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2019 Band Show Volunteer Sign Up

We are in the planning stages for our upcoming Stow Band Show on Saturday September 21, 2019. In order for this to be a complete success we need help from our fabulous band parents. Please read over the volunteer descriptions for each committee and consider where you can best help.

Most committees have responsibilities that don't allow for overlap with volunteering for another committee, so please only sign up for one committee at this time. 

If you have any questions, please email me directly or text me at the contact information listed below:

Jennifer Biggs


[email protected]

Date: 09/21/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 5:00pm - 9:30pm EDT

Location: Stow High School Stadium

Created by:  The Band Boosters
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Available Slot

Ticket sales chairperson

Setting up and maintaining the "Seat Yourself" website for online ticket sales. Planning and communicating with the committee members what needs to be done prior to the show and during the day of the show

  Jennifer Miller

Ticket sales committee member (7)

Selling tickets at the ticket booths and collecting tickets inside the gates. Both of these responsibilities should have you done by approximately 7:45, depending on the crowds.

All slots filled
  Christine Galperin
  Toni Doty
  Lisa Fawcett (2)
Jon Fawcett can help too.
  Deb Baughman
  Heather Galioto
  Kim Pigman

Program chairperson

Gather information from participating band directors to be used in the program. Solicit pricing estimates. Design, create, and print the program.

  Dave Stofka

Program committee member (4)

Pass out programs at the entrance prior to the start of the band show. Should be done with this job by 7:45, depending on the size of the crowd.

All slots filled
  Kathy Ritchie
  Jeanne Crowe
Either Doug or self
  Missy Dort (2)
Steve and I are both signing up to help

Usher chairperson

Plan and organize those working as ushers during the show. Ensure there are ushers present to direct guests to main stands, overflow stands, and handicapped seating.

  Anne Teare

Ushers (8)

Assist guests to seats. Monitor and assist seating in both reserved and handicapped areas. Ushers need to remain in their positions until end of first half of show to help late arrivals.

All slots filled
  Floyd Juszli (2)
  Arlene Leyba-Silva
  Melissa Pockl
  Tammy Lott
This will be the first time I’m not in concessions!
  Kimberly Shull
  Jacinto Nunez
  Suzanne Bernhardt

Concession Stand chairperson (3)

Coordinate with Booster Club for use of their concession stand. Coordinate volunteers to work Band concession stand.

All slots filled
  Melissa Blasko
  Jason Flatt
  Maggie Hijazi

Concession Stand committee (40)

Work concession stand during band show. Also help sell donuts outside of concession stands.

37 of 40 slots filled
  Debbie Barry (2)
Todd and Debbie
  Jen Bonazza
  Tom Hutchins
  Mellisa Grieve (2)
Keith Grieve will be helping too! ( Mackenzie Andersons Parents)
  Bernie Moxley
  Christine Tritten
  Marian Goss
  Christian Mickovic (2)
Christine too.
  Karen Meyerson
  Ken And Nancy Marquette (2)
  Michael LaMantia
  Karen Meyerson
  Mark Phillips
  Renee Cartwright
  Heidi Bee (2)
Carl is coming, too!
  Karen Bindus
  Kim Thomas
  Julie Roth
  Julie Black (2)
My husband and I ran the fries concession last year and would like to do that again.
  Taylor Leyba
  Tiffany Lieberth
I will be there after I get off work, about 6:30.
  Dawn Kozar (3)
Dawn & Seb, Rose Eggert
  Kristen Harriman (2)
Kristen and Neal Harriman
  Chris Droder (2)
Me and Justin will be there.
  Charissa Duffy (2)
John and Charissa
  Karen Cooper
I can do pretzels again ;)

Water/Snack Chairperson

Solicit donations and/or best prices for water and snacks to be given to visiting band members. Coordinate distribution of snacks/water to each band during the show

  Michelle Kusic

Water/Snacks committee (4)

Assist with distributing water and snacks to all of the visiting bands during the show

All slots filled
  Rena Pearson
  Nicole DEIKUN
  Ruth Schmidt
  Jennifer Betz

Raffles Chairperson

Coordinate 50/50 raffle sales before show and during the first half of the show. Including purchasing of tickets to be used

  Steve Ritchie

Raffle committee members (8)

Sell 50/50 raffle tickets prior to the start of the show and until the end of the first half of the show. Selling tickets at both a table and in the stands.

7 of 8 slots filled
  Shannon Carpenter
  Lisa Cogdeill
  Ammie Brigger
  Leslie Dougherty
  Carrie Morgan
  Stacey Goding
  Karla Morris
Table please, if possible. I’m pretty short & not very good with the risers.

Set Up and Tear Down chairperson

Coordinate with Mr. Newman and other committee members to determine what equipment is needed for the show. Coordinate volunteers to prepare the stadium and various areas before the show and clean up extra equipment after the show.

  Glenn Pace

Set up and Tear Down Committee member (8)

Arrive early to set up prior to the show and stay after the show to clean up as needed. Arrival time is 3:00 for this committee.

All slots filled
  Kristen Harriman (2)
Myself and Neal Harriman
  Barb Radcliff
I have signs, and sign holders.
  Joan Rowan
Josh Kupetz
  Mary Dyer
  Maria Gabanyic (2)
Matt Gabanyic will help also
  Mark Bowers

Advertising Chairperson

Coordinate and Organize publicity of the Show with Stow Sentry, social media, and any other creative means to get as many people to attend the show as possible.

  Maria Grimm

Advertising Help (3)

Aid in brainstorming advertisement options & carry out any necessary tasks to be sure the show is well publicized.


Parking Chairperson

Coordinate bus/truck parking for visiting bands. Coordinate traffic flow as bands and guests arrive. Determine and provide appropriate signage for handicapped parking.

  Joel Biggs

Parking committee member (8)

Maintaining traffic flow, getting busses to assigned parking areas, assist guests to both general and handicapped parking areas.

All slots filled
  Eric Tritten
  Mike Lamancusa
  John Pearson
  Tom Bordonaro
Tom Bordonaro
  Aaron Hall
  Lynn Britton (2)
Arthur & Lynn
  Brian Dougherty

Shout Out/T-shirt Chairperson

Sell Shout outs & Band Show T-shirts

  Diane Bunnell

Shout Out & T-shirt Volunteers (4)

Sell shout outs & Band Show T-shirts

All slots filled
  Jessica Stofka
  Emily Baker
  Jill Folk
Jill Folk
  Amy Flake

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