Mother/Daughter Tea
The Oaks

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Hello Oaks Ladies, 

Please RSVP here for our annual Mother-Daughter Tea on the morning of Saturday, March 25. We’ll gather in the The Oaks gym at 8:30 am and enjoy good conversation on what it means to be a woman, while enjoying delightful refreshment.

Looing forward to seeing you there!


Date: 03/25/2023 (Sat.)

Time: 8:30am - 10:30am PDT

Location: The Oaks Gym

Created by:   The Oaks
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Mother-Daughter Tea (8)
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Beth McCauley
Leslie Cloud
Amy Tilton
Charlotte Sinclair (2)
Anna Staley
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Lisa And Daisy Komberec (2 guests)

Sara Schrag (3 guests)

Kari Curran (4 guests)

Clara McEachran (2 guests)
Clara will bring her grandmother, Ann McKenna

Emmy Hughes (3 guests)

Rue Gentry (2 guests)

Brittney Taylor (2 guests)

Margaret Dowers (2 guests)

Oksana Arnaut (3 guests)

Meredith Winn (3 guests)

Natalie Weber (4 guests)

Nadia Cote (2 guests)

Emily Arger (2 guests)

Evelyne EHart (3 guests)
Deo Gratias

Lizzy Mosback (4 guests)

Rebecca Doster (3 guests)

Svetlana Tishenko (2 guests)

Stephanie James (2 guests)

Debbie Hoyt (2 guests)

Holly Kimm (2 guests)

Alyssa Olmsted (2 guests)

Randi Allison (3 guests)

Kristen Palpant (4 guests)

Tric Mcguffin (5 guests)

Lauren Snook (2 guests)

Amy Stone (3 guests)

Sophie Donoghue (3 guests)

Amy Alvis (2 guests)

Emily Lipton (2 guests)

Allison O'Donnell (2 guests)

Anna Staley (2 guests)


Kalin Spencer (3 guests)

Kathy Allison (2 guests)

Charlotte Sinclair (2 guests)

Amy Tilton (2 guests)

Leslie Cloud (2 guests)

Alena Yuryev (2 guests)

Laura Stevens (5 guests)

Shannon Brodersen (5 guests)

Beth McCauley (2 guests)