TCSD Bowling

TCSD - Fall Social at Bowlero

Calling All Swimmers, Water Polo Players, Coaches and Parents!!

Are you ready for a little bit of food, a small dose of competition, and a whole lotta fun? Wanna take on your fellow teammates? Or take down your coaches? 

Please join The Capitol Sea Devils on Saturday, October 20th at Bowlero Bethesda from 3-5pm. We will have lanes, food and beverage available for all!

Bowlers will receive shoe rental and lanes along with food and beverages for $20; non-bowlers will have food and beverages for $10.  Additional food and beverages are available through servers and the bar as well.

Please RSVP your attendance and indicate which option you will be choosing. Payment (cash or check only) in advance can be sent to Sea Devil Swimming, 10414 Headly Ct, Fairfax, VA 22032. We will also accept payment at the door, but will still need an RSVP in advance. 

So starting picking out your outfits, practicing your form and determining your strategy! Rumor has it Coach Ian is bringing his own bowling ball...

...and don't forget your socks!!

Date: 10/20/2018 (Sat.)

Time: 3:00pm - 5:00pm EDT

Location: Bowlero Bethesda
5353 Westbard Ave, Bethesda, MD 20816

Created by:   Melanie McKula

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Bowler - $20/bowler
  87 slots filled - more available
Noa Brotzman
Dylan Jacobson
Eva Cain
Amy Conroy
Charlie Conroy
Shelley Vanneman (2)
Stephen Lepine (2)
Eliana Iaci
Anna Marchand
leanne ulrich (2)
Madilynn & Julia Ulrich
Noa Ashman (3)
David, Aidan & Luca Ashman
Sinan Elekdag
Holly Atallah (2)
George and Samia Atallah
Thomas Scheller
Judson Scheller
stacey dussault (2)
Eva/Ari Dussault
Christine Davis (2)
Marisa and Matthew Davis
Jack Spector
Lucca Scott
Jonathon Lehman (5)
Haley, Chloe, Ainsley Lisa, Jonathon
Emma Metzner
Molly Branson
Nadia Lanz
Salma Abu-Elnaj
Maryana Olman (4)
Aidan Happ
Anna Cavanagh
Anya Jacoby
Elizabeth Pearce
Shifra Eskin (2)
Melissa Smittle (4)
Anga Odkhuu (2)
Sarah Thatch (2)
Charlotte Thatch, Rebecca Thatch
Ian Morrison (2)
Palmer Holley
Bailey Han
Megan La Belle (2)
Catherine Bise (2)
the girls are bowling
Jack Burke
Adney Smith (2)
Hope Rodgers
Anne Falatko (4)
The Falatko Family
Quinn Hardimon (2)
Kristin Graham
Jake Yu
Anna Francis
Quinn Barnowski
Sloane Menkes (3)
Aimee Hooper
Vidas & Jonas Bostroem (2)
Nancy Ladd (2)
Alex li
Claudia Galindo (4)
Non-Bowler - $10/non-bowler
  15 slots filled - more available
Shelley Vanneman
Noa Ashman
Noa Ashman
stacey dussault (2)
Stacey/Joseph Dussault
Christine Davis
Anga Odkhuu
Megan La Belle
Catherine Bise (2)
adults are not bowling
Gina Kemp (3)
Cristian Dezso (2)
Anna Francis
Anna Francis
Responses:     Yes: 67     No: 25     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 132     Maybe: 0

YES (67) -  

Claudia Galindo (4 guests)
Will pay at the door

Alex li (1 guest)

Roselyne Gichana (3 guests)
Will pay at the door

Miles Haraldsson (1 guest)

Nancy Ladd (4 guests)

Vidas & Jonas Bostroem (2 guests)
Paying at the door

Aimee Hooper (1 guest)

Sloane Menkes (3 guests)

Anna Francis (2 guests)

Griffin Kramer (1 guest)

Anton Schmeissner (1 guest)

Jake Yu (1 guest)

Kristin Graham (1 guest)
Signing Kristin up to bowl

Quinn Hardimon (1 guest)

Cristian Dezso (3 guests)

Anne Falatko (4 guests)

Gina Kemp (3 guests)

Hope Rodgers (1 guest)

Adney Smith (2 guests)

Jack Burke (1 guest)

David Joey Nini Panner (3 guests)

Isaac Kaspi (2 guests)

Catherine Bise (4 guests)

Megan La Belle (3 guests)

Rony Stephan (1 guest)

Lisa Lehman (5 guests)

Bailey Han (1 guest)

Palmer Holley (1 guest)

Ian Morrison (2 guests)

Sarah Thatch (2 guests)

Ronit Das Varma (2 guests)
Pay cash at door

Caroline Hauck (1 guest)

Anga Odkhuu (3 guests)

Melissa Smittle (4 guests)

Shifra Eskin (2 guests)

Elizabeth Pearce (1 guest)

Anya Jacoby (1 guest)

Anna Cavanagh (1 guest)

Aidan Happ (1 guest)

Maryana Olman (4 guests)

Salma Abu-Elnaj (1 guest)

Nadia Lanz (1 guest)

Molly Branson (1 guest)

Kate Vidano (1 guest)

Emma Metzner (1 guest)

Jonathon Lehman (5 guests)
All three swimmers and parents bowl. Will pay at the door.

Lucca Scott (1 guest)

Jack Spector (1 guest)

Christine Davis (3 guests)

stacey dussault (4 guests)

Judson Scheller (1 guest)

Thomas Scheller (1 guest)

Holly Atallah (2 guests)

Sinan Elekdag (1 guest)

Asella Manser (4 guests)
Are parents playing too? If so Richard Manser will pay on sight.

Noa Ashman (4 guests)
Thanks for organizing!

Ian Handerhan (1 guest)

leanne ulrich (2 guests)

Anna Marchand (1 guest)

Eliana Iaci (1 guest)

Kristin Graham (2 guests)

Stephen Lepine (2 guests)

Shelley Vanneman (3 guests)

Amy Conroy (1 guest)

Eva Cain (1 guest)

Dylan Jacobson (1 guest)

Noa Brotzman (1 guest)

NO (25) +