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2019 Corn Boil - Beverage Donations

Greetings! We are reaching out to Geneva parents to ask for support of the 2019 GHS Corn Boil in the way of donations.  In years past, our community members have been incredibly generous with donations of beverages for this event.

Once again, we are looking for donations of the following items: Water, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, and Mountain Dew (no Gatorade, please).

Donations can be made one of two ways.  Since many parents are at the High School over the summer, items can be dropped off outside the GHS office Monday-Thursday between the hours of 7:30 am and 3:30 pm.  Beverages may also be dropped off during textbook and schedule pick up for all grade levels (Aug 13th-16th).   

WE WOULD LIKE ALL DONATIONS IN BY Friday, August 16.Thank you in advance for your support!!  It is greatly appreciated.

Cheri Kunkel ([email protected]) or Cathy Klis ([email protected])


Created by:   Cheri Kunkel
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Available Slot

12 Pack Pepsi (30)

All slots filled
John Dunning (5)
Chris Sexton
Shelley Kupetis (2)
Charisse Dougherty (2)
Marcy Curran (2)
Carrie Miller
Sara Karlson
Marcy Strohm (2)
Laura Binetti
Joy Pomillo (5)
Carrie Tritabaugh (2)
Cristine Santos
Claudia Cuevas
Carrie Day (2)
Chris Umentum (2)

12 Pack Diet Pepsi (30)

All slots filled
Chris Sexton
Deb Davison (2)
Kane Kids
Marcy Curran (2)
Carrie Miller
Kathy Silverman
Laura Binetti
Joy S Pomillo (5)
Mark Obermeyer (4)
Tiffany Hughes
Becky Busch (2)
Claudia Cuevas
Denise Hays (2)
Becky Spevak (2)
Melissa Hostasa
Melissa Hostasa
Juli Beyer
Anne Black

12 Pack Sierra Mist Twist (30)

All slots filled
Amy Fuller
Heather O'Rourke
Kane Kids
Sherry Kirby
Dorothy Beck (2)
Mark Obermeyer (4)
Karen Dillenburg
Anna Costello (2)
Stephanie Tresemer (2)
Kristen Coronado
Nikki Hoover
Lori Schmidt (2)
Jennifer Chaffee (2)
Kari Miller
Anne Black (3)
tom mascari (2)
Katie Newcome (3)

12 Pack Mountain Dew (30)

All slots filled
Amy Fuller
Heather O'Rourke
Katie Miller (2)
Kane Kids
Joel Anderson (3)
Kristin Gartrell (4)
Anna Costello (2)
Nancy McQueeny (2)
Cheryl Schneider (2)
Jim Fanella (5)
Where do we bring
Lori Szumny (2)
Del Lydon (5)

Case of Water (60)

All slots filled
Patricia Ray (4)
Delivered 8/14
Laura Decker
Laura Decker (2)
Michelle Herbst
Chris Sexton
Lisa Palese
Amy Fuller
Rhonda Hodgdon
Kathy Jaffer (2)
Lisa Blackmore (3)
Kristen Rudowicz
Lisa Kanzler (2)
Katie Miller (2)
Kim Carli (2)
Jill Drake (2)
Jill Drake
Kane Kids
Christine Mooney (2)
Sherry Hayman
Kathy Silverman
Danilea Mayer
Keith Ptak (2)
Jennifer Welenc (2)
Laura Binetti
Idy Spezzano
Judy Miltner (2)
Cheryl Dunnett
Beth Gies (2)
Debbie Mickelsen (2)
Cindy Wagner (2)
Mark Obermeyer (2)
Stacie Salzman
Michelle Gallagher (3)
Becky Busch
Emily Mosciano (3)
Claudia Cuevas
Sara Walls
Chrissy Voreis

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