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Georgia Mountains YMCA

Angel Tree 2022

Merry Christmas and THANK YOU for your willingness to help us assist families in need and provide gifts for our Angels this year! We are excited to be able to continue this tradition of Youth Development and Social Responsibility with you.

Please return all gifts to the J.A. Walters Family YMCA facility by December 9th and include the Angels alphanumeric code (i.e. 1A) so that we can easily identify the receipient.

If you have any questions regarding your part in the Angel Tree process, please contact either Alletta Morris or Giselly Maldonado:

Phone: (770)297-9622

Email: [email protected]

[email protected]

As always, thank you for your continued support and generosity for our organization and community!

*The information provied for each Angel is limited to the information we received from caregivers. We have no additional information, so we just ask that you do your best.

** Specific gift requests are not required, nor are they restrictive (as in, they are not the only things you can purchase for your "angel"). They are simply requests from the caregivers based on their child's interests.

Created by:   Giselly Maldonado
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Available Slot

1A - GIRL - 7 Y.O.

SIZES: pants-10, coats-10/12, shoes-2.5/3; FAVORITES: color(s)-pink/purple, character-princesses; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): bicycle, iPad, kids' piano

Already filled

2A - GIRL - 12 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-Junior XSmall, Pants-10/12, Shoes-Adult 7.5, Outerwear-Junior XSmall; FAVORITES: Color-Teal, Team-Falcons; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUESTS: Nike shoes

Already filled

2B - BOY - 7 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-7/Youth Medium, Pants-7 Slim, Shoes: 1 Youth, Outerwear-7/Youth M; FAVORITES: Color-Black/Red, Team-Braves, Character: Goku Dragonball Z, Other-Fortnite; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUESTS: Dragonball Z items

Already filled

2C - GIRL - 5 Y.0.

SIZES: Shirt-6, Pants-6, Shoes-Kids 12, Outerwear-6; FAVORITES: Color-Pink/Purple, Character-Frozen, Other-Barbie's and babies; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUESTS: LOL dolls and shoes

Already filled

3A - BOY - 14 Y.0.

SIZES: Shirt-Men's M, Pants-32/30, Shoes-10, Outerwear-M/L; FAVORITE: Color-Black, Other-Football; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUESTS: clothing and shoes

Already filled

3B - GIRL - 10 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-XS Women, Pants-Lg Kids, Shoes-7 Women, Outerwear-Lg; FAVORITES: Color-Blue/Purple, Character-Lilo & Stitch

Already filled

3C - GIRL - 18 MOS

SIZES: Shirt-24M/2T, Pants-24M/2T, Shoes-3, Outerwear-24M

Already filled

3D - GIRL - 2 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-2T, Pants-2T, Shoes-3, Outerwear-24M

Already filled

4A - GIRL - 7 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-7, Pants-7, Shoes-13, Outerwear-8; FAVORITES: Color-Black, Team-Gymnastics, Character-Masha; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): Google Play

Already filled

4B - BOY - 9 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-10, Pants-10, Shoes-2, Outerwear-12; FAVORITES: Color-Azure Blue, Team-Atlanta Braves, Character-Godzilla; SPEICIFIC GIFT REQUESTS: Google Play

Already filled

5A - GIRL - 13 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-women's M/L, Pants-women's 7 or M, Shoes-women's 8, Outerwear-women's M; FAVORITES: Color-turquise, Team-Georgia Bulldogs, Character-Pooh Bear; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUESTS: loves Stitch & cow print

Already filled

5B - GIRL - 10 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-youth XL, Pants-10/12, Shoes-4, Outerwear-youth XL; FAVORITES: Color-blue/pink, Team-UGA, Character-Minecraft or Roblox; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUESTS: loves Legos & dinosaurs

Already filled

5C - GIRL - 6 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-7/8, Pants-7/8, Shoes-13/1, Outerwear-7/8; FAVORITES: Color-pink, Team-UGA; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUESTS: loves unicorns & anything with sequins

Already filled

6A - BOY - 2 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-3T, Pants-3T, Shoes-10.5-11, Outerwear-3T; FAVORITES: Color-red, Team-Georgia, Character-Paw Patrol; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUESTS: Monster trucks

Already filled

6B - GIRL - 11 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-12, Pants-12, Shoes-4.5, Outerwear-M/12; FAVORITES: Color-blue, Character-Stranger Things; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUESTS: arts/crafts, clothes, socks

