Landscape Inspectors Association of Florida

June LIAF Broward Meeting

June LIAF Membership Meeting for Broward County 6/28/18 1pm - 3pm

3245 College Avenue, Davie Florida 33314

Date: 06/28/2018 (Thu.)

Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm EDT

Location: IFAS Extension Service

Created by:   William Byrnes

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Tim Nigro (1 guest)

Casey Lee (1 guest)
Might be a little late as I have a Wetlands seminar in the morning

Laurie Albrecht (1 guest)


David Mendoza (2 guests)

December Lauretano-Haines (3 guests)
My guests will be Robert Solera and Julio Medina from Southwest Ranches Code Enforcement

Armando Valentin (1 guest)

Phil Busey (1 guest)

Joseph Jimenez (1 guest)

Manny Fernandez (1 guest)

Brian Law (1 guest)
Jeremiah Williams will be there in my place.

mike maloney (1 guest)

Michael Corning (2 guests)

John LePage (1 guest)

Dayana Ramirez (1 guest)

Aaron Hallett (1 guest)

Kristofer Mueller (2 guests)

Scott Davis (1 guest)

Dylan Larson (1 guest)

Laura Tooley (1 guest)

Leah Davis (1 guest)

Thad Bielecki (1 guest)

William Mohler (1 guest)
Thank you

John Harris (1 guest)
Another informative meeting coming from LIAF

Jeanette Wofford (1 guest)

Kevin Hunt (1 guest)

Bob Schankweiler (1 guest)

Guillermo Salazar (1 guest)

Robert Born (1 guest)
Pls let me know if my membership has not been paid and I'll bring a check

Terrell McCombs (1 guest)

Wade Collum (1 guest)

Erin Santiago (1 guest)

Claudia Alzate (1 guest)
Great speaker and topics, don't miss out!

Michael Corning (1 guest)

Indyli Brown (1 guest)
For more info on the Coastal Clean-up please visit:

Diego Santana (4 guests)

Andrew Matusevich (1 guest)

Mark Brumet (1 guest)

Diana Berchielli (3 guests)
I will be there with David Jones & Matt Rogers

Steve Poulson (1 guest)

Rose Bechard Butman (1 guest)

peggy MAchin (1 guest)

William Byrnes (1 guest)
Dr. Dougbug! Excellent!

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