U-Glow January Lock-In

Laser Tag! Glowsticks! Worship! Service!

Sunday, January 20.

Cost: $25 per person.

What to bring:

  • Closed-toes shoes and dark clothes for laser tag.
  • Money for the arcade if you'd like.
  • 2-liter drink and snacks for sharing overnight.
  • Pillow & Sleeping bag.
  • Glow sticks (if you want, we’ll provide a bunch!).
  • Flashlight
  • A Love Offering for our Hospital Care Packages (Consider bringing $5 or more).
  • Completed U-Crew Participation Forms (if not already turned in)
  • Invite a friend!  Let’s try to get 100 students out for this event! 


Sunday, January 20

4:00pm    Youth Choir

4:45pm    All Youth Check-In & Load Up Buses

5:10pm    Departure

5:50pm    Check-In at Lazer-X in Burlington

6-8pm    Unlimited Laser Tag & Laser Maze (up to 20 students can play laser tag per round)

              Pizza provided for dinner

9:00pm    Arrive back at University UMC

9:30pm    Glowstick Worship in Youth Lounge

10:30pm    Flash Light Tag (Whole Basement) / Free Time

11:00pm   Greatest Showman (Youth Lounge)

1:00pm    Good Night (Youth Lounge / B3 / B5)

Monday, January 21

8:30am    Breakfast & Pack-Up (students' items will be kept safe in the Youth Lounge)

9:15am    Community Service - Making Hospital Care Packages 

10:30am    Join the MLK Community March (Parents encouraged to join us)

11:00pm    Worship at First Baptist with MLK Community Groups

12:00pm    Parent pick-up (we'll walk back to University UMC from First Baptist)

Date: 01/20/2019 (Sun.)

Time: 4:45pm EST

Location: University UMC

Created by:   Charlie Baber

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Kaeli Nguyen
Ella Smith
Kate Scheer
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Savannah DePaz (2)
Savannah & Erika
Whitby Alexander
Kathryne Woods
Cole Huggins
Preston Croswell
Sydney Cox
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Kathyne Woods (2 guests)
Kat is bringing 2 friends

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Preston Croswell

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Donna and Zoe

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Kathryne Woods (1 guest)
Kathryne Woods

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Whitby Alexander (1 guest)
Eve Whitby Alexander

Savannah DePaz (2 guests)

Will Meyers (1 guest)

Kate Scheer (1 guest)
Thank you for this opportunity!

Ella Smith (1 guest)
Ella has a morning commitment Monday, so we will pick her up b/w 10:30pm & midnight if that's ok. Please let us know if she can bring something for the hospital care packages, since she won't be there to help assemble them. Thanks for organizing!

Kaeli Nguyen (1 guest)

Kate Brack (2 guests)