Tommy Balas (5)
Jay Eckard (3)
Erin Wagoner (6)
Wagoner & Carroll
Jill Varnes (3)
Todd McKenzie

Good Samaritan Health Center (28)


All slots filled
Jonathan Kemp
Malissa Kemp (3)
Bradley Kemp, Emma Kemp
Heather Brian (2)
Kelly Moore (3)
Constance Mullins (2)
Karibeth Gentry
Karibeth Gentry
Rachel Lindsey (3)
Jake Bell (2)
Nathan Paine (3)
Gary, Angela, & Nathan Paine
Isabella Farmer (3)
Isabella Farmer, Melissa Thomas, Kevin Thomas
Lan Vo (2)
Kali Breckley and Landon Breckley
Mandy Tucker (3)
c/o Katie Schwab

GRACEPOINT School (25)


24 of 25 slots filled
Laura Backus (2)
Keri Lemmerman (2)
Sawyer Strack (2)
Tamara Hanson (3)
Aidan (15), Jonathan (13)
Mary Katherine Gordon (2)
BJ Willoughby (2)
BJ and Jacob Willoughby
Susan Spruill (3)
Amy Rowe (2)
Camie Powell
Cash Powell
Zack Hayman
Heather will be joining Zack !
Matthew Lopes (2)
Matthew Lopes
Kayla Green

Hayes Elementary (20)


All slots filled
Ciara Moore
Lili Watford (2)
Erin Kerley
Kimberly Lim (2)
Kimberly and Jackson Lim
Christopher Brown
with Ciara Moore
Gary Blinth (3)
Emma, Jeanine, Reese Brogan, Ashley Johnson
Victoria Reid (2)
Emily Grace McWhorter
Emily Roberts (2)
Emma Rae Gilreath

Hickory Hills Elementary (50)


All slots filled
Kelly Moran (4)
Kelly Moran
Sarah Weaver
Niki Kimball (4)
Kimballs, Ric Niki Makenzie Lila
Kendall Warner (2)
Audra Warner
Lindsay Kauffman (2)
Angela Smith (3)
Ethan, Katelyn, Casey
Donna DeVaux (2)
Emma Kate and Donna DeVaux
Kaye Walden (4)
Jill Sebaugh (3)
Ellie, Jill, Wes
Zessie Johnson (2)
Zessie & Anissa (mom)
Jill Tolbert (3)
Shannon McCune (3)
McCunes; Shannon, Sarah, and Sydney
Mary Breshears (2)
Lily Kate
Russ, Lily Kate, and Owen Stephens (3)
Courtney Barbito (3)
Beth Bowman
Jodi Sewell (2)
Kimberly Page (3)
Beth Little

Mars Hill Community Church Meal Prep Team 1 (20)


All slots filled
Lisa Shoch (5)
Michelle Abel (2)
Megan Abel
Tiffany Stenger (2)
Kelly Fredette (3)
Beth Westerhouse (2)
Jessica Morin
Tiffany Smith Hollis (5)

Mars Hill Community Church Grounds Work Team 2 (20)


All slots filled
Carrie Thompson (4)
Jan Flowers (4)
The Flowers Family
Harrison Mathis (2)
Becky Singleton (4)
Shauna Lantz (4)
Lantz family
Kendra Odom
Robin Smith

Mars Hill Community Church Meal Prep Team 3 (20)


All slots filled
Wendy Losacco (3)
Olivia Nichols
Leigh Caffrey (2)
Catherine Ethridge (3)
Ginger Bubolo (3)
Victor Miltiades
Victor Miltiades (3)
AnaLisa Love
Jordyn Tyler
Nazira Touma (2)
There will be 3 people in total my self, Marco Touma, and Angelo Touma


9am-12pm; High School ONLY

All slots filled
Tara Cumberland (3)
Parker Rostowsky
Lisa Spinetto
Luke Spinetto
Brent Adamson
Agbo Attah
Noah Roberts
Nick Oyola
Will Stephens
Joseph Hyland
Connery Meyer
Eric Torp
Sam Griffith (3)
Evan Warren
Jack Ryan Wingler
Evan Robinson
Wade Cooney
Zeb Adams
Jackson Manning
Davis Watkins
Wilson Harris
Matthew Lopes
Zac Butler

MUST Ministries Donation (14 and Older) (25)

9:30am-1pm; 14 and Older

All slots filled
Payton Dromey (3)
Jillian Empie (2)
Jillian & Rebecca Empie
Bola Idowu (3)
Mary Moll (4)
Mary, Brian, Ryan and Lauren Moll
Burnie King
Deidre Norton (4)
Courtney King
Kylie Johnson
Evie Davis (2)
Tatum Hartley
Aileen Szabo
Galilea Szabo (with Mary Moll)
Katelyn Dunning (2)

MUST Ministries Roadside (14 and Older) (25)

1pm-3pm; 14 and Older

2 of 25 slots filled
Shamaria Jennings
Jaiden Bradshaw

NorthStar Assisted Living (25)


All slots filled
Kimberley Keappler-Ruff (3)
Eric Brown (2)
Lauren Garofalo (4)
Jen Hammill (4)
Jen Hammill, Katie Hammill, Andrew Hammill, Abby Hammill
Gigi Rymut (2)
Shelly Ealey (4)
Ami Stephens (2)
Robin Smith (3)
Campbell and Kennedy Smith
Audra Gillis
We are excited to come

Refuge Rescue Animals (25)


All slots filled
Beverly Cavaciuti (4)
AJ Rivers (2)
Jill Vaughan (3)
Jill- parent, Alison and Cameron Vaughan
Kimberley Keappler-Ruff
Donna Konieczny (3)
Jeff Cox (2)
Jerri Mumbi (2)
Lillian Gray
TJ Andrade (2)
Laura Moody (3)
Joan Weindorfer (2)

