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Blessings in the Sanctuary

Blessing From the Bima: Rabbi Siegel, Rabbi Russo, Rabbi Chankin Gould

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Each slot is 10 minutes to say a private meditation or receive a special blessing.   People will be ushered in and out by a staff person and social distancing will be in effect.  Thank you!

Created by:   amy karp
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy CDT) Available Slot
09/21/2020 (Mon.)

10:00-10:10 AM Sanctuary

Lauren Taylor Maurand

10:10-10:20 Sanctuary

Mimi Wallk
Ilya Valkovsky as well

10:20-10:30 Am Sanctuary

Deborah Irwin

10:30-10:40 Sanctuary

Deborah Irwin

10:40-10:50 AM Sanctuary

TomLambros Bornstein
Looking forward!

10:50-11:00 AM Sanctuary

Anne Kreeger

11:00-11:10 AM Sanctuary

Valerie Abramson
Thank you.

11:10-11:20 AM Sanctuary

Barbara Rocah
Marcie Marcovitz will join me.

11:20-11:30 AM Sanctuary

Paula Kahn
Paula Kahn and Haley Bannon Shana Tova

11:30-11:40 AM Malkov

Kenneth Shapiro

11:40-11:50 AM Malkov

Aaron Cooper
Aaron, Sylvia and Avi

11:50 AM -12:00 PM Malkov

Rickey&Marla Briskman

12:00 PM-12:10 PM Malkov

Aaron Zaretsky Zaretsky
Thank you- Fabulous idea!

12:10-12:20 PM Malkov


12:20-12:30 PM Malkov

Maxine Handelman

12:30-12:40 PM Malkov

Ronit & Marc Alexander

12:40- 12:50 PM Malkov


12:50- 1:00 PM Malkov


2:00 - 2:10 PM Blum

Dena Balzano
Balzano Family of 3

2:10-2:20 PM Blum


2:20-2:30 PM Blum


2:30-2:40 PM Blum


2:40-2:50 PM Blum


2:50-3:00 PM Blum


3:00-3:10 PM Blum

Stephany Rimland
Rimland Sicner

3:10- 3:20 PM Blum

Ferit Hurdogan

3:20-3:30 PM Blum


7:00-7:10 PM ZOOM ONLY

rhoda pomerantz

7:10-7:20 PM ZOOM ONLY

Russ Eisenstein

7:20-7:30 PM ZOOM ONLY

Erica Fleischer

7:30-7:40 PM ZOOM ONLY

Natalie Schneiderman

7:40-7:50 PM ZOOM ONLY

Robyn Bloomberg

7:50-8:00 PM ZOOM ONLY

Corey Friedman

8:00-8:10 PM ZOOM ONLY

Julie Ann Sklaver
Sklaver-Kamins family

8:10-8:20 PM ZOOM ONLY

Jackie Thompson
Thompson Family - 4

8:20-8:30 PM ZOOM ONLY

Justin Salomon

9:30 am

09/22/2020 (Tue.)

3:00-3:10 PM Blum


3:10- 3:20 PM Blum


3:20-3:30 PM Blum


3:30-3:40 PM Blum


3:40-3:50 PM Blum


3:50-4:00 PM Blum


4:00-4:10 PM Blum


4:10-4:20 PM Blum


4:20-4:30 PM Blum

Paula Kahn

4:30-4:40 PM Malkov

Meredith Dubner

4:40-4:50 PM Malkov

Reva Minkoff

4:50-5:00 PM Malkov

Don Shapiro

5:00-5:10 PM Malkov

Don Shapiro

5:10-5:20 PM Malkov

Michal Lerner
Via zoom

5:20-5:30 PM Malkov


5:30-5:40 PM Malkov


5:40- 5:50 PM Malkov


5:50-6:00 PM Malkov

Hazel Levine
Via Zoom; Hazel, Daniel, and Ira; healing and health in the new year

6:00-6:10 PM Sanctuary

Jonathan Schwartz

6:10-6:20 PM Sanctuary

Wendy Rush
Rush/Selig Family

6:20-6:30 PM Sanctuary

Family Thompson

6:30-6:40 PM Sanctuary

Family Solano
Family Well-Being, Health and Good Fortune

6:40-6:50 PM Sanctuary

Jeff Gell

6:50- 7:00 PM Sanctuary

Les/Nancy Lipschutz

7:00-7:10 PM Sanctuary

Barry Glick
Glick Family

7:10-7:20 PM Sanctuary

Myrna And Jerry Goldstick

7:20-7:30 PM Sanctuary

Diane And Tom Meagher
Praying for Wellness and a Shana Tova

7:30-7:40 PM Blum

Lori, Jay, Jordan & Brandon Leib

7:40-7:50 PM Blum


7:50-8:00 PM Blum

Lisa Wolfe
Thank you doing this

8:00-8:10 PM Blum

Arla Silverstein
Arla, Marc, Claire and Rebecca

8:10-8:20 PM Blum


8:20-8:30 PM Blum


8:30-8:40 PM Blum

09/24/2020 (Thu.)

9:00-9:10 AM Sanctuary

Curtis Weiss

9:10-9:20 AM Sanctuary

Emma Weiss

9:20-9:30 AM Sanctuary

marla gordon
A good and sweet year to all

9:30-9:40 AM Sanctuary

Barbara Gressel Gary Wigoda

9:40-9:50 AM Sanctuary

Gabriella Boros
Shana Tova ! Bringing Eric and Dov

9:50-10:00 AM Sanctuary

Dan Pulik Mary Joan Schultheisz
Shana Tova

10:00-10:10 AM Sanctuary

Marc Gould
With Amy

10:10-10:20 AM Sanctuary


10:20-10:30 AM Sanctuary


7:30-7:40 PM Malkov

Marla and Jeff Barkoff

7:40-7:50 PM Malkov

Meredith Dubner

7:50 PM -8:00 PM Malkov

Don Robinson

8:00 PM-8:10 PM Malkov

Jeanette Zemsky

8:10-8:20 PM Malkov

Lisa Goldberg
Bringing the family, thank you!

8:20-8:30 PM Malkov

Kara Severson
What a sweet blessing this is. Thank you <3

8:30-8:40 PM Malkov

Suzanne Berlowitz
Thank you

8:40- 8:50 PM Malkov


8:50- 900 PM Malkov


11:00 - 11:10 AM Blum


11:10-11:20 AM Blum


11:20-11:30 AM Blum


11:30-11:40 AM Blum


11:40-11:50 AM Blum


11:50 AM -12:00 PM Blum

Sheryl & Michael Tarkoff

12:10-12:20 PM Blum

Lauren Ossey

12:20- 12:30 PM Blum

Emily Feder
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