Already filled

6C - BOY - 8 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-8/10, Pants-8, Shoes-4, Outerwear-8; FAVORITES: Color: red/green, Team-Georgia/Braves; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUESTS: dirt bikes, socks, books

Already filled

7A - BOY - 8 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-L, Pants-12, Shoes-5, Outerwear-L; FAVORITE: Color-Red, Team-Braves, Character-Pokemon; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): anything Pokemon or baseball related

Already filled

8A - GIRL - 5 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-5-6, Pants-5, Shoes-9-10, Outerwear-5-6; FAVORITE: Color-pink/gold/yellow, Team-US Gymnastics Team, Character-Belle (Beauty and the Beast); SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): Beauty and the Beast Playset or individual doll

Already filled

9A - GIRL - 11 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-14, Pants-14, Shoes-7, Outerwear-14; FAVORITE: Color-pink/blue/purple, Team-Nets, Character-Hinata Hyuga (Naruto); SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): Nike 270's, lip gloss

Already filled

9B - GIRL - 11 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-12, Pants-12, Shoes-6, Outerwear-12; FAVORITE: Color-blue

Already filled

10A - GIRL - 4 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirts-6, Pants-6, Shoes-11, Outerwear-6; FAVORITE: Color-pink/red, Character-Minnie Mouse/LOL/Peppe Pig; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): kids make-up kit, Minnie's Bowfabulous Home, calico critters toy, fidgets, Peppa Pig toy

Already filled

10B - GIRL - 6 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-6-7, Pants-7, Shoes-12, Outerwear-7; FAVORITE: Color-pink/purple, Character-LOL/JoJo Siwa; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): Little Live Pets (turtle), Arts & Crafts, kid's make-up kit, Hatchimals, LOL OMG toy/doll

Already filled

10C - BOY - 10 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-10/12, Pants-12, Shoes-4, Outerwear-12; FAVORITE: Color-blue/black/grey, Character-Naruto/Pokemon; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): Naruto toy, mega Pokemon construction set or toy, Legos, remote-control car

Already filled

10D - BOY - 11 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-14/16, Pants-14, Shoes-8.5, Outerwear-14/16; FAVORITE: Color-red/black, Character-Transformers/Star Wars; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): Star Wars toy, Baby Yoda toy, Transformers toy, remote-control car

Already filled

11A - GIRL - 4 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-7/8, Pants-7/8, Shoes-1 youth, Outerwear-7/8; FAVORITE: Color-purple & pink, Team-GA, Character-Paw Patrol (Skye)

Already filled

11B - BOY - 2 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-3T/4T, Pants-3T, Shoes-9 Toddler, Outerwear-3T/4T; FAVORITE: Color-green & orange, Team-GA, Character-Paw Patrol (Chase)

Already filled

12A - BOY - 6 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-6, Pants-6, Shoes-11, Outerwear-6; FAVORITE: Color-Green, Team-Atlanta, Character-SpiderMan; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): clothes (jackets/coats), shoes, toys, books, building toys

Already filled

13A - GIRL - 5 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-8, Pants-8, Shoes-13, Outerwear-8; FAVORITE: Color-pink, Character-JoJo Siwa; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): JoJo clothes, make-up, OMG dolls

Already filled

13B - GIRL - 2 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-3T, Pants-3T, Shoes-7, Outerwear-3T; FAVORITE: Color-pink, Character-Minnie Mouse; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): Minnie Mouse toys

Already filled

14A - BOY - 8 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-18, Pants-14/16, Shoes-4 (kid), Outerwear-18-20; FAVORITE: Color-yellow, Character-Sonic; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): bubbles

Already filled

14B - GIRL - 1 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-18M, Pants-18M, Shoes-5(toddler), Outerwear-18-24M; FAVORITE: Color-pink, Character-Berenstain Bears; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): bubbles

Already filled

15A - BOY - 8 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-14/16, Pants-14/16, Shoes-6, Outerwear-14; FAVORITE: Color-blue/red, Character-fortnite; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): bike, Nintendo Switch games

Already filled

15B - GIRL - 6 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-7, Pants-7, Shoes-2, Outerwear-7; FAVORITE: Color-pink, Character-Paw Patrol (Chase); SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): bike, dollhouse

Already filled

16A - GIRL - 10 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-10/12, Pants-10/12, Shoes-2, Outerwear-M; FAVORITE: Color-blue & black, Team-Philadelphia Eagles, Character-Baby Yoda; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): fidgets, clothes, Squishmallow blanket

