Capitol Area North and South Districts

2019 Leadership Training Day

Saturday, February 2, 2019

at Grove City United Methodist Church

2650 Columbus St., Grove City, Ohio 43123

Click here for a map to Grove City UMC


  • Doors Open at 8:30 AM
  • Opening- All are invited to attend the Open Plenary/Making Disciples for the Transformation of the World - will be held in the Sanctuary at 9:00 AM 
  • Break at 10:30 am
  • Workshops start at 10:45 AM and end at 12:15 PM
  • There is no cost to attend the workshops
  • There are 13 Workshop Options to choose from.


Workshops and Presenters:

Board of Trustees Basics- Mr. Chris Hogan - Introduction to the legal and Disciplinary principles regulating those who serve as Trustees of an incorporated local church.

Children and Youth Ministries - Ms. Shelly Nall - Come for new ideas for your children’s ministry program, and collaborate with others who work in children’s ministry. 

Church Lifecycles - Rev. Bill Lyle - ) Every living organization including churches experience lifecycles. Many times as a church we get stuck and don’t know how to move forward. If your church is on the growth side, we’ll look at the temptations and pitfalls ahead. If your church is on the decline side, we’ll discover ways to get unstuck. Whether you are a church just out of the starting gate or about to close, this workshop will empower you to new life and restoration of your mission! It will also provide practical application to utilize your vision, relationships, programs and structure to move to the next level.

Community Ministries and Grants - Dr. Katelin Hansen, Rev. Karen Cook, and Rev. Matt Yoder - United Methodist Community Ministries empowers and supports missional ministries in the local church. This session will further detail the work of UMCM including information about the grant process and what kind of funding churches may receive. We will also highlight ministries that have been supported through UMCM who are transforming their church and community. If you are interested in learning more about UMCM or taking part in breakthrough local ministry at your church, please come be a part of our discussion.

Finance and Apportionments - Mr. Bill Brownson - The ministry of the Committee on Finance is to nurture the financial vitality of a congregation. In this workshop, you will learn about budgeting, fundraising, financial transparency, along with best practices of stewarding the church’s financial resources.

Servant Leadership: The Journey - Ms. Judy Hug and team - If I, your Lord and teacher, have washed your feet, you too must wash each other’s feet. I have given you an example: Just as I have done, you also must do.  John 13: 14-15 (CEB)     The words ‘Servant Leadership’ seem be contradictory when used together, yet each of us is called to service through our baptism. Lay Servant Ministries is a United Methodist pathway for persons to discern the unique call placed in them, and to explore the many ways in which to become equipped to serve as a Christ-follower. Laity and clergy are welcome!

Multi-media and Social Media -  Mr. Scott Drummond - The modern world is moving fast and communicating with a new language of multimedia and social media. The problem comes when the church does not know how to understand, let alone use these languages to connect with people. In this workshop we will look at how to begin to use multimedia and social media as tools in your current church context in order to better connect with those in and outside the church.

Jail Ministry 101 - Ms. Reba Collins and Rev. David Pennington - Jail ministry can be a critical shut off valve in the community to prison pipeline. Jail ministry, also, can stop the cycle of addiction and incarceration many of our communities now face.   Join seasoned jail minister Pastor David Pennington for this workshop about effectively ministering to our vulnerable members and neighbors who are detained and incarcerated in our local communities. Pastor Dave walks you through the basics of responding to a person’s detention, preparing for jail ministry, after care upon release, providing the right spiritual guidance, and sustaining yourself in ministry.  

S/PPRC and Pension - Rev. Linda Middelberg - In every United Methodist congregation, the work of connecting the pastor, staff, and congregation is entrusted to the Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee. Learn from the superintendents of the CAN District about how to build strong relationships and handle administrative task which can sometimes be challenging. This workshop will give an over view of the role of the S/PPRC and their work throughout the year.  Rev. Middelberg will also discuss clergy pensions.  Especially recommended for people new to the committee. 

Men's Discipleship Today - Rev. Ben Shaeffer - I have had the privilege to serve as West Ohio Conference President of the United Methodist Men since April 2016.  In that time I have experienced the movement and power of one on one and small group discipleship that will assist the local church in reaching all generations of men with the healing and transformative power of Jesus Christ.  Men are engaged in discipleship and mission all over our conference.  I will be sharing best practices that will help create a vision, capture moment, and sustain change.   Studies indicate that an intentional discipleship ministry targeted at reaching all men in the local church will bring 45% more men to church and engage 84% of them in discipleship.

