Spring Work Day Job Sign-Up

Date: 05/04/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 8:00am - 12:00pm EDT

Location: Eagle Ridge

Created by:   Eagle Ridge
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MAIN DRIVEWAY: Clear road and edges of all leaves, branches and debris. Cut back brush and small trees 5' to 10' on each side of road. Leave brush 1ft tall to avoid the chance of car riding over the small stumps and blowing out a tire. (11)

TOOLS NEEDED: Rakes, shovels, weed whackers, clippers wheelbarrow, leaf blower, chain saw.

All slots filled
Ryan Shanahan
Peter Lapadat
Brian Smith
Matt Watson
Matthew Morreale
Kurt Mattia
beth dann
Matt Cummings
Pat Cullinan
Sheila Weimer
Walter Mazgaj

CLEANUP GROUNDS: Rake play area, volleyball court area & area behind pool, pavilion and storage shed. Pick up leaves, sticks & debris. Please take all debris well into the woods to dump. (5)

TOOLS NEEDED:Rakes, shovels, weed whackers, clippers, wheelbarrow, leaf blower.

All slots filled
Matthew Bystrak
Annemarie And Mike Talty
Ben McGreevy
Brett Widman
Mike Clayback

TENNIS COURTS: Clean up the courts - there are a lot of leaves that need to be removed. Install the wind/ sound screens and nets. (6)

TOOLS NEEDED: Step ladders, snips, push broom and dust pan, leaf blower, rakes, tarps, zip-ties.

All slots filled
Christopher Tingley
Mary Ann Tingley
Todd Musterait
Bill Helfrich
Nathan Stone
Chris McGrath

FLOWER BED EDGING/ MULCH REMOVAL: Remove old mulch and weed the flower/ bush beds around the pool house. Please take all old mulch/ weeds/ extra dirt deep into woods. (5)

TOOLS NEEDED: Shovels, rakes, wheelbarrow.

All slots filled
Mike Suda
Mike Suda will be helping. Please let us know what tool to bring.
Scott Schappert
Jason Conley
Will bring wheelbarrow rake and shovel
Ryan Nungesser
Jon Lilley

CLEAN TIMBERLAKE PATH: Rake & blow Timberlake trail - there are lots of leaves. Round up stones around the perimeter of the tennis courts, clean up walk way from bottom to Timberlake path to play area, trim shrubs/trees along path to club. (4)

TOOLS NEEDED: Rakes, shovels, leaf blower, garbage can. clipper, hedge trimmer

All slots filled
Kevin Kimball
Stephen Siulc (2)
Peter Griesinger

CLEAN/ PAINT/ ORGANIZE ALL THE TABLES AND BENCHES UNDER THE PAVILION: Inspect all benches and tables and paint those that need it. Clean all the benches and tables and organize under the pavilion. (8)

TOOLS NEEDED: Paint brushes, rollers, roller pans and drop cloths. Buckets and scrub brushes.

7 of 8 slots filled
Paul Christ
Glenn & Sharon Woolgar (2)
Tom Furlani
Miranda Holmes (2)
Mark and miranda
Emily Paul

VOLLEYBALL COURT: Rake debris from court, edge grass around perimeter, clean leaves around the perimeter, rototill. (4)

TOOLS NEEDED: rakes, rototiller, shovels, wheelbarrow.

All slots filled
Alan Duckham (2)
Paul Cramer
Mike Stempki

CLEAN, REPAIR, SETUP GRILLS: Clean out grill housing. Repair, as best you can, grill grates. Clean and install all the grill grates. (2)

TOOLS NEEDED: Wire brushes

All slots filled
David Brauer (2)
David and Jackson Brauer

PARKING LOT CLEANUP: Clear parking lot and perimeter of all leaves, branches and debris. Cut back all over growth around the perimeter. (5)

TOOLS NEEDED: Rakes, shovels, weed wackers, clippers, wheelbarrow, leaf blower.

All slots filled
Mike Hayes
Aiden and I will be there from 8-10
Lucie & Edward Bowers-Sewell (2)
Both Edward and I will be there from 8AM to 10AM with rakes and a leaf blower.
Tom Calpin
Joanne Boebel
My son and I will be there 8-10am

INSTALL AWNINGS: Tennis court, pavilion, swim bulletin board, baby changing table. (3)


All slots filled
Kim & Tom Murray
Ben Casto
I can bring 6 foot ladder if needed.
John Jahnke

SANDBOX AND PLAYGROUND CLEANUP: Remove sand from sandbox and replace with new sand. Replenish stone in playground area and rake level. (4)

TOOLS NEEDED: Shovels, wheelbarrow, rakes.

All slots filled
Frank Marks (2)
Frank and Carter Marks
Mike Loehfelm (2)
Mike & Robyn

GUTTER CLEANING: Clean all gutters around pool house, guard office and storage room.

TOOLS NEEDED: Gloves, bucket, ladder and small shovel.

John O’Sullivan

TOUCH UP POOL FENCE WITH PAINT: Spray Paint the pool fence black. Re-Hang signs on back gate. (2)

TOOLS NEEDED: Rubber gloves, face masks. May want to wear old long sleeve shirt to protect against over-spray.

All slots filled
Darren Kavanaugh
Tom Roberts

POWERWASHING: Powerwash pool area, pavilion area, building eaves and gutters. (3)

TOOLS NEEDED: Powerwashers, protective glasses/ goggles.

All slots filled
Stephanie Bruzgul
I will be there from 10-12
Tom Bass
Ty Palaganas
Will be there from 8-9 and will bring powerwasher

DRAIN AND CLEAN BABY POOL: Remove baby pool cover, pump and clean leaves/ debris and power wash. (2)

TOOLS NEEDED: Power washer & push brooms.

All slots filled
Jared Smith
Please provide a life vest
Matt Bubar
I'll bring life jackets

STAINING/ PAINTING: Stain play center & sandbox, paint swing set. (4)

TOOLS NEEDED: Paint brushes & rollers.

1 of 4 slots filled
Mark Vivian

SUNDECK: Sand and paint railing/ benches & picnic table. (2)

TOOLS NEEDED: Sanders & paint brushes.

1 of 2 slots filled
Tim Ray


TOOLS NEEDED: Tools will be provided.

17 of 20 slots filled
Jaxon And Jayden Bruzgul (2)
Will be there from 10-12
Joseph & Kathleen Gabryel (2)
Dawn Boryszak
Ed Graber
Jill Mikulec (2)
Jennifer And Jess Drozdowski
Will be there at 9am
John Schimert
Seshi Campbell
I will bring my 9year old with me
Katie and Brian Sullivan
We will trade off so someone is watching the kids
Dave Umfrey
Jennifer Raines
I will be there from start until 10am
Dave Barnes (2)

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