Already filled

16B - GIRL - 5 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-6X, Pants-6X, Shoes-12, Outerwear-6X; FAVORITE: Color-purple & pink, Character-mermaids/unicorns, princesses; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): clothes (dresses), crafts, blankets, coloring stuff

Already filled

17A - GIRL - 10 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-12/14, Pants-12/14, Shoes-2, Outerwear-XL; FAVORITE: Color-purple, Team-GA Bulldogs; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): girly stuff for room

Already filled

17B - BOY - 9 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-12/14, Pants-10/12, Shoes-3; Outerwear-XL; FAVORITE: Color-blue, Team-GA Bulldogs/Falcons, Character-Pokemon; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): remote-control cars/trucks

Already filled

18A - GIRL - 9 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-teens M, Pants-teens L, Shoes-3, Outerwear-L/XL teens; FAVORITE: Color-pink, Team-GA Bulldogs, Character-Stitch; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): Disney Stitch backpack

Already filled

18B - BOY - 7 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-XL boys, Pants-12/14, Shoes-2, Outerwear-XL; FAVORITE: Color-blue, Team-Saints, Character-Fortnite; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): Fortnite figures

Already filled

18C - GIRL - 5 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-S (girls), Pants-S/6 girls, Shoes-9 (little kids), Outerwear-S (girls); FAVORITE: Color-purple, Character-My Little Pony/Disney princesses/unicorns; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): make-up set (play)

Already filled

19A - BOY - 11 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-XL Youth, Pants-XL/16 Youth, Shoes-6.5/7 Youth, Outerwear-XL Youth; FAVORITE: Color-blue, Team-GA Bulldogs; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): clothes from outdoor boys merch, gift card for Roblox, open-faced fishing pole, tent for camping

Already filled

20A - GIRL - 6 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-6/7, Pants-6/7, Shoes-1, Outerwear-7/8; FAVORITE: Color-blue, Team-Georgia Bulldogs, Character-Super Woman; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): dollhouse, Nintendo Switch game

Already filled

20B - BOY - 7 Y.O

SIZES: Shirt-7/8, Pants-7/8, Shoes-4, Outerwear-8; FAVORITE: Color-red, Team-Miami Dolphins, Character-Renegade Raider; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): remote-control motorcycle, Nintendo Switch game

Already filled

20C - BOY - 8 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-10/12, Pants-10/12, Shoes-5, Outerwear-10; FAVORITE: Color-red, Team-Vikings, Character-Renegade Raider; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): Remote-control monster truck, Nintendo Switch game

Already filled

21A - GIRL - 10 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-Youth L or Womens Small, Pants-Womens 2, Shoes-5 Womens, Outerwear-Womens Small; FAVORITE: Color-purple/black/grey, Team-GA Bulldogs; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): lip glosses, lotions, makeup

Already filled

21B - GIRL - 9 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-Youth M, Pants-10/12, Shoes- 4 Youth, Outerwear-Large or 14/16; FAVORITE: Color-purple/pink, Team: GA Bulldogs; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): Barbies, babydolls, coloring

Already filled

22A - BOY - 4 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-10/12, Pants-8, Shoes-1, Outerwear-10/12; FAVORITE: Color-Red, Team-Georgia Bulldogs, Character-Ironman; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): Hot Wheels & tracks

Already filled

22B - GIRL - 7 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-7/8, Pants-7/8, Shoes-2, Outerwear-10/12; FAVORITE: Color-Pink/Purple, Team-Georgia Bulldogs, Character-LOL dolls; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): Barbie dolls, earrings

Already filled

22C - GIRL - 13 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-Adult 2X, Pants-2X, Shoes-12, Outerwear-2X; FAVORITE: Color-Black/Grey; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): LED lights, Squishmallows

Already filled

23A - GIRL - 4 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-5T, Pants-5T, Shoes-11, Outerwear-M; FAVORITE: Color-Blue/Purple, Team-Bulldogs, Character-LOL dolls; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): fake puppy

Already filled

23B - GIRL - 7 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-9/10 (little girls), Pants-9/10, Shoes-2, Outerwear-L; FAVORITE: Color-Blue/Purple, Team-Bulldogs, Character-Barbie; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): Barbies


23C - GIRL - 15 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-2XL, Pants-18/20, Shoes-10, Outerwear-2XL; FAVORITE: Color-purple, Team-Alabama; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): loves anime and gaming