Being the Church During the Opiate Epidemic - Rev. Nancy Day-Achauer - Ohio is ranked second in the nation for fatal opiate overdoses. The opiate epidemic impacts all communities and demographic groups in our state creating a public health crisis. This workshop offered by the CAS Director of Addiction Ministries will provide a brief overview of addiction and the opiate epidemic and will explore the variety of ways churches of all sizes can respond in ways that are appropriate for their context. Churches wanting to create a ministry can also sign up for a consultation and ongoing assistance. 

Planning for Emergencies in Your Congregation - Mr. Jeff Walker - Every congregation needs to develop a plan to determine what action is necessary to protect their members, their facilities, and their community from either man-made or natural emergencies and disasters.   Weekly, we read and hear reports of happenings that directly affect the lives of congregations and their members.   Attendees will be introduced to methods to develop a plan for their congregation that has been develop by the United Methodist Committee on Relief and outlines what responders in their community should be involved, with their planning team, to properly develop this plan.

Making Healthy Disciples to To Transform the World - Rev. Kristin Langstraat -Our churches help us create disciples.  Yet discipleship has many parts.  In order to be ‘healthy’ disciples we need to address body, mind, and spirit.  How do churches do this?  Rev. Langstraat will discuss ways that churches can partner with OhioHealth to form healthy disciples and reach out into our communities.  

Registration hints:

  • Registering for workshops will help us to insure that we have adequate space and materials for everyone in attendance.  (Note that you do not have to create an account with Sign Up Genius or provide your email address in order to register.)
  • If you are registering for multiple people, enter the total number attending each workshop from your church and your church name.  
  • Individual names are not required. 
  • To register: scroll down and click on the "Sign Up" button next to the workshop you'd like to register for, then click on the "Submit and Sign Up" button at the bottom of the page.  On the next page enter your name and church, and your email address if you'd like an email confirmation, then click on "Sign Up Now."
  • Please register for only one workshop per person.

Contact us with any questions at

CAN [email protected] 614-222-0602 or

CAS [email protected] 614-222-0600.


Date: 02/02/2019 (Sat.)

Created by:   Jill Philipp
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Location Time (EST) Available Slot
Being the Church During the Opiate Epidemic  10:45am - 12:15pm  

Will attend - include church name

7 slots filled - more available
Rodney Griffith
Rodney Griffith Community UMC
Keith Deel
Keith Deel Emmett Chapel
David Pennington
Brent George
Brent George Raymond UMC
Hope Roberts
Hope Roberts. Maynard umc
Pam Gariety
Pam Gariety - Brice UMC
Julie Speicher
Board of Trustees  10:45am - 12:15pm  

Will attend - include church name

10 slots filled - more available
Brent George
Brent george Raymond UMC
Richard Kapff
Richard Kapff Church of the Good Shepherd
James Kuzelka
Jim Kuzelka- Commercial Point UMC
Patricia Holt
Sherry Seimer
Sherry Seimer, Trinity United Methodist Church
Stephen Rohde
Stephen Rohde - Worthington United Methodist Church
Robert Stolar
Robert Stolar Amlin UMC
Gary Collins
Dave Rufty
Roger Brown
Roger Brown - Gethsemane UMC
Children and Youth Ministries  10:45am - 12:15pm  

Will attend - include church name

8 slots filled - more available
Seth Evans
Seth Evans - First UMC of London
Phil Miller
Phil Miller - Thurston UMC
Laura Clark
Laura Clark Derby/ Five Points
jane oneil
Bess Bolton
Wesley Church of Hope UMC
Holly Martineau
Holly Martineau-Bexley united Methodist church
Sherise Ballentine-Smith
Sherise Ballentine-Smith - Gethsemane UMC
Karla Wygle
Karla Wygle Raymond UMC
Church Lifecycles  10:45am - 12:15pm  

Will attend - include church name

9 slots filled - more available
Kenn Barton
Circleville Good Shepherd-Fairview
Steven Dunn
Steven Dunn Summit on 16th UMC
Dan Hooley
Dan Hooley Commercial Point United Methodist Church
Carolyn Ohnewehr
Derby UMC
Jennifer Casto
Martha Buller
Phil Constans
Phil Constans PUMC
Pas. Vaughn L. Cook
Pas. Vaughn L. Cook
Community Ministries/Grants  10:45am - 12:15pm  

Will attend - include church name

8 slots filled - more available
Mark Denniston
Mark Denniston - Community UMC
Jacqui Rice
Jacqui Rice-Derby UMC
Jean Hines
Wesley Church of Hope
Jeannine Caudill
Jeannine Caudill, Epworth
Bryan Moore
Bryan Moore - Chatham Charge
Jan Wolfe
Jan Wolfe, Asbury South UMC
Heather Holland
Heather Holland, Raymond UMC
Finance and Apportionments  10:45am - 12:15pm  

