Our Lady Queen of Heaven Catholic Church

Lenten Mission - Tuesday Night

This SignUp is for registered OLQH parishioners only.

**Reservation is for 1 person each.

**Use a different email for each person.

(If you are not a registered parishioner, you must call the church office each day of the Mission to see if tickets are available.)

  1. You must sign up for each night you will attend. This is for TUESDAY only.
  2. You must pick up your tickets at the church office, 617 W. Claude St.
  3. Tickets can be picked up beginning Wednesday, February 24. 


Created by:   Felicia Borel
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Available Slot

Inside of the Church (275)

Every other pew available - with social distancing

All slots filled
Marcie Sharpe
Jeanne McGlathery
David Courville
Bob Dabelow
Kay Vaughan
Karleigh Courville
Arleen Cutrera
Dawn Courville
Kerri Courville
Craig Courville
Bill Cutrera
Jacob Courville
MaryEllen Ocarroll
Jimmy Oquain
Tess Cormier
Kathy Thibodeaux
Mindy + Kevin Abshire
Peter Ocarroll
Cassie Price
Erin Nickel
Ben Sharpe
Phillip Abshire
Pete O'Carroll III
Darrell Oquain
Lee Thibodeaux
Sue Zimmermann
Daniel Reyes
Matthew McGlathery
Linda Breaux
Brittney Duhon
Paul Zimmermann
Nicole Posch
Brandon Duhon
Jade Walker
Brad Posch
Gerald Bushnell
June Douget
Gretchen Jester
Frank Wood
Frank, Renee, & Frankie Wood
Mark Jester
Mary Anne + Nancy Holmes
Patsy Beverung
Savannah Stevens
Kirby Fontenot
Mark Lannin
Ellie Nickel
Jamie Bell
Anna Doucet
BernaDean Johnson
Drusilla Lannin
Deborah Faul
Joe Newby
Maggie Nickel
Anne Newby
Cleve Trahan
Steve Beverung
Allison Oquain
Norma Hebert
Mary Johnson
Nicole Habetz
Sherry Richey
Milo Nickel
Gwen Fontenot
Sherril Bushnell
Damon Cormier
Keith Faul
Ruth Daley
Elaine Trahan
Susan Fry
Kathleen Bollman
beverly castillo
Frances Davis
Bruce Laborde
Bruce Laborde, Rita Laborde, Patrick Laborde
Karla Guzzino
James LeBert
Dan Breaux
Rita Laborde
Irene McGee
Harlan McGee
Julien Le Bleu
Linda Stewart
Caretaker MCGee
Caretaker for Harlan McGee
Tricia Rapp
Derrick Robideaux
Derrick and Bridget
James Stewart
Donna Mier
Terry LeBert
Damon Rapp
Charles Thibodeaux
Kathryn Trahan
Linda Lebleu
Greg Hebert
Kelly Davis
Tommy Vizena
Jessica Smith
Dwayne Smith
John Lafleur
Kim Duplechian
David Duplechian
Genne Queenan
Tyson Queenan
Mary Beth Huber
Jack Wheeler
Brandy Wheeler
Shelva Reed
Frank McNamara
Pam Thibodeaux
Marcus Tanner
Ryan Smith
Angela Schram
Karl Schram
Carrie Dubois
Sharon Cutrera
Mike Cutrera
Connie Houssiere
David Houssiere
Brenda Wilkinson
Linda Husers
Joan Eddy
Denis Husers
Alex Bollman
Courtney Nolan
Brooke Smith
Pam Nolan
rush anne
Vickie Daigle
Paula Bruce
Mona Broussard
Louise Stelly
Carolyn Gauthreaux
lloyd landry
Linda Landry
Marty Landry
Adison Giambrone
Debbie Briley
Anna Reyes
Sally Mondella
Driver for carolyn gauthreaux
Paula Michalko
Karl Kohler
Karen and Ken Chamberlain
Elaine Acord
Linda Stewart will pick up our tickets
Rob Acord
Linda Stewart will pick up our tickets
Natalie McSpadden
Joel McSpadden
Stuart Landry
Blanche & Stuart Landry
Belinda Phillips
Jeanne Gardner
Jordan McSpadden
Ira Belle Adrian
Sam Monticello
Leah Monticello
Kay Dougay
Grzelle Brunet
Sheila Kohler
Ann Burton
Aaron Tanner
Benjamin Tanner
Collin Tanner
Curry Burton
Bill Phillips
Amy Dougay
Grant Turton (son)
Catherine Ardoin
2 spots please
Jay LaFleur
Rosanna LaFleur
Karen Brown
2 tickets please
Jeanne Fontenot
Nicole Monk
Thad Monk
Michelle Cutrera
Mark Cutrera
Renee Williams
Renee Williams
Renee Williams
Keith Williams
Renee Williams
Carley Williams
Renee Williams
Brayden McShan
Tracy LeMieux
Chip LeMieux
John Doumite
Charles guidry
Carrie Chaumont
Jerry Kingery
Linda Daigle
Anne Miller
Jon Miller
Peggy White
Shannon Barlow
John Tenney
Jan Tenney
Dianna Duhon
Dewey Duhon
Constance Darbonne
Vic Darbonne
Filmore Johnson
Bridget Kingery
Rosario Hebert
Keith Hebert
Sara Hebert
Robert Babineaux
Ken Price
Sally Daigle
Emily Doumite
Noah Chaumont
Scarlett Chaumont
Matthew Chaumont
Alex Chaumont
Whitney Chaumont
Ken Chamberlain
Dianna Guillory
Alison Fontenot
V. Mark Fontenot
Deacon Brian Kirk
Phillip Kirk
Theresa Witherwax
Stephanie Kirk
Randy Daigle
Trisha Mier
Chris Mier
Grant Turton
Talyn Myers
Gavin Hilliard
Bridget Robideaux
Sara Wood
Marian Book
caretaker of Sara Wood
Nanette Babineaux
Edye Shuff
Kathryn Cooley
Bettina Duplechain
Judy Guillory
Monica Pesson
Kipp Ardoin
Sharon Foret
Lynn Foret
Jonathan Primeaux
Debbie Primeaux
Carol Camara
Gail Toothman
Nancy Holmes
Emily Irwin
Hugh Irwin
Deloris Daigle
Joe Daigle
Lilibeth Salutillo
Edwin Salutillo
Mimi Winterton
Beth Eason
Dan Eason
Don Sigur
Mary Hurst
Jean Terracina
Bette Whitman
Whitney Hanks
Brian Guillory
Kelli Guillory
Andrew Guillory
Madeleine Guillory
Margaret Zimmerman
Pat Ortego
Jody Suire
Robin Suire
Ricky Guidry
Conor English
Jade English
Emma Engish
Liam English
Lilah English
Renee Wood
Frankie Wood
Scott Ihli
Katelyn Ihli
Myrtis Quinilty
Carol Comeaux

Outside of the Church (100)

Chairs are set up in the Marian Courtyard and the Lake Street Courtyard

2 of 100 slots filled
Perry Moreau
Randall Jones
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