Band Boosters Hospitality

Spring Concert Reception

Hey Band Folk!

Time to sign up for one of very our  special year-end events!  I am filling in as Hospitality chair this time, but I encourage on of you lovely persons to take on the position.  For the reception following the spring concert, we will be serving deserts and drinks.  We also need a few folks to help with serving and clean up.  Please be sure and put your name on any containers/plates that you would like returned to you.  Please email or text me directly if you have any questions.


Laura Jenkins

919 946-1581

[email protected]

Date: 05/21/2019 (Tue.)

Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm EDT

Location: Sanderson Auditorium Lobby

Created by:   laura jenkins

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6:30 Set-up (2)
  All slots filled
Rachel Smith
Karen Farrell
7:00 Serving (5)
Large Sheet cakes, something like" Congrats Seniors!"s, (2)
  All slots filled
laura jenkins
I will get a chocolate cake
John Rossmeissl
white or yellow sheet birthday cake for Jimmy and Caiden
Desserts: 1 dozen servings. Please specify. (18)
  All slots filled
Julia Cooper (2)
Carmen Riveramuniz (2)
Karen Farrell
Mississippi Mud Brownies
Jennifer Reynolds (2)
Marjorie Roberts (2)
Assorted cookies
mary jane ellis
brownies/hello dolly bars
Anneliese Rodabaugh (2)
Don't know yet.
Alan Towers (2)
Sonja Salmon
Pam O'Connor (2)
Liz Carr
Sodas: 2 liter bottles. Please specify. (15)
  All slots filled
Marsha Woods
Rachel Smith (2)
Sierra Mist, Sunkist
Sonya Abbate (2)
Orange Crush
Tamara Santana (4)
2 Dr.Pepper, 1 Coke, 1 Diet Coke
Randee Conn (2)
and a dozen cookies
Claudia Hinson
Alan Towers (2)
Diet Mountain Dew
Amanda Okoth
fruit punch
Water: gallon jugs (3)
  All slots filled
Meg Atkins (2)
Carmen Riveramuniz
9:00 Clean up (3)
  1 of 3 slots filled
Sonja Salmon
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Guest Count:    Confirmed: 70     Maybe: 0

YES (24) -  

Crystal Johnson (2 guests)

Amy Wilson (4 guests)

Liz Carr (3 guests)

John Rossmeissl (3 guests)

John Carter (3 guests)

Amanda Okoth (4 guests)
The Okoths

Pam O'Connor (3 guests)

Sonja Salmon (4 guests)

Alan Towers (3 guests)

Claudia Hinson (1 guest)

Randee Conn (4 guests)

Tamara Santana (4 guests)

Anneliese Rodabaugh (3 guests)

mary jane ellis (3 guests)

Marjorie Roberts (4 guests)

Jennifer Reynolds (3 guests)

Sonya Abbate (1 guest)

Karen Farrell (2 guests)

Rachel Smith (5 guests)

Carmen Riveramuniz (1 guest)

Julia Cooper (2 guests)

Marsha Woods (2 guests)

Meg Atkins (2 guests)

laura jenkins (4 guests)