Already filled

23D - GIRL - 14 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-L, Pants-9/10, Shoes-10.5, Outerwear-Large; FAVORITE: Color-Pink, Team-Bulldogs; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): loves music and makeup

Already filled

23E - BOY - 11 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-XL, Pants-36/32, Shoes-11, Outerwear-XL; FAVORITE: Color-Blue, Team-Bulldogs; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): loves Roblox and Legos


24A - BOY - 6 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-6T, Pants-6T/7T, Shoes-13, Outerwear-Small; FAVORITE: Color-Blue/Green, Team-GA Bulldogs, Character-Pikachu; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): all Pokemon stuffed animals

Already filled

24B - BOY - 2 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-3T, Pants-3T/4T, Shoes-7C, Outerwear-4T; FAVORITE: Color-Blue/Grey, Team-GA Bulldogs, Character-Mickey Mouse; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): monster trucks, "big trucks"

Already filled

25A - BOY - 6 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-Youth Small, Pants-Youth 7, Shoes-2, Outerwear-Youth Small; FAVORITE: Color-Red, Team-Dolphins/Heat/Hurricanes, Character-dinosaurs; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): bike, scooter, outdoor toys

Already filled

25B - BOY - 14 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-Medium, Pants-14 Kids, Shoes-9.5 Mens, Outerwear-Medium; FAVORITE: Color-White, Team-Gators, Character-video games; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): athletic wear, basketball anything, Nike


26A - BOY - 14 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-Small (men), Pants-32/32 (men), Shoes-7.5, Outerwear-Small (men); SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): Jordans


26B - GIRL - 7 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-16, Pants-16, Shoes-1 (kids), Outerwear-Small (adult); SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): clothes, shoes

Already filled

26C - GIRL - 4 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-8, Pants-8, Shoes-1 (kids), Outerwear-10; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): likes Minnie Mouse, Peppa Pig, and dolls

Already filled

27A - BOY - 11 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-Mens Medium, Pants-Mens Medium (does not like jeans), Shoes-Mens 9.5, Outerwear-Mens Medium/Large; FAVORITE: Color-Blue and Black, TEAM-GA Bulldogs or Texas A&M, Character-Baby Yoda; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): Football equipment, outdoor fun


28A - BOY - 7 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-Small or 7T, Pants-Small or 8T, Shoes-Toddler 12/13, Outerwear-Small; FAVORITE: Color-Green, Team-LA Galaxy, Character-Bruno (Encanto), Spongebob; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): magic tricks, arts & crafts, rubix cube, anything miniature/squishy

Already filled

29A - GIRL - 15 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-Adult Small, Pants-3, Shoes-9, Outerwear-Adult Small; FAVORITE: Color-Blue, Team-Georgia, East Hall; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): makeup, LED lights, fuzzy blankets, hair stuff, PJs, craft stuff

Already filled

29B - GIRL - 11 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-Adult X-Small, Pants-00/1, Shoes-7, Outerwear-Adult Small; FAVORITE: Color-Green, Team-Atlanta United/East Hall; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): makeup, LED lights, fuzzy blanket, hair clips, silk PJs, craft stuff

Already filled

29C - GIRL - 10 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-Adult X-Small, Pants-00/1, Shoes-7, Outerwear-Adult Small; FAVORITE: Color-Purple, Team-Atlanta United/EHHS, Character-anything pig; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): makeup, LED lights, anything pig, fuzzy blanket, hair stuff, craft stuff, PJs

Already filled

29D - BOY - 8 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-Youth Large, Pants-Youth Med/8-10, Shoes-4.5, Outerwear-Youth Large; FAVORITE: Color-Blue, Team-GA, Atlanta United; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): soccer ball (size 4), Nerf gun, water bottle, skateboard, Hot Wheels

Already filled

30A - GIRL - 5 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-4/5, Pants-4/5, Shoes-12/13, Outerwear-6; FAVORITE: Color-pink, Team-Georgia Bulldogs, Character-Paw Patrol; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): Paw Patrol, Barbies, dress-up clothes, *4T-5T pullups (Pampers) & wipes*

Already filled

30B - GIRL - 2 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-24M, Pants-24M, Shoes-7 wide, Outerwear-2T; FAVORITE: Color-yellow, Team-Georgia Bulldogs, Character-Mickey Mouse; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): Mickey & Minnie Mouse toys, Barbies, babies, doggies