Will attend - include church name

13 slots filled - more available
Marcia Selleck
Marcia Selleck Bethel IUMC
Paula Kuzelka
Paula Kuzelka-Commercial Point UMC
Elizabeth Fisher
Ibby Fisher-Maynard Ave UMC
Steve Stanford
Steve Stanford Lithopolis UMC
Amlin UMC
Pamela Bolden
Pamela Bolden, Gethsemane UMC
Scott Speicher
Beverly Walls
Beverly Walls, Derby/Five Points
Kay Collins
Mark White
Mark White - Jerome UMC
Leslie Baulknight
Leslie Baulknight - Gethsemane UMC
Marla George
Marla George Raymond UMC
Steve Anderson
Steve Anderson, Raymond UMC
Jail Ministry 101  10:45am - 12:15pm  

Will attend - include church name

4 slots filled - more available
David Pennington
Hope Roberts
Diana kubovcik. Maynard
Brad Arensberg
Kristen Lawson
Kristen Lawson Hopewell/Quincy
Making Healthy Disciples to Transform the World  10:45am - 12:15pm  

Will attend - include church name

8 slots filled - more available
Karen Muntzing
Karen Muntzing
Jessica Cavinee
Jacqueline D'Angelo
Jacqueline D'Angelo, First United Methodist of London
Pat Smalley
Epworth Columbus
Jeff Mullinix
Jeff Mullinix Maynard Avenue UMC
kathleen herington
kathi herington Whitehall
Marcia Cooper
Marcia Cooper Asbury South UMC
Sara McSwords
Sara McSwords, Raymond UMC
Men's Discipleship Today  10:45am - 12:15pm  

Will attend - include church name

10 slots filled - more available
Jim Hall
Jim Hall Brushy Fork and Toboso UMC
Susan Britton
Susan Britton, Salem & St. Paul
Leo Soboslai
Leo Soboslai, Maynard ave Umc
Phil Miller
Phil Miller - Thurston UMC
Ronald Perry
Bellefontaine First United Methodist Church
Tad Grover
Tad Grover - Circleville Community UMC
Steve Murray
Steven Murray from Brice UMC
Alex Feldman
Lithopolis United Methodist Church
Clark Hess
Clark Hess Summit Station UMC
Michael Aldridge
Groveport UMC
Multimedia and Social Media  10:45am - 12:15pm  

Will attend - include church name

8 slots filled - more available
Steven Putka
Steve Putka- Amlin
Gail Baker
Gail Baker, First United Methodist Church of London
Betsy Adams
Betsy Adams
Betsy Adams
James Duffield
James Duffield Brice United Methodist
Michael Aldridge
Groveport UMM
Michael Linder
Michael Linder Maynard Avenue UMC
Diana Sexton
Asbury UMC, South
Planning for Emergencies in Your Congregation  10:45am - 12:15pm  

Will attend - include church name

3 slots filled - more available
Kevin Orr
Charles Martindell
Charles Martindell, Lithooplis
Katie Laux
Katie Laux - North Broadway UMC
S/PPRC and Pension Information  10:45am - 12:15pm  

Will attend - include church name

12 slots filled - more available
Wayne Van Houten
Wayne Van Houten Epworth
Annette Conley
Kim Tolliver
Kim Tolliver, Maple Grove UMC
James Bolden
James Bolden, Gethsemane UMC
Liddy Lindsey
Epworth UMC
Roger McCombs
Roger McCombs
Susan Rufty
Dave Rufty
Sherise Ballentine-Smith
Roger Brown
James Bolden
James Bolden - Gethsemane UMC
Dana Bushong
Dana Bushong, Raymond UMC
Servant Leadership: The Journey  10:45am - 12:15pm  

Will attend - include church name

10 slots filled - more available
Kathy Lynch
Kathy Jean Lynch, New Horizons
Sheila Lovell
Sheila lLovell Bethel International UMC
Alice Graveley
Alice M Graveley, Wesley Church of Hope
Faye Johnson
Wesley Church of Hope
Judith Hug
Katherine Morris
Five Points UMC
Steve Shamblin
Steve Shamblin Maynard Avenue UMC
Teri Karr
Teri Karr. Asbury UNC South
Charlene Turner
Charlene Turner - Gethsemane UMC
Pam Marshall
Pam Marshall Raymond UMC

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