Liberty Christian School

2019 Patriot Auction

Here is a list of baskets with suggested items for the 2019 Patriot Auction. Please sign-up for a basket below (or create your own) and deliver to the school by Wednesday, March 27, 2019.

We thank you for participating and supporting the auction.

**The auction committee reserves the right to adjust the basket if needed. Please try limit the value of the basket to no more than $200.

Created by:   Kris Dunham
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Available Slot

Backyard Fire Pit

Fire pit, marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate bars, grilling sticks, camp chairs

Liz Allgaier

Baking Basket

Cake Mixes, Frosting, Decorations, Cupcake Cups, Cake Pan, Decorating Tools, Certificate for Decorating Class

Nick-Cara Christman
Mrs. Bogen's 2nd grade class

Beach/Pool Basket

Pool Toys, Beach Towels, Sunscreen, Lawn Chair, Beach Mat, Water Bottles/Cups

Lisa Ridge

Bird Lover’s Basket

Bird Bath for yard, bird feeder, seeds


Breakfast Basket

Mixing bowl, pancake mixes, variety of syrups


Car Servicing/Cleaning

Certificate for tire rotation, oil change, car cleaning products


Cinco De Mayo Basket

Quesadilla Warmer, Sombrero, Taco Seasonings, Tortillas


Coffee/Tea Basket

Keurig, coffee mugs, assorted coffees/teas, syrups


College Bound Basket

Laundry basket/Shower Tote, towels & wash cloths, gift certificates for restaurants, VISA gift card, laundry soap, quarters, bath gel, bath scrubbie, hand sanitizer, tool set, batteries, flashlight


Crafter’s Delight Basket

Markers, Paint, Gift Certificate to Hobby Lobby/Michael’s, Craft Paper, Stickers, Stamps


Crockpot of Soup Basket

Crockpot, Ladle, Soup Mugs/Bowls, Soup Mixes, Bread Mixes

Candi Looney

Date Night

Gift certificate to local restaurant, movie tickets, babysitting services (good for one of the teenagers)


Family Game Basket

Any family games, popcorn, candy

Codi Jarrett
Family Fun Night (Pizza, Snacks, Movies, Games)

First Aid Basket

Band-Aids, Cold Packs, Medical tape, gauze, Bactine, Rubbing Alcohol


Fitness Basket

Gym Membership, Yoga Mat, Water Bottle, FitBit/Pedometer, Towel, Arm Bands, Protein Bars, Gatorade


Golf Basket

Golf Balls, Tees, Towel, Club cover, Driving Range Gift Card, Hat, Glove, Sunscreen


Grand Slam Basket

Peanuts, Cracker Jacks, Baseball, Batter’s Box Certificate, Baseball Glove


Grocery Basket

Reusable Basket/Bag, Everyday Items from Store, Grocery Gift Card


Ice Cream Basket

Ice cream toppings, scooper, bowls, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce

Amy Brantingham

Italian Dinner Basket

Colander, Pasta Sauce, Alfredo Sauce, Assorted Pastas, Olive Oil


Laundry Basket

Laundry Basket, Laundry Soap, Fabric Softener, Dryer Sheets, Stain Remover, Gift Card to Dry Cleaner


Mariners Basket

Baseball tickets, Mariners T-Shirt, Peanuts


Mens’ Grooming Basket

Haircut certificate, shaving cream, men’s shampoo, body wash, towel


Outdoor/Garden Basket

Garden Tools, Hose, Sunscreen, Seeds, Knee Pillow

Mrs. Whitmore's Class

Painters Basket

Paint brushes, drop cloths, fan deck of colors, rollers, paint tray

Candi Looney

Pet Basket

Grooming Certificate, Pet Store Gift card, Brush, Shampoo, Toys, Treats


Pizza Basket

Pizza Pan, pizza cutter, crust mix, sauce


Princess Basket

Hair Bows, Mirror, Brush & Comb, Nail Polish, Tiara, Girly Items

Candi Looney

Sandbox/Water Table Fun Basket

Sandbox/Water Table, Sand Toys, Noodles, Sunscreen


Science Kit Basket

Science Kit book for kids, goggles, lab coat, funnel, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, diet soda, mentos, rock salt


Seattle Seahawk Basket

Football tickets, Seahawk Gear


Soak Your Cares Away Basket

Bubble Bath, Plush Towels, Candles

Nella Cochran

Spa Day

Certificate to local spa, plush robe, flip flops


The Grill Master Basket

Grill, charcoal, grilling tools, seasonings, matches/lighter


The Places You Will Go Basket

“Oh, The Places You Will Go’” book, scooter, game of life, gps


Toolbox Basket

Measuring tape, level, hammer, krazy glue, utility knife, flashlight, tootlbox, batteries

Kelly Custer

WSU Fan Basket

Tickets to WSU Game, WSU Apparel, WSU Fan Gear


Movie Basket

Movie Tickets, Popcorn, Candy, etc.

Candi Looney

Camping Essentials

Water bottles, mosquito repellent, camp chairs, blanket, cooler, games, etc.

Amy Brantingham

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