Already filled

30C - BOY - 3 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-2T, Pants-2T, Shoes-10 wide, Outerwear-3T/4T; FAVORITE: Color-Camo, Team-Georgia Bulldogs, Character-Pokemon; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): toy dirt bik, toy cars, Pokemon *3T-4T pullups (Pampers) & wipes*

Already filled

30D - GIRL - 8 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-7/8, Pants-7/8, Shoes-13/1, Outerwear-7/8; FAVORITE: Color-purple, Team-Georgia Bulldogs, Character-Paw Patrol; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): LOL dolls, Pokemon cards, Hatchimals, unicorns

Already filled

30E - BOY - 10 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-14/16, Pants-14/16, Shoes-9.5 mens wide, Outerwear-14/16; FAVORITE: Color-Red, Team-Georgia Bulldogs, Character-Pokemon; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): Pokemon cards, dinosaurs, Army-men toys, card games

Already filled

30F - BOY - 12 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-18, Pants-18, Shoes-5, Outerwear-18; FAVORITE: Color-blue, Team-Georgia Bulldogs, Character-Matchbox cars; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): Matchbox cars, Pokemon cards, anything cars

Already filled

31A - BOY - 2 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-4T, Pants-4T, Shoes-8, Outerwear-4T; FAVORITE: Color-Blue, Team-GA Bulldogs, Character-Spiderman, Batman, Toy Story, Paw Patrol

Already filled

32A - BOY - 4 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-4T, Pants-4T, Shoes-10; FAVORITE: Color-Red, Character-Spiderman; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): Spiderman, Power Rangers, tablet

Already filled

32B - BOY - 1 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-18M, Pants-18M, Shoes-5/6, Outerwear-18M; FAVORITE: Color-Blue; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): anything that lights up and/or sings

Already filled

33A - GIRL - 7 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-M (7/8), Pants-M (7/8), Shoes-2 Youth; Outerwear-M (7/8); FAVORITE: Color-Purple, Team-GA Dogs, Character-Disney princesses; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): loves snacks, bracelet-making kit, dress up, anything Disney, soft blanket


33B - BOY - 5 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-S (5/6), Pants-S (5/6), Shoes 13/1, Outerwear-S (5/6); FAVORITE: Color-Blue, Team-GA Bulldogs, Character-Spiderman; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): loves snacks!, Spiderman, cars, books, soft blanket

Already filled

34A - BOY - 10 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-Medium, Pants-10/12 (M/L), Shoes-2.5, Outerwear-M/L; FAVORITE: Color-Red!, Team-Liverpool, Character-M Salah; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): anything soccer, shoes, clothes (anything will be a blessing!)


34B - BOY - 12 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-XL (14), Pants-14, Shoes-4.5, Outerwear-XL (14); FAVORITE: Color-Blue, Team-Mexico Away, Character-Ronaldo; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): anything soccer, shoes, clothes (Anything will be a blessing!)


35A - BOY - 4 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-4T, Pants-4T, Shoes-9C, Outerwear-4T; FAVORITE: Color-Green, Character-Black Panther & Miles Morales; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): Hot Wheels racetrack

Already filled

36A - BOY - 9 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-Youth XL, Pants-12/14 Husky, Shoes-5, Outerwear-XL; FAVORITE: Color-Red, Team-Braves, Character-Pikachu; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): anything Pokemon or sports oriented


36B - GIRL - 5 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-Youth L, Pants-10/12, Shoes-13/1, Outerwear-L; FAVORITE: Color-Pink, Team-Gymnastics/Cheering, Character-Barbie, LOL, Elsa; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): anything arts & crafts or painting oriented, outside toys, sensory play items


37A - GIRL - 8 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-M (10/12), Pants-M (10/12), Shoes-2, Outerwear-L (12); FAVORITE: Color-blue, Character-Disney & horses; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): Squishmallow, crafts

Already filled

38A - BOY - 4 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-6/7, Pants-6, Shoes-12, Outerwear-6; FAVORITE: Color-Blue/Red, Team-Georgia Bulldogs, Character-Firetrucks, Paw Patrol

Already filled

38B - GIRL - 3 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-5/6, Pants-5/6, Shoes-11, Outerwear-6; FAVORITE: Color-Purple/Pink, Team-Georgia Bulldogs, Character-Frozen, princess

Already filled

38C - GIRL - 3 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-4, Pants-4, Shoes-8, Outerwear-4/5; FAVORITE: Color-Pink/Purple

