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House Parties with Beth Am Clergy and Members

House Parties with Clergy and Beth Am members

October – December

We invite you to the homes of various wonderful members of our congregation to spend time together with our clergy team to talk more about spirituality, prayer, and what moves you Jewishly about our synagogue and hear more about what this year will bring at Beth Am.

This is a great way to spend quality, casual time with the rabbis and cantor and your fellow congregants outside of the synagogue. Gatherings will be held in neighborhoods in and around Seattle in the hope that everyone in our community will be able to attend. Please note that space is limited at each.

  1. House parties will be held October through December.
  2. All members are invited to sign up for ONE house party, ideally in or close to their neighborhood.
  3. Two weeks before the party, members will receive an email with the exact address, directions, and any specific information. 

Questions or trouble signing up? Ask Alexis via email [email protected] or call 206.525.0915.

Created by:   Alexis Kort
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy PST) Location Available Slot
(Wed. 3:00pm - 4:30pm)
Aljoya Thornton Place 

For Beth Am members at Aljoya

RSVP to [email protected]

(Wed. 7:00pm - 8:30pm)
Fred & Dita Appelbaum (Laurelhurst) 

Attendees (30)

Adult Only

10 of 30 slots filled
Gwen Hanson (2)
Thank you for inviting us!
Larry Zeidman (2)
Gabriela Hannach
Heather Camp
Thank you for hosting, happy to bring brownies if needed
Helen Spiro (2)
Ronnie Shure (2)
also Toby Harris
(Sun. 3:30pm - 5:00pm)
Ben & Theresa Glatstein (Greenwood/Phinney) 

Attendees (14)

Younger Kid Friendly

All slots filled
MaryEllen & Tom Buchanan (2)
Lucy Auster
Sheila Cory (2)
let us know if we can bring anything
Jo & AJ Merrick (2)
we can bring something as well
Susan Moon
Claire Smith (2)
We will bring our 2 kids, also.
Janis Blauer-Chima (2)
With my husband Ndubuisi
Elaine Klein (2)
Ari Rosen & 2 kids will also attend with me
(Wed. 7:00pm - 8:30pm)
Leah Vetter (Meadowbrook) 

Attendees (18)

Adult only

16 of 18 slots filled
Sally Kinney
Eila Amdur
Kelly Rigotti
Looking forward to it!
Stephanie Kaylin
Ellen Naor (2)
will bring some cookies
Ginny Shulman
Barbara Dolby (2)
Shelly Anne Rosen (2)
Marie Donadio will be with me
Ginny Shayne
Garry Crane Crane (2)
Looking forward to the evening!
wendy russell
i can't make it, I'm sick
Carole Aaron
(Sun. 3:30pm - 5:00pm)
Lynne & Greg Feiges (Bellevue) 

Attendees (22)

Older Kid Friendly ages 10+

7 of 22 slots filled
Bronwyn Scott (2)
My husband and I
Kimberly Lustig
Elaine Steinberg
Ricca Ben
Looking forward to meeting other Beth Am Eastsiders! Thanks for hosting!
Ronald Pergamit (2)
sorry about the last minute rsvp
(Sun. 3:30pm - 5:00pm)
Stacey & Seth Cohen (Ballard/Carkeek) 

Attendees (16)

Younger Kid Friendly

9 of 16 slots filled
Alex Shusterman (3)
Jaclyn, Alex, and Sam
Deborah Becker
Great idea!
Rosalyn Schiller
Thanks for stepping up, Stacey & Seth!
Dror and Moranne Berel (4)
2 adults, kids are 2.5 and 9
(Wed. 7:00pm - 8:30pm)
Rebecca Fox & Robert Heller (Capitol Hill) 

Attendees (24)

Adult Only

All slots filled
carin cunningham
Corinne Fligner (2)
Mark Wener will also attend, same email
John Rothschild
Barbara Droker (2)
Margo MacVicar Whelan
judith bendor
look forward to this
David Kosins (2)
Peggy Crastnopol (3)
Zach Purcell will join us, and perhaps also Charles Purcell.
Judy Klayman (2)
Leslie Kaplan (2)
Laurie Stusser-McNeil (2)
Joan Weiss (2)
Terri Pollock
Stephanie Levine (2)
thanks for hosting!
(Wed. 7:00pm - 8:30pm)
Rich & Barbara Shikiar (Laurelhurst) 

Attendees (24)

Adult Only

23 of 24 slots filled
Susan & Alan Schulkin (2)
Diana Brement
Alison Levy
Joanne Lipson Lipson
Bob Lipson (2)
Katie Chenu
Gary Goldbaum (2)
plus Judy Unger
Carol Tice (2)
Thanks for hosting! Let us know if we should bring something
Liz & Marty Wolk (2)
Nancy Lichter (2)
Nancy & Aaron Lichter will attend, thank you
Steven Levy (2)
Carol Sparer (2)
David Zieve will also attend
Aline Parker (2)
With Tony Tudisco
Laura Newborn
Hopefully, it's OK for my husband to come as well, even though there was only one slot left? Please let me know. My husband is Marvin Willis. Thank you.
(Sun. 3:00pm - 5:30pm)
Elana & Matthew Shippen (Edmonds) 

Attendees (24)

Kid friendly

All slots filled
Denise & Mitch Grayson (2)
Looking forward to meeting new northend friends!
Michael Berman (2)
Terri and I are looking forward to it. The kids most likely won't be joining us.
Lee and Tom Mcgrath (4)
Thank you so much! Our sons, 7 and 6 will also be joining.
Christiane & Mahyar Rahbarrad (2)
Thank you!
Raphaela Warschauer (2)
Thank you!
Denise Wechsler (3)
At least 3 of us, prob not the older 2
Sheldon Goldstein (3)
with Amanda and Michael
Amanda Hardcastle (2)
Thank you for hosting! We expect we will have our baby with us
Nicole Faghin (2)
Alan Marx (2)
Signing up myself (Alan) and my wife Nancy. Looking forward to meeting more temple members. Thank you for hosting. Can we bring anything?
(Sat. 3:30pm - 5:00pm)
Helen & Steven Spencer-Snyder (Wedgwood) 

Attendees (19)

Older Kid Friendly ages 10+

15 of 19 slots filled
Carol and Roger Bergson (2)
Looking forward to meeting you.
Bernice Harris
Thanks for hosting!
Debbie Bermet
Shelly Cohen (2)
Jonathan Freedman
Peter Gruenbaum (2)
Anne Futterman (2)
Ellen Greenberg (2)
We are late to reply, but would love to bring the kids if Ari is around. Is that ok?
Mikhaila Barg Reudink
Mark is out of town, just me, thank you!
Marilyn Layton
(Wed. 7:00pm - 8:30pm)
Ruth & Greg Berkman (Downtown) 

Attendees (26)

Adult Only

18 of 26 slots filled
Connie & Scott Rock (2)
Looking forward to this!
Susan and Ted Klastorin (2)
Thanks for hosting!
Goldie Silverman (2)
Lucy Sloman (2)
Howard Lowen (2)
Looking forward
Betsy Maurer (2)
Thank you for hosting!
Diane Baer (2)
Jean-Loup will also attend
Carol Sanders (2)
Emma Kahle
Bernice Harris
(Sun. 3:30pm - 5:00pm)
Alisa & David Weise (Windermere) 

Attendees (18)

All slots filled
Julia Bacharach (2)
Hilary Loeb (3)
Dan Grossman (4)
Joan Miller (2)
Beth Ginsburg (2)
Ingrid Peterson (2)
Ross Kling (2)
Beryl Schulman

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