Reid Home (15)


All slots filled
Jonhenry Clay
Amy Watts (6)
Ashley Feldman (2)
ashley and hailey feldman
Holly Akins (3)
Holly, Davis, Ella
Carson Hoyme
Parker Hanley
Lynn Johnson

Riverside Elementary (83)


All slots filled
Molly Baum
Leah Akiki (2)
Jenny Almeida
Therese Braman (2)
Amanda & Therese Braman
Serge Geffrard (3)
Elizabeth Baum
Jennifer Kilgo (4)
Jonathan Morrow (2)
LaVon Morrow
Hunter Sneed (3)
Elise Snider (6)
Snider’s with Caroline Rubicalva
Kristi Poole (2)
Amanda Mutz
Chonta Flowers (3)
Shea Buehler (2)
Suzy and Lily Buehler
Beatriz Terrassa (3)
Jenna Troyer (2)
Jennifer Bethel (4)
Carter Kraetsch (2)
Hayley Hedrick (4)
Taylor Bonner
Norman Bonner
Tracy Overton (4)
Macie Sacristan (2)
Logan Cranford (2)
Lisa Ferary (3)
Michael Coffee (2)
Laura Ginter (2)
Renee' Dockins
Kennedy Muhoro (2)
Elizabeth Slone (3)
Holland, Miller and Elizabeth Slone
Jake Roberts (2)
Will be with Trevis or Elaine roberts.
Yolanda Williams (2)
Savannah Casey
Misty Saldi
Hannah Pulley
Havalynn Abernathy
Ann Cox (2)
Slone Frazer (3)

Safe Path (20)


All slots filled
Antonio Hundley (3)
Antonio, Mom, Dad
Angie Davis
Riley and Reagan Davis
Lisa Pacheco (2)
Lela & Lisa
Chris Cunningham (2)
Chris Cochran (2)
Amy Johnson (3)
Turner and Emma
Luciano Corpora-Ellis
Luke Lumpkin (4)
Caroline Pugh

Salvation Army Team 1 (30)


All slots filled
Addison Corn
Josh Jimenez (3)
Josh, Emily, Julie Jimenez
Gracie Dinsmore (3)
Gracie Rona and Ron Dinsmore
Lucas Barnett (2)
Susan Brown (2)
Noah brown
Stephanie Wetmore (3)
Anthony Poe (2)
Anthony Poe, Clay Poe
Deanna White (3)
Deanna White, Gabrielle White, and Emma Bethel
Edwin Geveke (2)
Lauren Seo
Noah Seo
Madeline Grace Rainey (3)
Julia Brown
Kina Mungai
Lola Robertson
Rhett Bonner
Rhett Jr. & Ali Bonner

Salvation Army Team 2 (30)


2 of 30 slots filled
Toyosi Okurounmu (2)
Anjola Morgan

Steve Shelton Farm (HIGH SCHOOL ONLY) (35)


All slots filled
ty mahaffey (2)
Michelle Davenport (2)
Carol Miller (5)
Millers /Barnett
Pam Keller (3)
Jennifer Oswald
For Anton Oswald going with Pyles
Angie Wilson
Linda Parker (3)
Kc Rowe (2)
Kc Rowe (2)
Karen Salmon (2)
Jasiah Washington (2)
Matthew Moore (2)
John Robert Sess
Reid Jones (2)
Reid Jones
Jake Lim
Hudson Jervey
John Thomason
Dawson Smith
Andrew Bennett

Thankful Baptist Church (20)


All slots filled
Melinda Edwards (4)
Kristen Valentine (4)
Theodora Fidanoski (2)
Nathan Doyle (3)
Rich Spaulding (3)
Kimberly Butryb (3)
David Garcia
David Garcia, Alicia Garcia

The Table On Delk (HIGH SCHOOL ONLY) (15)

9am-12pm High School Only

All slots filled
Hart Elliott (2)
Hart and Alex Elliott
Aaron Berryhill
Kristen Kelly (4)
Tonia Austin (3)
Payne Austin
Ellen Carmack (2)
Kathy Stroup (3)

Walton Crossing Adventure Center (25)


20 of 25 slots filled
Whitney Olmore (2)
Christin Lott (2)
Shannon Babcock (3)
Marielle Thrower (2)
Daylen Thrower
Denise Thrower
Mackenzie Fowls
Elizabeth Amaral (2)
Ryan Schultz (2)
Mike Green (2)
Peggy Green
Suzannah Worley (2)
Reggie Baker
Ayden Worley

Walton Ridenhour Adventure Center (20)


All slots filled
Piper Ross (3)
Lauren McCabe (3)
Lauren, Connor and Cooper
Sheila Evans (2)
Parisa Herrin (2)
Beth Mulqueen (2)
Sarah Mulqueen
Samantha S Stephens (4)
Rebecca Partain (2)
Vanessa Morris (2)

Walton Village Adventure Center (20)


All slots filled
Nolan O'Connor
Andrew Gleason
Hi I’m Jackson
Sherri Monger (2)
Camille Monger (Grade 6)
Jo-Ann Sanchez-Cotto (2)
Jeri Sute (3)
Jeri, Will (7th) & Zach Sute (6th)
Stephanie McGill (2)
Owen (3rd)
Tim O’Connor
Tim O’Connor with Nolan (already signed himself up)
Nathan Warren
Michael Warren
samantha renz
Jennifer Barnett (3)
Avery Barnett, Irvin Barnett, & Jennifer Barnett
Mark Green (2)
We Are The Green Family It 4 of us if that's okay
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