Whitefield Academy Habitat Build

Whitefield Academy is blessed to have the opportunity to partner with NW Metro Atlanta Habitat for Humanity to build a new home for the Camacho family just a short distance from Whitefield in Mableton. 

The Camachos were relocated by FEMA after Hurricane Maria ravaged the island of Puerto Rico. They currently live in a two bedroom apartment with their three children, Nelson (15), Yaniel (11), and Fatima (3). Space is tight for this family of five, especially with the medical equipment that they must store for son Nelson and daughter Fatima who live with spina bifida. Both children use wheelchairs and receive treatment at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Despite these challenges, the family describes themselves as "very blessed, united, and Christian." Please join us for one or more days of the build and get ready to be a part of something special.

STEP 1: Choose a Date that works for you and click "sign up" to the right, then click "submit and signup" at the bottom of the page.

STEP 2: Enter Quantity of people serving in your family. Please note the age requirement on each date.

STEP 3: Enter T-shirt size(s) that you need in the comment section.

STEP 4: Print and sign a waiver to bring to the site and print and sign a permission slip if your student is under 18.




If you have any questions please call or email Becky Matherne, [email protected] 404-580-6149.




Location: 1113 Old Bankhead Highway Mableton

Created by:   Becky Matherne
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy EDT) Available Slot
(Sat. 7:45am - 4:00pm)

Exterior Painting (30)

14 years and older-No experience necessary!

13 of 30 slots filled
Kim and Barry Krebs (2)
(1) XL shirt
Anna, Brigitte & Chris Burkett (3)
1S, 2XL
Rebekah Kern (2)
Rebekah & Caroline Kern (M)
Susan Justice (2)
Susan AM and Zoe AM
Jeanne Thon
What do I need to bring
Davis Eaton
T-shirt size md
Jennifer Woods
Jen Woods--have a t-shirt
Valerie Pannell
Charlie Pannell - adult medium
(Sat. 7:45am - 4:00pm)

Interior Paint and Trim (30)

16 years and older-No experience necessary!

All slots filled
Michael & Tracy Ballew (2)
2 Large T-shirts
Ed & Robin Carver (2)
Small & XL T-shirts
Betsy & Christopher DiGiorgio (2)
Medium & Large T-shirts
Joe & Margaret Hamilton (2)
Medium & Large T-shirts
Margaret & Steve Joiner (2)
Medium & 2XL T-shirts
Kate Kemether
Medium T-shirt
Jill & Mike Langella (2)
Medium & XL T-shirts
Laurel, Craig, Corrie, David Lemasters (4)
Medium & Large T-shirts
Miriam & Tim McLemore (2)
Large & 2XL T-shirts
Millie Reed
XL T-shirt
Greg & Margaret Schultz (2)
Small & Large T-shirts
Linsey and Hillard Bailey (2)
M and XL
Candace and Nicholas Daly (2)
1 Adult L 1 Adult S
Anna, Brigitte and Chris Burkett (3)
will already have tshirts
Lindsey McClellan
Small T-shirt
(Sat. 7:45am - 4:00pm)

Interior Paint (30)

16 years and older-No experience necessary!

16 of 30 slots filled
Haley, Paulina & Jason Bilotti (3)
Small, Medium & XL T-shirts
Suna & Pete Kantor (2)
2 Medium T-shirts
Antony & Kamla Sanacory (2)
Medium & XL T-shirts
Kim & Byron Johnson (2)
Small & Large T-shirts
Sameer & Deepa Berry (2)
Medium & Large T-shirts
Michelle Johnson (2)
XL, XXL t-shirts
Isabelle Boughner
Maryellen Berry
Size M
Ian Kennedy
Large t-shirt
(Sat. 7:45am - 4:00pm)

Interior Paint and Trim (30)

16 years and older-No experience necessary!

3 of 30 slots filled
Barbara King
Krista Schulte (2)
Sydney and Alex Schulte (L)
(Sat. 7:45am - 4:00pm)

Complete the House (30)

16 years and older-No experience necessary!

7 of 30 slots filled
Beth Streever
Medium T-shirt
Kara Peterson
Medium T-shirt
Julian Swann
Already have a t-shirt
Penny & John Crosland (2)
XL & 2XL T-shirt
Caroline Cronk (2)
M and L t shirts
(Sat. 7:45am - 4:00pm)

Landscaping (40)

14 years and older-No experience necessary!

24 of 40 slots filled
Allyson Watson
Medium T-shirt
David Kwon
Large T-shirt
Marty Pearlman
2XL T-shirt
Nancy & John Morris (2)
2 XL T-shirts
Ken & Terena Washington (2)
We already have T-shirts
Alex & Kaleb Carmack (2)
Alex is AS, Kaleb AM
Brandon Carman
Adult medium
Lolita Antoine
No shirt needed
Ennis Antoine
Josh & Susan Robinson (2)
1 M & 1 XL T-shirt
Candice Comstock (2)
Greg and Candice Adult small and Adult xl
Jon Fairgrieves
Adult small
krista schulte (2)
Alex & Sydney Schulte
Isabelle Boughner
Josie Levy
Seth Baker
Megan and Nick Beard (2)
Adult M and XL
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