Already filled

38D - GIRL - 5 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-6/7, Pants-7, Shoes-12, Outerwear-7; FAVORITE: Color-Pink, Character-Frozen


39A - BOY - 11 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-Youth Large (16/18), Pants-Youth Large (16), Shoes-9, Outerwear-Large Youth; FAVORITE: Color-Red, Team-GA Bulldogs, Character-Anime; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): Manga books, PC games


39B - BOY - 13 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-Adult Medium, Pants-Adult Large (tall), Shoes-Men 12, Outerwear-Adult Large; FAVORITE: Color-Black, Team-Lakers, Character-Anime; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): basketball (any sports), PS5 games


39C - BOY - 15 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-Adult Medium, Pants-Adult Large, Shoes-9, Outerwear-Adult Large; FAVORITE: Color-Red, Team-GA Bulldogs, Character-Anime; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): gaming and books


40A - BOY - 13 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-adult L, Pants-32/30, Shoes-adult 7, Outerwear-adult L; FAVORITE: Color-blue, Team-Georgia, Character-Star Wars; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): books

Already filled

40B - GIRL - 9 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-10/12, Pants-10/12, Shoes-2, Outerwear-medium; FAVORITE: Color-purple, Team-Georgia, Character-JoJo Siwa; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): pop-its

Already filled

40C - GIRL - 12 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-adult S, Pants-Teen 9, Shoes-4, Outerwear-medium; FAVORITE: Color-green, Team-Georgia; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): art supplies


40D - BOY - 5 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-5T, Pants-5T, Shoes-12, Outerwear-5T; FAVORITE: Color-blue, Team-Georgia, Character-Spiderman; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): anything Spiderman

Already filled

40E - GIRL - 4 WKS

SIZE: newborn; FAVORITE: Color-Pink; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): crib sheets, anything entertaining

Already filled

41A - GIRL - 7 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-small/medium, Pants-7/8, Shoes-1.5 (girls), Outerwear-8 (small); FAVORITE: Color-pastel blue/turquoise blue, Team-gymnastics/ballet, Character-Piggy & Gerald books; SPECIFIC BOOK REQUEST(S): llamas!, book, makeup caboodle, slippers, Mulan DVD

Already filled

41B - GIRL - 9 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-14/16 (XXL), Pants-XXL (14/16), Shoes-4.5, Outerwear-XXL girls; FAVORITE: Color-Purple, Team-running/soccer/ballet, Character-Lilico from Japan; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): anything horses, slippers, water bottle, game console, Sound of Music

Already filled

42A - GIRL - 6 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-6T, Pants-6T (only stretchy leggings), Shoes-11 Toddlers, Outerwear-6T; FAVORITE: Color-pink/purple, Team-GA Bulldogs, Character-Minnie Mouse/Peppa Pig/unicorns; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): bright socks, leggings, long sleeves, hoodies


42B - BOY - 16 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-XL Mens, Outerwear-XL Mens Hoodies; FAVORITE: Color-black/orange/yellow/lime green/blue/red, Team-GA Bulldogs, Character-Rugrats, Looney Tunes (90s Nickelodeon Cartoons), Pokemon

Already filled

43B - BOY - 14 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-16/18, Pants-16/18, Shoes-9.5 mens, Outerwear-XXL; FAVORITE: Color-red, Team-Los Angeles Lakers; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): sweatpants, anything basketball

Already filled

43A - BOY - 9 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-10/12 (large), Pants-8, Shoes-4, Outerwear-Large; FAVORITE: Color-red, Team-Golden State Warriors; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): Pokemon, Legos

Already filled

43C - BOY - 6 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-6/7 (medium), Pants-5, Shoes-12, Outerwear-Medium; FAVORITE: Color-green/blue, Team-Atlanta Braves; SPECIFIC GIFT REQUEST(S): Pokemon, Legos

Already filled

44A - GIRL - 1 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-2T, Pants-2T, Shoes-5C, Outerwear-2T; FAVORITE: Color-Red/Pink/Purple

Already filled

44B - BOY - 6 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-8, Pants-7, Shoes-1, Outerwear-7/8; FAVORITE: Color-Blue/Red


44C - GIRL - 2 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-2T/3T, Pants-2T/3T, Shoes-7, Outerwear-2T/3T


44D - GIRL - 6 Y.O.

SIZES: Shirt-8, Pants-8, Shoes-2, Outerwear-8

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